Will update in the near future. The Chevy Volt batteries are THE BEST!!! Hope that batteries will be cheaper in next couple of years!

Eric is an active member of the EV Advocates of Ventura County, a volunteer organization focused on increasing the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Let's compare. Nissan reports having to swap out only a relative handful of batteries in its Leaf EV, despite selling many thousands of units over the last eight years in production. It's only slightly degraded. Eric is also an instructional designer and technical writer with more than 15 years of writing experience. GM relies on something they call Document ID: 5406682 to assert that the minimum warranted battery capacity is 33.6 Amp/hrs, and according to them, all the cells of my car tested at 3.98 volts and the battery at 37.8 Amp/hrs. Nearly 43,000 Chevy Bolt electric cars have been sold in the United States. I have driven my 2017 Chevy Volt for 90,000 miles with 87,500 electric miles. Over the life of my Bolt EV, it’s been through literally hundreds of DC fast charging sessions in temperatures ranging from below freezing to over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Any ICE car with 105,000 will have lost at least 5% range as well. And that's just in my garage. For example, a new battery pack for a Chevrolet Bolt EV is reportedly priced well in excess of $15,000, and that’s not including the cost of labor. Ok but seems like a very silly excercise to do every night in Georgia when it's 90 degrees from May to October. article posted on other thread. They say no warranty claim, and nothing wrong with the battery. Methodology

They told me that they've done plenty of long-term stress testing on both Bolt and Volt battery packs, and it's proving mighty difficult to get the packs to lose capacity. All this essentially makes me a stress tester. With over 60,000 Volts and a half a billion miles, it is only a matter of time. At that, the batteries in all electric cars sold in the U.S. are covered under warranty for at least 8 years or 100,000 miles. Excessive use of public Level 3 DC Fast Charging stations (they can bring an EV up to 80 percent of its capacity in as little as 30 minutes) can also take a toll on a battery’s long-term performance. In many ways an electric car is mechanically simpler than a conventionally powered vehicle. 2017 BMW i3 If we consider that the apparent inconsistencies in GM's recommendations are probably intended as CYA statements crafted by the legal department, then it is our job as Bolt owners to refer to the best studies/recommendations from other sources to supplement what GM is or isn't really telling us. As an example, I would: This method provides a very solid estimate of kWh of energy available in the battery, though it still does produce variations. This Volt was a fleet vehicle in Florida averaging over 40,000 miles per year. The trip is right on the edge of my range and while I make it all on the battery in ideal conditions, I sometimes have the generator kick on with between 1&3 miles left on my trip. My Volt is pampered and kept in a shaded garage.

Kia covers the battery packs in its electric cars for 10 years/100,000 miles, while Hyundai goes a step further by bumping it up to lifetime coverage. Another interesting discovery was that the charge took nine hours opposed to the typical eight on my Level 1 charger. I've recently read tech articles that state charging your battery to only 80% could double the battery life. Based off my initial 60 kWh of available energy and ending with my current 55 kWh of available energy, my Bolt EV only has 91.7% of its original capacity, or 8.3% battery degradation. "Under extreme circumstances it's possible that someone could see a 40% reduction in range over the course of the 8-year/100,000 mile warranty period," Ligouri said via email. That’s because the faster an electric car is charged, the hotter it becomes and, again, that’s not battery friendly. Eric you are the reason I bought my bolt ev, we have over 17500 miles on it since july 01 2019. the best car I have ever had. https://insideevs.com/news/322394/at-what-point-does-chevy-volt-battery-show-signs-of-range-loss/, Watch Tesla Model S Performance Raven Race Lamborghini Huracan, Let's Look At Tesla Model Y Build Quality In November: 3 Cars Compared, Ford Mustang Mach-E: Ford Executive Chairman Didn't Want To Return Car, Rivian R1T 8-Day Road-Trip Review: In-Depth Driver Interview, NIO Ramps Up EV Production To Over 5,000 A Month. I57 in Illinois is a fast charger desert. At What Point Does Chevy Volt Battery Show Signs of Range Loss? Bottom line, the AER driving experience has not changed past the GM specifications. To be sure, replacing an electric vehicle’s battery is an expensive proposition. https://electrek.co/2018/05/04/are-you-killing-your-lithium-batteries/, http://www.chevybolt.org/forum/235026-post52.html, http://www.chevybolt.org/forum/293626-post68.html, http://www.plugincars.com/what-you-need-know-about-electric-car-battery-warranties-132884.html, 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. 20,000 to 30,000 Miles: 59 kWh I've already come close. When the mercury hits 95°F and air conditioning is in use, an owner can expect the range to fall by an average of 17 percent. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. . 10,000 to 20,000 Miles: 60 kWh For example, a new battery pack for a Chevrolet Bolt EV is reportedly priced well in excess of $15,000, and that’s not including the cost of labor. Kind of put the kabash on taking it to Fl. Prof. John Kelly on battery life in Nissan leaf, Chevy Bolt EV [video: Weber State University, Utah]. Though the conditions of the fleet vehicle cannot be known, the Florida temperatures are not as tough as Phoenix but hotter than my North Carolina Volt. That number is higher than what I've seen on several posts, yet GM maintains that the battery is within (its') specs. However, while an electric car’s battery pack will eventually lose its ability to hold a full charge, rest assured that it’s not likely to fail altogether, but rather lose its capacity gradually over time. My fear, living in the hot southwest, that heat will be my killer despite my best efforts. Since my commute is 20 miles I just wonder how much good it's going to do and even if the charge setting is set to Hilltop reserve. The last step is to calculate battery degradation by comparing the available energy with the stated capacity (in the Bolt EV's case, 60 kWh) and any previously calculated and recorded capacities. No back... © 2020 MYEV. I have a 2017 Chevy Bolt @~70K miles now....no mechanical problem at all! But how long would it be before an electric car loses its ability to hold a full charge? Today, my garage hit 88 degrees Fahrenheit. How And Where Can I Charge My Electric Vehicle. Many owners are quick to call out "battery degradation" without taking those limits into consideration. Privacy Policy. we charge the car at home using a 50amp circuit. With the day night cycle, the garage has been getting warmer and warmer each day, where the garage is approaching the outside temperature.

