The viewer will meet people with wonderful personalities and a great sense of humor, full of love for music and respect for others. Pre-show segments, such as Singer Gathering and Singer Announcement, and broadcast ratings from China Central Television are excluded from the rating and tally. The returning performance for Mao Buyi planned for week three (who was eliminated after the second week) was cancelled, making it the first time eliminated singers (outside previously withdrawn singers) were not given Return performances. During the performance, a contestant may pull the lever to issue a challenge to the current contestant, but any current contestants are not aware from their existence until the performance ended. Unlike previous rounds, singers who won the Surprise challenge were immediately qualified as a place in the round, while other singers were eligible for elimination. The Surprise Challenger introduced this week was Gen Sihan. Unless otherwise stated, Surprise challenge singers were assigned with temporary music partners, either Jeffery G (round 2 and 3) or Kuo Tao (round 4 or 5). Like the previous seasons of I Am a Singer and Singer, it features five rounds of two stages, Qualifier and Knockout, with seven singers performing for a 500-member audience each week. The show is presented by Lay Zhang from EXO, Xu Minghao (The 8) from Seventeen, Jolin Tsai, Li Ronghao, and MC Jin. A Vietnamese immigrant’s powerful pipes brought the house down during the season two premiere of "American Idol" last Sunday on ABC. The second round of the finals featured an encore song, and the singer who received the most votes (separate from the previous round's votes) was crowned the winner. All of the performances were either pre-recorded or performed live, and results were instead shown through a remote video conference between host Hong Tao and the singers. The Surprise Challenger introduced this week is Lexie Liu. Former member of Rocket Girls 101 (火箭少女101), which debuted in June 2018 and disbanded in June 2020, and which was formed through Produce 101 China, where she ranked #9. All three Surprise challenges do not need to be performed on a single episode, but challengers must challenge to a singer within the current elimination round. After all eight singers have performed, an electronic vote will conduct for all four duels; defeated singers were immediately eliminated (Breakout failure), leaving victorious singers eligible for the finals (Breakout success), based on the votes received for this round. Hua Chenyu, a Chinese singer who previously competed in season six, was named the winner, making him the first previous season returnee to win I Am a Singer, while Tia Ray and Jam Hsiao, both also previously returning singers from season five, finished second and third respectively. The Surprise Challenger introduced in this episode was Zeng Yiming. Due to Super Vocal being successful in their Surprise Challenge last week, one singer would be eliminated this week. Unlike previous Qualifying rounds, this round only reveal the first and last placed singers and the middle placements for the other five were not shown until the next episode. The 500-member audience were also absent but instead viewed through live-stream and had votes cast via the Mango TV special livestream website or through their mobile application. The show consists of 99 trainees, The final group is UNINE and it […] If at least one challenger succeed in the Surprise round, one contestant from the current lineup will be eliminated at the end of the current Knockout round; if multiple challengers succeed, a re-vote will conduct between the successful singers and the singer with a higher vote advance will replace the eliminated singer, but all successful singers, regardless if they lose the revote will be guaranteed a place in the Breakout round. Cai Chengyu temporarily replaced Enti Jin as Shen's manager for this round. As the season is subtitled Year of the Hits, the contest is suggested for a pool of younger singing talents with an age range of 18 and 35. On January 29, Mango TV announced that the show will be postponed for a week to February 7 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and production was postponed until further notice.[7]. The new Surprise challengers were Ge Bi Lao Fan and Pax Congo. sitting here in front of us. The season began filming on January 3, 2020,[1] with a premiere date announced on January 10; however, the premiere was rescheduled to January 31 to avoid clashing with the Chinese New Year holiday. On the surface, WayV, which debuted in January with a digital EP called THE VISION, is another attempt by Korean entertainment conglomerate SM Entertainment to make a footprint in the Chinese market. Songs with red bold typeface indicate the highest-rated week for the season, and blue bold typeface indicate the lowest-rated week. WayV K-pop group NCT's Chinese unit, WayV, debuted in January 2019 and have already released two EPs. ∆ Substitute Singer ∇ Challenger/National's Recommended Singer/Surprise Challenger ƒ Finalist singer н Hosting singer, Eighth season (final) of Chinese television series Singer, Singer 2020 Qualifier Round 1 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Knockout Round 1 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Qualifier Round 2 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Knockout Round 2 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Qualifier Round 3 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Knockout Round 3 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Knockout Round 3 Surprise Challenge Revote results, Singer 2020 Qualifier Round 4 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Knockout Round 4 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Qualifier Round 5 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Knockout Round 5 Surprise Challenge results, Singer 2020 Grand Finals Round 1 Duel results, Postponement of premiere and COVID-19 pandemic.

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