This is as crushing a combination as you … It’s an uppercut which looks like a big loaded cross. When using it you will really make your opponent guessing what is coming next. The first punch (the jab) is just a distraction from the powerful body shot. So throw it immediately after the jab. Jose tried the same combo but he was countered by a straight left hand which basically finished the fight. The left hook comes after your right cross and can put some massive hurting on your opponent. They are just a distraction for the hard ones. Footwork: Step with the jab so you can cover the distance for the long power hand uppercut. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. So you need to mix it up. They say that boxing is the sport of the three punches (the straight, the hook and the uppercut). I have been getting a bit stale doing the same old routines, so started doing 4-week cycles to prevent adaptation. Exercise courtesy Danielle Burrell, C.P.T., founding trainer, Rumble Boxing, New York City. It’s a two-punch combo very similar to the previous one. The #1 boxing training website since 2008. Muay Thai: 4 Body Shot Combinations For Southpaws. Jab, cross, jab. Are you ready to get your boxing to the next level? How do you structure conditining workouts for power, strength and speed? I love fight training, did a little Muay Thai for MMA but constantly picking up shoulder injuries in boxing, I feel like Im throwing brilliant KO punches but I know my technique is flawed and I know technique is everything. Always target the unprotected places. Defense and Offense in the pocket. To set this combo up, you can throw some body shots before that, so you can make the other boxer lower his guard when you load the uppercut, thinking it’s another body punch. That way, unlike when exiting to your left you won’t need to make an additional step and you will get in a safe position quicker. The timing is not the same so you need to defend it differently. 4. Great article as usual. This will give you benefits whether you are using boxing training purely for fitness or if your goals lie within the ring in competition. If you have a similar problem like me in the beginning (to unconsciously move your hand before punching), try to throw punches in front of a mirror. When I say ‘bridge shot’ I mean that if you used Right Hook (Body)-Left Hook (Head)-Right Uppercut (Head) you would find a ‘flow’ that is more efficient. 5 Body Shot Combinations. If you can take away his body you can take away the fight. Any advice would be much appreciated. That way you will catch him off guard. In boxing we tend to aim for macro cycles and micro cycles, all dependent upon when the next fight is scheduled. Keep this in mind and you will get the most from these drills. Just put a little more length between you and the target so that the shot can land at a slight angle with your elbow being closer to you than your fist whilst still being on the same vertical plane. So when using your lead hand (when jabbing) and you are able to reach your opponent, you instantly know that you can catch him with your cross also. The feints are another important thing you need to add into your combinations. Actually, it’s one of the favorites combos of the southpaws. I find both of these scenarios disappointing at best, downright irritating at worst! Info: This combination uses a simple concept – make your opponent think low – come high. Thanks mate, that is a really supportive and inspirational, especially the contribution it’s making to your coaching of the youngsters. At a very simple level we would have 3 minute rounds in week one, and would build speed and anaerobic capacity in the final week with high-intensity 1 minute rounds. Use different combinations. This site is owned and operated by Dimitar Ivanov. Feints: You don’t necessarily need to jab. Because by doing that you are basically telling your opponent what you are going to do, and he will probably going to counter you. For example, the combo: Jab-Cross feels very differently, compared to Jab-*one second pause*-Cross. The spring up with the cross to the head. Watch a FREE Online Boxing Course by the boxing coach Brandon Ray!You’ll learn:1. Chances are your opponent won’t expect that and you will catch him off guard. That will get you in a great position for a powerful lead hook. But, in the first instance we prepare at the start of the boxing ‘season’ (roughly October to May, but this varies) and we start with endurance (heavily focused on aerobic fitness), then strength and finally speed (with the latter two focused on anaerobic fitness). Head movement: Depending on the situation and the counters your opponent will use. Understand why these boxing combinations drills are effective. Tyson often used this boxing combination precisely to capitalise upon the benefits of channel shift. Angles: Forward – is an aggressive combination. I am really enjoying the videos and advice you are sending. Feints: You can feint a right hand before you throw the uppercut (very similar to the Lead uppercut->Right cross combo). I say “A series of skills” because to my mind great boxing combinations incorporate not only punches but also body movement and footwork skills. Rhythm: If you notice that your opponent protect his head, then land the uppercut to the body and vice versa. Also great that funding has been secured to enable him to maintain the work rate. In such situations, you don’t necessarily need to start with a jab. Boxing body Transformation . I found this site by searching for something else; I’m looking for a way to analyze pro boxers – their categorical styles and sub-styles (swarmer, puncher, brawler etc. Danger level: Medium – You can get countered as you throw the hook. 4b-3b … Excellent stuff Fran, really appreciate this as usual! That is, there is no coverage of getting into range and then getting out of range. Have a great New Year! Circling the heavy bag and throwing off combinations of punches will help with coordination. So be ready to slip the straights or to duck under the hooks. We are also going to discuss such “short range combinations”. Because sometimes it’s hard to measure it quickly using only your eyes. 2. Speed of delivery is key in order to minimise the risk of you taking incoming as deliver your shots. Rhythm: Do the combination as quickly as you can, so you can catch your opponent as he lowers his guard. This … But of course, don’t do it every time – don’t be predictable. Using the same hand for the two shots makes it more of a physical challenge to deploy. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be effective in a fight. Never enter into the range of your opponent without being prepared. Especially when you are at a distance from your opponent. I often refer to this as ‘channel shift’ as you are changing the channel of attack. In boxing parlance, fundamental punches are commonly assigned numbers by trainers and in this case there is the jab (#1) and the cross (#2). You can also fake the jab and then throw 1-2. Rhythm: Throw the lead hook as your opponent takes the bait and cover himself up. In boxing, kicking isn’t legal but still, we can apply the same concept here also. At the same time I am going stick with basic ‘punch’ combinations here so as not to try to run before we can walk. Skill level: Intermediate/Аdvanced. That’s why it’s one of the most important things in boxing. For example, I do the circuit format of high reps, high intensity for a full body workout using the tabata format which mirrors the boxing structure of 3:1 work to rest ratio. Boxers such as Floyd Mayweather used it often. In boxing, the "one-two combo" is the name given to the combination consisting of two common punches found in boxing – a jab (thrown with the lead hand) followed by the cross (thrown with the back hand). Our goal is to hurt the body. And it’s very simple – you just need to throw a jab to the head as a set up for the hook. I have a load of articles that demonstrate how to analyse boxers and boxing styles. If you want to land such shot clean, always try to set it up with a quick jab. So this combination can be really effective, but you need to be careful when doing it. It requires massive rotation with each shot and there is no ‘bridge shot’ to prepare you for the uppercut. For example, using this combination, Wladimir Klitschko knocked out his opponent – Kubrat Pulev in 2015. That’s why the most of the punches of the combination aren’t power shots. The jab will mask your step and you will close the distance before the other boxer realize what is happening. You can throw it with your palm facing the ceiling, or the floor. Double jab, cross, 2 right knees and 1 left knee 2. In their most simple form, boxing combinations consist of punches alone. Your goal here is similar to the goal of the kickboxers – to make the other boxer lower his guard, protecting his body and land a clean punch to the head. Great stuff Fran,really enjoying your videos well done mate !

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