[59][60] He subsequently voted for the unmodified bill to leave the EU, writing with Wes Streeting that "as democrats we must abide by the national result". [10] He was awarded an upper second class Bachelor of Laws in English and French Law from the University of Manchester. 10! Il devient dix-huit mois plus tard membre du cabinet fantôme, en tant que secrétaire d'État au Commerce, à l'Innovation et au Savoir-faire du cabinet fantôme[4]. He says his parents felt that the local state school had "given up on him" and as a result had moved him to the boys' independent senior school St Dunstan's College,[7] in Catford in south-east London, where he played the cello. In June 2010, Umunna was elected as a member of the Treasury Select Committee. "[66], In August 2018, The Guardian reported that "Umunna and fellow Labour MP Chris Leslie are widely believed to be laying the groundwork for the creation of a new [political] party although both have denied this. He worked as a solicitor in the City of London, first for Herbert Smith and then for Rochman Landau, while writing articles for the Compass think tank. He was born in London to a Nigerian father named Bennett Umunna and an English-Irish mother named Patricia Milmo. "[67] In October 2018, it was announced that Umunna would serve as the chairman of a new centrist think tank called Progressive Centre UK. My father was 23 when he arrived in Liverpool in 1964. Later in 2019, he left Change UK and, after a short time as an independent MP, joined the Liberal Democrats. [72][73] On 4 June, after Change UK's poor results in the EU election, Umunna left the party with five of its other MPs who did not wish for Change UK to stand candidates at future elections. When Chuka Umunna was only fourteen years old, his father died in an automobile accident. A supporter of the unsuccessful 2016 referendum campaign to retain UK membership of the European Union, Ummuna campaigned for a referendum on the final deal with the EU. Chuka Umunna est le fils d'un père nigérian de l'ethnie igbo et d'une mère anglo-irlandaise, Patricia[1] fille de sir Helenus Milmo (en)[2], procureur britannique aux procès de Nuremberg, ce qui lui donne droit à la double nationalité[3]. fan. [62] He is a Crystal Palace F.C. [63] Three Labour frontbenchers were sacked for supporting the defeated amendment, which the Labour leadership argued conflicted with their manifesto commitment to end freedom of movement. [42] The takeover bid eventually fell through in late May 2014 after the AstraZeneca board rejected Pfizer's final offer. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Chuka Harrison Umunna, né le 17 octobre 1978 à Londres, est un homme politique britannique, qui a été membre du Parti travailliste avant de rejoindre en février 2019 The Independent Group, puis en juin cette même année, les Libéraux-démocrates. Il est élève au St Dunstan College (en)'s à Catford. He was its group spokesperson but left in June 2019 to sit as an independent MP following "disappointing" European Parliament election results showing the party had "failed to get a single MEP elected". [9] As a teenager, he was a member of the Liberal Democrats. [citation needed], Umunna was educated at Hitherfield Primary School in Streatham, South London, and the Christ Church Primary School in Brixton Hill. From 2006, he began to write and provide commentary on the Labour Party, as well as broader social and economic issues, usually in his capacity as a member of the Management Committee of the Labour-aligned Compass pressure group. [2][3] His father, Bennett, of the Nigerian Igbo ethnic group and owner of an import-export business,[4] died in a road accident in Nigeria in 1992. Chuka Umunna's father, Bennett (pictured), was killed in mysterious car crash in Nigeria. [69][70] The Independent Group named Umunna as its Spokesman on 28 February 2019. Lors des élections générales britanniques de 2010, il entre au Parlement comme député de Streatham, où il s'enregistre à la commission des Finances. After earning his bachelor's of law degree from the University of Manchester, he received a master's degree from Nottingham Law School and subsequently worked for the London-based Herbert Smith and Rochman Landau law firms. [85], Umunna is married to Alice Sullivan, an employment lawyer. [87][88], CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Change UK Spokesperson for the Cabinet Office, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Shadow Minister for Small Business and Enterprise, Labour Party (UK) leadership election, 2015, His constituency voted with the highest proportion of votes to remain, with 79.5%, "Chuka Umunna: Why Labour's former star politician wants a City seat for the Lib Dems", "Friends fear Crystal Palace director was assassinated", "Chuka Umunna: Could Shadow Business Secretary be the next Labour leader? [citation needed]. [55], In September 2015, following the election of Jeremy Corbyn as the Leader of the Labour Party, Umunna announced his resignation from the Shadow Cabinet and returned to the backbenches, citing differences over the Brexit referendum and issues of collective ministerial responsibility. [86] He has said that his politics and moral values come from Christianity, but that he is "not majorly religious". He also speculated that a "a good handful" of other MPs may defect to the Liberal Democrats. [29] During 2013, Umunna led claims that the Government's valuation of the Royal Mail during its privatisation had effectively "shortchanged" the taxpayer, a view supported by the significant rise in the share price following the sale and the subsequent summoning of bankers to a parliamentary investigation. Before beginning his political career, he established an online journal titled The Multicultural Politic and also wrote pieces for The New Statesman, The Guardian, and The Tribune.

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