If the water heater is rusting out or otherwise leaking, you’ll eventually see water pooling around the unit. Sounds were faint. However, be assured that another glass-lined water heater placed in the same location and, operated under identical conditions, will become noisy. 6. But, if it’s a bigger problem, you’ll want us to take care of it before it gets any worse. But what if you’re in another area, and you can’t find a good plumber? That contractor would want to follow this process: Diagnose and repair the water heater using Bradford White approved parts. Combination thermostat/gas valve set too low for desired water temperature. Or can anyone recommend a trustworthy and reliable plumber for an assessment? Ultimately, you can tell what’s wrong by the color of the light and the sequence of its blinking. If you can’t find the manual, or if what’s happening isn’t listed, give us a call. But no luck. Their troubleshooting is not a special case. Many other factors can influence the problem. We know it’s not the answer you’re looking for, but trying to DIY your own water heater repair can be dangerous, complicated, and potentially void your warranty. 1. So, they go with a plumber. Damper not in proper position or malfunctioning - damper moved from full open position during run cycle, Six flashes, three flashes, three second pause (Soft Lockout), Pilot flame extinguished, system auto resets after (5) minutes, Six flashes, four flashes, three second pause, Undesired false pilot flame sensed, system auto resets, Flammable vapor sensor or resettable thermal switch fault detected, see warning label, Eight flashes,one flash, three second pause, Flammable vapor sensor out of specification, possible short. Find local Bradford White Contractors. Verify correct electrode position. Open ECO on combination thermostat/ gas valve. Pilot flame may not be present. And, it’s a problem that will only get worse over time. Inspect flame arrestor plate and clean with stiff bristled brush and/or vacuum to remove any debris accumulation. Check and clear Jacket slot openings of any dirt, dust, restrictions or other obstructions. Pilot Will Not stay lit when button is released. The good news is, if you need help with water heater repairs in Tracy, Manteca, or Mountain House, we’re just around the corner. 1. System will reset. Why is your hot water heater is making banging noises, and what can you do about it? 1. Gas control knob set to wrong position. 2. Today’s models self-diagnose and show you an error message right away. In hard water areas, the best solution for eliminating the noise problem is to install a water softener, to inhibit scale build up. 1. Water Heater Making a Banging Noise? Eight flashes, three flashes, three second pause, Thermal well sensor damaged or unplugged or gas control electronics fault detected, Eight flashes, four flashes, three second pause, 1. 1. Any action you take on the Find out why your water heater is making banging noises, whether you should be worried, and what can you do about it. Bradford White Water Heaters may at any time and at its sole discretion change or replace the information available on the Bradford White Water Heaters YouTube channel and in the videos contained therein.

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