I throw the ashes on the lawn, which the grass seems to enjoy. (We do.). Those are the main woods that should be avoided for the well-being of you or your stove. There are many warnings that consumers are never told about all vent free products. 101 Things You Can Do With Old Jeans, No.4: Upholster a Chair! A final rule of thumb: don’t burn softwoods if … Second, they tend to grow!


I wish I had known about doing that when I lived in Dallas because I had a tree near the street that rained acorns by the tons each year and the sidewalk and yard were covered with them.

Mine handled this very well, but your mileage may vary.

It was 85 yesterday here in Clemson, SC!!

With proper storage, some acorns might crack open in storage, so you do need to check often.

I’ll be back for more reading . ITS JUST COMMON SENCE DONT BE FOOLED BY ALL THE BAD & MISINFORMATION THAT IS OUT THERE. It’s much easier to suck up the acorns when you’re not having to deal with tall grass.

There are 2 ways to do this. Here’s a photo that I took today, love how they are staying so clean! I know it doesn’t look full, but it really was. Larch . Never miss a Between Naps on the Porch post!

Our house was built in 2003, and the property belonged to the farmer behind us, so it’s not like the trees were not there when they subdivided his property. Donate them to the local forestry or a wildlife rescue.

I remember trying to hurry so we could go back inside because it was so cold! If they do fall in their green state, wait until they turn brown.

Fill up the jar with fresh cold water.

It could even be pinkish, but don’t eat a green acorn. I didn’t know they made mufflers for them…interesting! Did find some ACORN scandals though. Subscribe for Daily Blog Post Updates! Plus, it’s dangerous. Keep up the great work! It got us a long way (arguably too far in some respects) and we just can't let well enough alone.

Acorns can be stored for long periods, if they’re kept dry. About a year or so ago, I cleaned both areas with a solution of part bleach and part water, then sprayed both areas with a product I’d read about called, Spray & Forget. Bring the acorns into your home so they can start to dry.

That looks exactly like what’s in my front yard!” I have a huge oak tree in my rather large front yard, and what seems like a thousand acorns that fall every year, it has made it sooo hard to have nice grass! However, I have a hickory nut tree that is going to be the death of me. I constantly swept the acorns off the sidewalk but didn’t think about using a shop vac to get them off the grass.

The importance of closing the door on a wood-burning stove, How to use airwash on a wood-burning stove.
Also, I was really enjoying listening to Bill Bryson’s book, The Road to Little Dribbling with my Sony, Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones. Ha, ha!

Native Americans harvested many varieties of acorns; they were a staple of their diet. Tamworth Andrew.

Tulips need 12 to 16 weeks of chilling (no higher than 40º during that time- so refrigerating does work). I hadn’t thought about using it on the deck…good idea because stuff gets stuck between the boards. Have you ever stepped on an acorn accidentally? Oh well, with what I have, I'll use them as some kind of a decoration.

Acorns have some acid, but if it is mixed in with other ashes, it is probably the ultimate way to discard them. Wishing you lots of treats and no tricks tonight!

I’m wondering if they drew up the subdivision plans while having a few drinks.

Kind of a cross between Erma Bombeck and June Cleaver? Acorn meal, sometimes called acorn grits, can be used in a lot of ways. (You’ve guessed it right!) I decided to start up in front of the house where the Trick-or-Treaters who visit tonight will most likely walk as they cross my yard to visit the neighbor’s house next door. And don't forget about them for six months, lol! Our front porch gets mold on the wood.

What's behind the ceiling tiles? Carefully pour out of the surface water without disturbing the acorns. Will you going to give this to the deer, squirrels, groundhogs, birds etc? My husband watched one literally pull a tulip under ground…just like a cartoon. -Brenda-, We too, have soooo many acorns on a small hill we put in stairs so I would not fall on natures marbles. The tin ones all have to be at least about 20 years old. No different than the water that comes from the tail pipe of your car. Up Next: 5 Tips for Waxing the Garden Hose. I’ve also thouroughly enjoyed reading all of your other projects as well. This article tells you whether acorns are edible and explores their nutrients, benefits, and dangers. A few weeks later he yelled that he was going to make himself a sandwitch, quickly followed by another yell requesting me to come into the kitchen.

Diggingthe dirt - thanks for your response.

Can you use the Spray and Forget on wood too?

Some are saying put the acorns in wooded areas for the deer and other wildlife to forage through winter, but I would throw them away too. Replies to my comments Too much info I don't know to speculate further [sq ft, your usage, bdrm #s, etc, etc].

But what isn’t immediately apparent is that there are some woods that you shouldn’t burn on a woodburner.

Therefore you only get the green part every year. i burn them in a wood stove but never hear them popping. Don’t Forget to Pin It on Pinterest! I believe 1000s have fallen to day.

I put them in a brown grocery bag and then put that in another paper bag. This was co cute, maybe you need to do it Halloween night.

