Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Contrary to conventional wisdom, training kittens is very possible if you begin training them when they are young. Compared with conventional glass, the water also dries off very quickly without leaving unsightly " drying spots ". Conventional programming languages only provide facilities for exact matching, a more adaptive approach is required in order to support data aggregation. Within the next fifteen years the country expects to substitute biodiesel for at least twenty percent of its conventional diesel. Surrogacy is becoming more acceptable because it is cheaper than conventional IVF treatment and some NHS clinics now use surrogacy as a treatment method. Tecan can structure various types of photoresist using conventional photolithography. The number sign is the conventional symbol for labeling something measured in pounds. We can hardly any longer hesitate to recognize in this vast building, with its winding corridors and subterranean ducts, the Labyrinth of later tradition; and as a matter of fact a maze pattern recalling the conventional representation of the Labyrinth in Greek art actually formed the decoration of one of the corridors of the palace. Until starting Your Move Games, Inc., I had a pretty conventional " business " background. Believing that the pendulum had overshot its swing from conventional classicality towards pictorial realism, he turned from the " fleshy " school towards the Greek, while realizing the artistic necessity for modern feeling. The dress of the upper classes was similar to that of a Scottish Highlander before it degenerated into the present conventional garb of a highland regiment. These fields and currents are connected to and correlated with the EEG and ECG that are a routine part of conventional biomedicine. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. hierarchical regression, overall precision was greatly enhanced compared to the conventional analysis. It had no blinker or clearance lights like a conventional plane. Similar words: conventional, invention, conversation, prevention, intervention, convenience, a bone of contention, conversion. However there is still room to learn on transom main boats and conventional spinnakers, so everyone's tastes are catered for. disenchanted with conventional politics must be averted. Whether you want a log bed look or need something more conventional, you'll find it without much effort. A bas-relief on the Trajan column shows this bridge with masonry piers and timber arches, but the representation is probably conventional (fig. episodic, surreal nature belies the illusion of conventional space. You just don't get this with a conventional controlled demolition? 🔊, When I realized conventional medications didn't ease my pain, I considered alternative therapies. Many remarkable In the articles referring to matters of Egyptology in this edition, Graecized forms of Old Egyptian names, where they exist, are commonly employed; in other cases names are rendered by their actual equivalents in Coptic or by analogous forms. His unifying theme - and challenge to conventional theory - is the radical contingency of the metropolis. His irrespressible and often daring humour, together with his frank distaste for much conventional religious phraseology, was a stumbling-block to some pious people. A conventional reindeer can run tops, 15 miles per hr. - Diagram of Conventional Idea of a Snake's Locomotion. Sprouts are notoriously difficult to grow organically in conventional farming they are perpetually sprayed from all sides and must be very noxious. Aims Although conventional open repair remains the gold standard for younger patients, it is major surgery involving a large midline incision. They generally chose the plays of Terence as models, yet their life is conventional and their types are not Portuguese but Roman-Italian. This is a lot more efficient and cost-effective than trying to kill them in conventional sugar beet or other spring crop. 🔊, To win the marketing job, we’ll need to let go of our conventional ideas and think outside the box.

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