A list of the criteria that we know about the date of the predicted Great Miracle. March 26, 2015, Updated May 22, 2019, Updated January 24, 2020. The past miracles occurred on April 18, 2010, April 18 2012, and April 16th to 17th where the fragrant oil also materialized in abundance on the icon of the Syrian Saint Ephraem which had been brought to the church that year (perhaps in sympathy of the strife that was then occurring in Syria and which continues even today). The Great 21st Century Mystery – The Rise Of Christianity in Russia. But it will be an even year according to Maria Loli. What i there saw: Holy trinity in really very clear colors...accompanied by beautiful carillon. She talks a lot about silence. You can find out how on the Internet. From clues she has dropped in various interviews through the years, we know that this miraculous event will occur on a Thursday at 8:30 PM in the month of April between the 7th and the 17th of the month, but not on either of those days (hence on the days of the 8th through the 16th). Latest news from Conchita of Garabandal via Bastiano’s blog : This is what Conchita asked me after having revealed to me by mail her illness contracted five years ago. Silence is essential to be able to listen to God. I have been with Conchita 5 times in the mid-70's. The church is St George and is in Taylor Pennsylvania! Amen Prayer to the Queen of Peace: Mother of God, Originally Published at the Blue Army The Incredible Story of the Miracle at Hiroshima By Father Paul Ruge, OFMI On August, Mother María de las Nieves García was told by Conchita that people wanted a photo of Our Lady, so one day they put a camera in her hands and told her how to operate it because she had no clue. I asked Conchita if she would be kind enough to offer some words of advice to all of us, in this troubling times. You are the future of the world. Conchita, the lone survivor of the four girls who experienced this revelation, swore that she would only reveal the exact date eight days before its occurrence. April 13, 2020 April 14, 2020 stephen ryan 1409 Views. Conchita aveva tre fratelli più anziani di lei, Serafín che lavorava nelle miniere nella provincia di León, Aniceto soprannominato familiarmente Cetuco e che morì nel 1965, e Miguel. Hanno 4 figli e attualmente vivono ad Avilés, Asturie, Spagna. This was the day, according to the Catholic faith, that Our Lady visited a village in Portugal to warn people that if her requests to convert Russia to the faith were not followed, God would use the country to wreak havoc on the world. •Data showing the degree to which masks protect us. We ended up putting so many "values" above them when they should always be at the top. No texto em baixo, podem ler a carta que Conchita enviou ao Padre Rolando. Ésta fue su respuesta: An examination of that prophecy corresponds with the earth having a close encounter with a comet. He does not allow himself to name this drug for fear of being censored from the internet. Its already 6 years ago..... Any thoughts? The odd year prediction was shown to be false. I know she lives in Long Island, NY. We decide our own fate. No one knows when the WARNING will come. Conchita only knows that the WARNING will occur within 12 months before the GREAT MIRACLE and she said she will announce the GREAT MIRACLE 8 days before. Utilizziamo i cookie sul nostro sito Web. As she says, "God is separating us from the values ​​of this world." His father was the King of Spain and he was an Arian Heretic. The sign of Jonah is a reference to his three days and nights in the belly of a huge fish and that Jesus would be in the heart of the earth for the same period after his crucifixion (Matt 12). Recientes palabras de Conchita González, vidente de Garabandal, en tiempo del corona virus. The Warning and Miracle will not take place this year as we are not in the situation that Mari-Loli talked about. Countless miracles have occurred and now with the orthodox churches in turmoil I believe Our Lady has started her triumph!!! He is also He who can do everything: “nothing is impossible for God" (Luke 1:37). May the lord give you his peace. Posted by: P. LaViolette Malgrado la coincidenza dei loro cognomi, le bambine non hanno alcuna parentela prossima tra di loro. Quanto è importante fare un buon esame di coscienza, chiedendo luce allo Spirito Santo affinché ci illumini! Conchita González González nacque il 7 febbraio 1949. I too believe that this will be the date in Garabandal itself. We are not guaranteed even a minute of our life. Una volta scoperto cosa vuole, non tardiamo a darGlielo o a farlo.Ci dice di passare quanto più tempo possibile con Dio. Yesterday, after talking on the phone as we do from time to time, she wrote me and said that she had skin cancer. What I've read and been told by those who have studied the possible dates for the miracle, points to April 13th, 2018, the feast of St. Hermenigild who was a 13 yr. old martyr of the Eucharist! You can decide for yourself whether you want to allow cookies or not. Existence in and of itself is a miracle, given the alternative....NOTHINGNESS! In 2020 Catholic Easter occurs on April 12th and Orthodox Easter occurs on April 19th. Alcuni di essi sono essenziali per il funzionamento del sito, mentre altri ci aiutano a migliorare questo sito e l'esperienza dell'utente (cookie di tracciamento). I don't know what Greek church you are referring to. Per 7 anni soffrì di “Lupus eritematoso” all’apparto respiratorio che si aggravò fino a causarle la morte il 20 aprile 2009, all’età di 59 anni, nel suo domicilio di Plaistow (Massachusetts, Stati Uniti). She has said that it will be a thing never before seen upon the earth Indeed there are several dates that fulfill these criteria: 2017 and 2020 being the closest; see