Clymene 3. The ferryman in the Underworld [see Underworld and Map of the Underworld] [Eur.Her.432; Pau.10.28.2; Vir.Aen.6.299]. passim; Hyg.Fab.121]. Daughter of Tros 1, and mother, by Aesyetes, of Assaracus and Antenor 1 [Dictys 4.22]. Chromis 5 was son of Dryope 5, a Phoenician woman [Stat.Theb.2.613ff.].

She married Athamas 1's son Phrixus 1 and had children by him: Argus 3, Melas 2, Phrontis 1, Cytisorus, and Presbon [Apd.1.9.1; Hyg.Fab.3; Pau.9.34.7].

Cerambus to Clytodora. During the first Gigantomachy, Clytius was created to absorb all of Hecate's magical abilities. Online version at the Topos Text Project. See NYMPHS. Mother of Philonis by Eosphorus [Con.7].

He can only be killed with fire. CHIRON'S DISCIPLES. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1 [see DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5]. Charops 4 is the grandfather of Orpheus [Dio.3.65.4ff.].

This page was last edited on 26 June 2020, at 12:26. Similarly. Son of Amphidamas 3 who was killed while still a boy by Patroclus 1 over a game of dice [Apd.3.13.8]. She was married to Phineus 2 and had by him two sons Plexippus 2, and Pandion 3 [Apd.3.15.2-3; Dio.4.43.3; Nonn.2.685; Val.4.464]. Wife of the Centaur Chiron and mother of Ocyrrhoe 2 [Ov.Met.2.636ff.]. Daughter of Tros 1, after whom the Trojans were called, and Callirrhoe 3, daughter of the river god Scamander 1 [see also Troy] [Apd.3.12.2].

Giant Clytius, as the bane and opposite of Hecate, has a number of powerful and unique abilities though the extent of his power is still unknown : Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Due to his black shadow robe, usually only his bright eyes are visible.


The city Charisia in Arcadia was named after him [Pau.8.3.4]. See TROJANS. One of the sons of Aegyptus 1 [see DANAIDS] [Apd.2.1.5].

In one legend her daughter Persephone is carried off by Hades, the god of the underworld.

She became mother, by Heracles 1, of Onesippus [Apd.2.4.10, 2.7.8]. Chromius 3. He came fifty years after the Flood from Crete to Olympia, and was later deposed by Endymion [see also Elis]. One of the commanders of the CENTAURS HORNED who joined Dionysus 2 in his campaign against India [see also CENTAURS HORNED at BESTIARY] [Nonn.14.186ff.]. In The House of Hades, he was capable of holding his own against multiple opponents simultaneously, but was finally overwhelmed by most of the Seven battling him together, and killed by Hecate once agaiā€¦

While Oedipus' father Laius 1 was still in exile, living in Peloponnesus where Pelops 1 hosted him, he fell in love with the illegitimate son of Pelops 1 and the Nymph Danais, Chryssipus 2. Mother of Coronus 2 by Apollo.

They covered their bodies with a brazen armour to protect themselves but when the god cast a thunderbolt the armours melted, and as the MOERAE and Themis had forbidden death in this cavern Zeus turned them into birds [Lib.Met.19]. Chrysanthis is reported to have told Demeter about the rape of Persephone [Pau.1.14.1]. She married Lamedon, king of Sicyon, and bore him a daughter Zeuxippe 3 [Pau.2.6.5].

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