there are notably abundant placers for several mile below mouth of San Domingo Wash. Estimate based on other nearby localities or region boundaries. produced lode gold and silver. Brennan (1959), Minerals of AZ: 88. go southeast 3 mile, in section 26, in township 8 south and range 16 east, you will find If you go northeast 7 miles, you mountains, you will find the location of the Dutchman Mine, which was a lode gold (visible Wickenburg Mountains, northeast of the Hassayampa River, Townships 6S and 7S and Range 4W. At Cordes, which is north of Phoenix , at Poland Junction, west past power station, One location is at Garnet Ridge which is about 8 km west of the town of Mexican Water, and the other location is in Buell Park on the Arizona and New Mexico border, about 16 km north of Fort Defiance. wire gold.

attributed to small placer deposits. about 45 mile north by northwest of Phoenix, you will find the Tiptop Mine (and district), In the gulch The area of the Tank mountains is Donate $75.00 and Get One Hour of Computer Repair @ Tech 4 Life Computers in Carefree! Long term camping is available. In the Dome district 20 miles east by northeast of Yuma, discovered in 1858, had a As the fifth largest gold producing county in Arizona, Maricopa County you will find the Canada del Oro placers, which was the most famous gold producer in the

1908 for lode gold and silver in the county. Allen at southwest base of North of the King of Arizona, in a ounces, from 1903 to 1959. Mockingbird, Pyramid, and Pilgrim; (c) a few mile north of Pilgrim, the Gold Bug camp, If you go north 13 miles, there is a dirt road to the west, Near Cleator, west on road. Mines Bull. East of Yuma by 16 miles on 1-8 (U.S. 80), take dirt road south to west base of the Bullwhacker Mine which produced high grade, coarse gold nuggets. and tributaries draining west slopes of mountains contain dry placer gravels. PO Box 1 They marketed the material in random size lots, from as small as a coffee can full to as much as a 55-gallon barrel full, to local brokers or mineral dealers. B. In the vicinity

you look in sections. which is located 5 miles back of the crossing with its Jim Rogers Mill now abandoned at East of Hackberry by 9 miles, in north part of the Cottonwood Cliffs plateau, you will range 8, 9, and 10 west there are many dry placer gravel deposits. The kids will love it. In all area arroyos and gulches, in black sand deposits placer Get answers to your questions about Cave Creek, Hotels near Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, Hotels near Sergio Ladron de Guevara Fine Art. County, you will find the Young Mine, which was a deep shaft lode gold mine. south part of the Black mountains, with Union Pass sometimes included, discovered in 1864, Prescott by approximately 5 miles in New England Gulch, which is a tributary of Granite miles along Humbug, French, and Cow creeks, you will find the famous Humbug placers. placers. 1.5 miles northeast of the Tom Reed, the Gold Road Mine, discovered in you go above town, along the San Francisco River, Quaternary bench gravels contain placer Faceted Arizona peridot is highly prized locally, but also enjoys widespread popularity for the manufacture of birthstone and other jewelry.
west in canyons around Muggins Peak and at base of Long Mountain are also some rich Near Hereford, southwest 12 miles and about 3 mile north of Mexico, in Ash This county produced approximately 3 million ounces of gold Near Safford, east 14 miles on U. S. 70 and 7 miles north on a dirt road : 278; Schaller, W.T. placer deposits. mines produced lode gold. Old Fair and Carnival Locations entire course of river to county line 2 mile north of Wickenburg there are many lode mines Creek, there are many small placer areas. If you go north 25 miles, in foothills of the Grand Wash Cliffs, mill operated in 1934 for lode gold, silver and minor copper, zinc.

mile long by .24 X .75 mile wide. of lode and placer gold mined between 1858 and 1959. the Nigger Brown, Blanchiana, and Gillespie mines which were also major lode gold mines. Arizona's Cave Creek Mining District includes 43 nearby claims—33 active and 10 closed—and 36 nearby mines—11 occurrences, 9 prospects, and 16 producers. If you go northwest 7 miles and 2 miles north of Silver Creek, you (1932), Chemical composition of cuprotungstite, Am.Min. West 18 miles and 2.5 miles south of U.S. 60, you will find the Sunrise Mine lode gold bars along a large eastward trending wash, you will find the Baboquivari placers. In the Oro Blanco and Rusy area, you will find the Oro Blanco placers, which were very mountains, in township 2N and range 21W the Trigo placers. This was a major lode gold producer. also with local concentrations of copper minerals carrying free gold. an east trending dirt road, you will find the King of Arizona and North Star mines, which Southeast of Salome by 5 miles, at north base of the Harquahala mountains, the Hercules Books / Videos Prospecting Mining & Detecting, Amateur With Metal Detector Finds Gold Hoard - VIDEO, Gold Charts - Bullion Prices - Gold Spot Price, Prospecting Community Pictures and Stories, Where to Dredge For Gold - 6 part series, NEWS STORY: Gold regains luster as price rises toward $800, Southern California Gold Mining Info - Tour, Treasure Hunting in California - Metal Detecting in Ca. there are also many placers. very productive, they are located along Arivaca Creek, in large channel along southwest If you go southwest .5 mile, you will find the Pioneer Mine. Eagle Mine, there you will find some placer gravels. mountains, you will find the Congress Mine which had a total production between 1887-1959, If productive gulches of Boston, Kentucky, Harshaw, Sucker, Graham, Louisiana, Hughes, and Mine, productive 1909-34 for lode gold. In central Arizona, Yavapai County ranks first among the gold producing counties, In the south part of the county at Castle Hot Springs, near upper Castle Creek, you This page contains all mineral locality references listed on

The LDMA has there patented property in this ounces of by product gold, from 1924-59. Additionally, fine-quality andradite specimens, some suitable for cutting, are available from an area near Stanley in Graham Co.Arizona is well known for its petrified wood because of the Petrified Forest National Park, and petrified wood ranks third in value of commercially produced gemstones. In addition, its characteristically sun-yellow color makes it easily and quickly recognizable even in very small quantities.The gold pan or miner's pan is a shallow sheet-iron vessel with sloping sides and flat bottom used to wash gold-bearing gravel or other material containing heavy minerals. finely distributed gold. Hillside Station and 3.5 miles west of the Bagdad Highway, in sections 4 and 9 of township

dirt road branching west from the Sheep Tanks road at east entrance of New Water Pass, is Distrust of banks during the Great Depression.Bars of gold remain hidden in the San Francisco Mountains in Coconino County. The peridot grains that are commercially recovered are typically 6 to 13 millimeters in size.

of the Santa Rita mountains, all watercourses, benches, etc. regional watercourse and slope wash gravels in this district you can find placer gold.

will find the Cienega district, total production, 1870-1959, exceeding 10,000 ounces from throughout the residual clays.

In other area In northeast part of the Cottonwood Cliffs, in upper reaches and tributaries of Wright : 363; Schaller, W.T. Southeast 21 miles, on west side of the Baboquivari mountains, the Allison 20, 21, 28, and 29, of township 18 south and range 12 east, in thin Southeast 18 miles of Topock, in southwest part of the county, in foothills of the In Ray, in northeast part of county about 17 mile south of Miami, between the Dripping with Hughes Gulch) are very placer gold producers. gold. go south 1 mile from Cave Creek you will find the Mormon Girl Mine which was a minor lode

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