Join owners and enthusiasts discussing the Chevrolet Bolt EV at InsideEVs Forum! Longest trip I took was about 200 miles one way. I recently passed the 100,000 mile mark on my 2017 Chevy Bolt EV, and I provided a quick update on my YouTube channel where I covered a number of topics about how well my Bolt EV was holding up. Frankly, I doubt that most Bolt EV owners will ever notice an impact due to battery degradation over the life of owning their cars. When I received the Volt the guess-0-meter registered 35 miles of total range. Drive for at least 150 to 200 miles before stopping for the first charge. What I've found is that the best method for calculating capacity accurately is to actually use as much energy as possible and then compare the energy used with the reported battery level. Though degradation occurs in all batteries, it happens at a lesser rate when the charge is limited and  thermal conditions are managed. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I have yet to notice any degradation in my battery but then, it’s only 3 years, 43k miles. Final Thoughts My hypothesis was that the battery should not suffer due to the excess ICE miles. However, like gasoline vehicles, PHEVs also have a gasoline tank and an internal combustion engine (ICE). Green Car Reports first noted that the Chevrolet Bolt EV owner's manual, which is now online, has some interesting warranty text regarding battery degradation: "Depending on use, the battery may degrade as little as 10 percent to as much as 40 percent of capacity over the warranty period." and plug it overnight in a campground for 3 bucks. Even though we don't live on a hill top. I still get 78 miles to a full charge though, and my lifetime MPGe is 154, that includes the use of gasoline in that lifetime display from the center console. I generally use between 14.0-14.2 kWh before the generator kicks in and that seems governed by outside temps and my right foot if I sometimes get sporty. Looking at the future, do you think, the possibility exists that we would be able to swap the batteries for solid state in the future. It also discourages frequent use of the fast-charging capability. A study conducted by the AAA found that when the ambient temperature dips to or below 20°F and the vehicle’s heater is in use, the average electric car’s operating range drops by 41 percent.

It's one of the major questions for any electric-car buyer: How long will the battery pack last?

The lithium-ion battery packs used in electric cars are similar to those used in cell phones and laptop computers, only they’re much larger. Few remember, but it was GM's design that forced Nissan and Tesla  to provide the eight year 100,000 mile battery warranty that has set the standard for the industry. Compared to my current 55 kWh of available energy, my Bolt EV has 94.8% of its original capacity, or 5.2% battery degradation. They have all the parts to make a Voltec pickup Silverado/Colorado and equinox/blazer. Is it safe to buy one with that many miles? Then he looks at the considerably fewer warnings that Chevrolet offers in its own manual on factors that affect the Bolt EV's battery life. I can't remember putting in more than 25 bucks in fuel, other than when we went to Fl.

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