In the packaging industries, there is a vast variety of materials that is used for packaging a plethora of products in different industries. Bursting strength of a material is that resistance that a material offers to the forces applied on when the force applied is coming from all the direction and is uniform in nature. Bursting strength is the maximum pressure that the paper or paperboard can withstand the uniform increase of the surface of the specimen on the unit area under experimental conditions. The only materials that have a bursting strength are sheets, and paper products are the most commonly tested material. The tester has two clamps the lower clamp and upper clamp. The paper bursting machine can be Hydraulic and pneumatic. This force is transferred from the diaphragm to the specimen. The Best Way to Calculate Bursting Strength Of A 5 Ply Corrugated Box, Difference between bursting factor and bursting strength of packaging materials. With the help of this test, the manufacturers can be assured of the fact that the fabric will be able to withstand the forces and will provide the best performance even in the harshest working conditions. The specimen is replaced with new one, in case there is several other specimen to be tested. The instrument that can be used for testing the bursting strength is called the bursting strength tester. Required fields are marked *. The accuracy and precision of the testing procedure is also a very important aspect to decide the bursting strength of the materials. Generally we respond within one or two working days. Bursting Strength Tester by Pacorr Pacorr is one of the most prominent bursting strength tester manufacturers and suppliers offering a wide range of products including high precision testing instruments for paper and packaging industries. It also tells us, how much stress can be bear by the materials when we applied an external pressure. What is the best way to calculate Bursting Index and Bursting Factor? Along with burst factors, one can also calculate the burst index of the material with the help of a simple formula. The annular clamps that are incorporated in the instrument have serrated teeth that make it impossible for the specimen for slippage. The instrument is plugged in a prescribed electrical socket. With this instrument installed in the industries, the manufacturers can easily determine the quality of their products and hence can avoid losses due to rejection. On the other hand, the cardboard and corrugated sheets that are used to manufacture the outer packaging of the products need to have a much higher bursting strength as they are subjected to much fierce amounts of forces when they are stored, stacked or transported. To prepare the specimen, a round piece of sheet is cut from the material. Your email address will not be published. The reports of the bursting strength of paper need to be submitted as burst index and burst factor. It needs to be clamped in a proper manner so that there is no chance of slippage. There is a long list of tests that can be used for assessment of strength and quality of packaging materials. A higher burst index or n=burst factor indicates higher quality and performance of the products. When it comes to testing the bursting strength, the best instrument must be chosen to calculate the force. For example, the paper used for wrapping the products needs to have a very low bursting strength as they don’t have to face very high amplitudes of pressure during their handling and transit. It can be computerized or manual operating system. The operating system of the tester is very easy. The pressure is applied through a rubber diaphragm. The bursting strength of the paper changes with the change in the weight of the paper. The point at which sample burst, the machine notes down the pressure applied. on How to calculate the Bursting Factor of Paper and Corrugated Sheets? Here also, the fabrics need to be of very high strength so that they could easily fulfill the purpose of their usage without failing. This ensures a uniform distribution of force during testing so that the best accuracy of results could be ensured. Additionally, if the packaging is made too strong than needed then it can be a monetary loss for the manufacturers. We know that bursting strength indicates very significantly the quality of the paper and packaging materials. Sparkle Paper Towels, 24 Giant Rolls, Pick-A-Size, White. If they fail during this time, it can pose a very great threat to the quality and integrity of the products that are packaged inside them. Bursting strength is closely related to tensile strength. So in packaging industries, it is very important. Here are the steps to perform the Mullen test using a bursting strength tester. The instruments are provided with either the digital display or an analogue meter which ensure accurate reading of the applied force on the specimen and hence give it bursting strength. These formulae are applicable on a variety of materials such as textile fabrics, paper, corrugated sheets and cardboards sheets. The same is the case with the industrial fabrics that are used for purposes where they have to bear much higher forces such as parachutes.

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