Or is it just software development is boring there? See a post that breaks our rules? SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Overview. It consisted of all behavioral type questions based on their Structured Interview method. Mostly STAR format behavioral questions with a few questions about OOP and operating systems. Since I finally got hold of someone willing to answer questions I also asked what happens if I get a job while waiting on the Trade Act. Link is on the side bar or at top of the thread in the new Reddit layout. 455 Boeing reviews. My buddy worked in gaming (gambling gaming) as an EE. Subreddit dedicated to the news and discussions about the creation and use of technology and its surrounding issues. He said every thing they designed, he had to throw it away. The problems that i was given were challenging but they tested your problem solving skills. I was finally able to get a hold of someone who had more information other I'll hear back 'soon'. I was told it is now taking up to 60 days to process a Request for Determination. Your ideas will power the on-board real-time embedded software in the avionics systems on aircraft, helicopters and satellites. Am Software Engineer here, they asked me what an index is. Like, the largest salt lick I can buy at Fleet Farm, which is pretty big. *Database experience. Nothing hard and everyone was pleasant. I’m starting my job next week and I’m feeling a bit of the imposter syndrome because I graduated with Electrical engineering with a bit of experience in software languages. Looking for something else now. Easy, 1 hour on the phone, STAR format questions, not stressful, would apply to Boeing again. Sales is a revenue generator, engineering is a cost. With Boeing, your software innovations can touch commercial and military aircraft, rockets and spacecraft as well as advanced cyber solutions. Soon after, I was scheduled for an onsite interview. since the end consumer rarely touches the software, they don’t value it so the business side of companies don’t either. This is what happens when you treat software as a cost center rather than a source of value. The job descriptions sound complicated as hell, so will someone who needs to gain more confidence be unfit for the job? curious: What tech stack or language do you work? I once asked an HR, if you aren't releasing offer for good candidates, how do you manage to get good talent(there is a lot in India, these particular companies don't want them, because it costs more)? Job security and the general low stress environment are the big positives in the industry, NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab Software Developer here. The interview was scheduled to last an hour but the actual phone interview only lasted 30 mins. You're right the pay is less than other non-government companies and clearance can be a pain but yeah it's secure. He replied, "we don't". Boeing officials said the offshore companies were not involved with the software glitch that was discovered during FAA testing last week. We welcome civil discussion via modmail but will not engage in outright attacks, flame-bait, trolling, or spam. After that ESD should call you to set you up with your Case Manager. But I also really want to eventually work for one of the Big N's and don't know if my experience as Systems or Software Engineering at Boeing would be flashy or impressive enough to raise any eyebrows. No employment threads outside designated thread. I have been interviewed by them, and they just cheap out, straight out refusing to pay according to industry standards; they are called body shops in here.

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