Anyway, don't roast them like chestnuts.

I dumped all the acorns into the same trash bag where I had emptied the others. If you do it again, be sure to make your own video to post to YouTube. This year my husband bought a blower that reverses and sucks up leaves and mulches them so will be trying that. all the contaminates & fumes are all in your house for you to breath. Would look better for that space not to have the existing flat ceiling, and have it vaulted instead. Genius Susan, we have a bumper crop of acorn this year too!

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I’m going to try and dig these up at the end of the season…hope I don’t forget! You had me laughing out loud. Thanks! So glad you brought this up! That was a lot of wasted food. Thank you for hosting! I love Erma Bombeck, too. “Are acorns edible? That was great. Or I’d have to pay someone to pull the heavy containers into the garage for cold weather protection- just not worth the $$/time/effort to put boxwoods in permanent containers here:(. Teggart in 1898. I'm putting a link below to a google search. St Augustine definitely does not need to be cut low. There was one site about using acorns for home insulation - something they did during the depression but I don't think I'll try that one.

The second way to do this is to leave them where they fall. Acorns contain tannins which can cause intestinal distress.

I have recently learned that voles (field mice) and deer love acorns and they carry ticks. They taste great if done properly and have a high protein and fat content.

Empty the container into a new trash bag each time it fills up. They begin bearing chestnuts about six years after planting. Down here in New Orleans it is too hot for Tulips to rebloom too, but I love them.

Installing a wooden mantel above a wood-burning stove, Mazona Ripley Ecodesign Ready Multi-Fuel Stove – the woodburner of the future is here. Oh, dear…Susan….I fear you may be suffering from the “DTMFC” syndrome…it’s been going around… (drank too much fermented cider.)

It changes the nutrient value of the recipe. I could use a little push in that area! Never really thought it so unusual, but now I do!!!

Just this afternoon my three small grand children and I gathered hundreds of acorns. Add acorn meal to cooked cereals or as your cooked cereal. If the acorn meat is still white or light-colored, you have an acorn that is safe to eat.

I’ll get back out there tomorrow, I’m on a roll now! Wish I could remember how she stored them but it seems she left some dirt on the bulbs and placed them in paper bags with tiny holes punched in them so they wouldn’t hold too much moisture.

Those buggers don’t want to come apart without a fight, even if you use a large hammer. Cut the grass reasonably short before getting started. Some of the new introductions on the market have come from those trees. Kept the kids entertained, and they say it's a "tradition starter" for our family. I was actually sad when it started getting dark outside and I had to stop. I also have an acre of new oak forest every spring, especially in years with a massive crop of acorns like this year. What a brilliant idea! Hi Susan!

I did, too. I’m that happy about our new blower/reverse vacuum-mulcher with a bag.

This story really made my day!

that you could use them for.

What a job. Now, here are some woods that you shouldn’t burn if you have a choice simply because they are not very good. What's your favorite container pollinator plant.

Here are some types of wood we would advise you not to burn on a woodburner. Softwoods are less dense and so burn more quickly. A final rule of thumb: don’t burn softwoods if there are hardwoods available. A lot of acorns mean a cold winter always right? God Bless!

Use a durable food processor or blender to liquefy the acorn meats. It probably would be a hit. So, if you are going to collect acorns, make sure they are dry. We were so sore last night.

My grandma had an oak tree in the back of her house for decades, and she did nothing with the acorns.

I’m thinking of removing the piles of acorns. Do you put them in a compost pile or out with the trash?

There are articles if you search “how long do I chill tulips” that may help. It’s the time to finish up the.

Please don't take offense, but what is the compulsion to "do something" with whatever we find in nature? Like this post?

This area on either side of the front door has always been a problem, too. The property line is on an angle. Yep, you sure can! Perry Fireplace Creations.

I stuffed them in the fridge (a 2nd refrigerator like a dorm fridge wold be ideal) until the fall and planted them.

I can't remember exactly what they did with them, but if I recall they treated them first to get the tannins out - usually by soaking. By the end of the week it was nauseating. I’m just so excited that I found this blog!!

You can roast acorns, but you can't do it with them in the shells. Is it safe to operate a woodburner without a baffle plate?

Ha! Can you burn acorns in a fire? I purchased it on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2enC1Ga, Excellent tip Susan for those experiencing the same problem. The taller grass made vacuuming up the acorns in some areas a little harder. One day in spring I noticed a bad smell in my front hall - which, of course with kids, was full of toys, shoes, boots, probably some dirty socks underneath the pile, etc. Fun Halloween activities with your woodburner, How @our_journey_at_81 transformed this room with the help of a Mazona Ripley 8 kW Ecodesign Ready Multi Fuel Stove. I need to do my front porch steps. Information om din enhet och internetanslutning, inklusive IP-adress, Din sökaktivitet när du använder Verizon Medias webbplatser och appar.

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