http://www.garabandal2017.com/prediction-date-and-form-of-miracle.html. Ceferino era sindaco del paese e, oltre ad accudire ai campi, aveva una piccola negozio all’interno di un’osteria. No one will know the date until they see God coming in the clouds, The Bible says no one but the Father knows the day and time. “, Medjugorje: Prayer for healing and liberation for June 20, 2019, The Holy Virgin asked for urgent spreading of this prayer “We ask you to save our world, this world, where you sent your only son, our Lord Jesus Christ.”, The Jesus Prophecy of Medjugorje…”When my Son was little, he said to me that my children would be numerous and that they would bring me many roses.”, Zoo begins to secure animals from Hurricane Florence …Large Birds, Flamingos at Risk…”This One Really Scares Me” Nat’l Hurricane Center Director, “Thank you Jesus, Grazie Gesù Canto di” Adoration at Medjugorje …Over 2 million views, August 6, 1945 ..The Incredible Miracle at Hiroshima – 8 Priests Survive Atomic Blast, Signs – a world divided: ‘You continue to be deaf and blind as you look at the world around you and do not want to see what it is going on without my Son.’ The Queen of Peace, Rand Paul’s Wife Powerful and Emotional Words after Mob Attack – “I felt like being in a terrifying dystopian novel….Media and in government who have downplayed the last three months of burning, shootings, murder, looting, and destruction have fomented this horrific violence”, Mystic Post Mission “Work for the Triumph!”. Interesting, this Holy thursday date of April 6, 2045  falls close to the September 2045 date suggested by the Crab pulsar chronometer. In a recent comment (http://etheric.com/new-keck-telescope-observations-g2-cloud/#comment-226809), I was asked why I had suggested Spring of 2020 as the possible date of the forthcoming miracle which was revealed between 1961 to 1965 to four girls in Garabandal, Spain. To say that things will happen sooner than this is probably bad calculating. That is why Jesus condemned the Pharisees for requesting a miracle and that none would be given except for the sing of Jonah. Tanti “valori” che finiamo per anteporre a Loro, che invece dovrebbero stare sempre al primo posto. So people can guess and make things up and try and work things out but they are wasting they're time as only God the father knows dates and times. Si sposò con Ignacio Caballero nel maggio del 1970. Era l’ultima e l’unica femmina dei figli di Aniceta González, che in giovane età perse suo marito. Yes, we have to put God at the center of our hearts and our lives. Go to Confession, Mass and Communion and Keep in the State of Grace! She has been streaming for 7 years now! Whatever is going to happen but only in Gods time. But only one thing is necessary: Mary has chosen the best part” (Luke 10:41). That day is a Friday, however, the vigil of his feast day begins on the eve of the 13th, which is Thursday the 12th at 5:30 pm, and this seems to fit the criteria of the young martyr of the Eucharist on April 12th, 2018, at 8:30 in the evening for the time of the miracle occurrence. Garabandal: Visionary Conchita’s Polaroid of the Virgin Mary…Our Lady tells visionary it is indeed her. Sorry. The warning has to happen on an even year and it has to happen soon after a synod. Become a Spiritual Child of St. Padre Pio. Conchita Gonzalez was her name. We have a Greek Orthodox Church here where Our Lady has been weeping gold myhrr tears for the last 5 years! I pray to Our Lady everyday for the warning so the whole world may come back to God! •The criminality of the FDA for preventing the use of hydrochloroquinine outside of the hospital setting where it could do the most good as a preventative. Garabandal: Visionary Conchita’s Polaroid of the Virgin Mary…Our Lady tells visionary it is indeed her. However in education she was backward like all the young girls in Garabandal. Consecrate yourselves to the Holy Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and love them with all your heart. On his Uncommon Sense show Dr. Martenson talks about the following topics backing up all he says with data: This is the message I sent to Conchita: Conchita, I hope this finds you and yours well and in good spirits. Only that the GREAT MIRACLE comes within 12 months after the WARNING. She will reveal its happening to the world eight (8) days in advance. So why did I choose 2020 and not 2017? Che cosa vuole Dio da me ora, in questo momento? I was influenced here by the miracle of Milano that has occurred during the April Holy Week of 2010, 2012, and 2014 in which an icon of the Virgin Mary in St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church was witnessed to shed fragrant tears; see the following posting http://etheric.com/miraculous-materialization-fragrant-oil-icon-st-nicholas-church-milano/. Nella nostra vita siamo spesso circondati da tante cose e da tanti rumori che non ci permettono di ascoltare Dio e la nostra Madre del Cielo. The four main photographs taken at the Second World Garabandal, two taken by Charles Lawlor, SARS-Covid 2 is an outbreak that first occurred…. This is the date of a Miracle not the date of the Lord's second coming that Matthew 24:36 refers to. It is so important to do a good examination of conscience, asking the Holy Spirit for light to enlighten us.Then she tells us that we can ask God to tell us what he wants from us today. He had 2 sons and Hermenigild married a Catholic and also became a Catholic under the Pope. So, I have always wondered how everyone (who is interested in knowing that the "warning" has been given) will actually know about it, unless they are keeping track on their computers It's not as though the newspapers and tv news are going to report on Conchita's announcement.

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