Finally, the IRWIN coping saw makes using it for long periods of time easier with their patented ProTouch handle which features a triangular soft-grip. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I know that the concept may be vague for some of you. A tight cope joint signals a hard-earned mastery of this delicate tool. This is definitely the case with the Robert Larson coping saw which is actually responsible for both one of its best qualities as well as one of its worst. The BAHCO coping saw is also well-made, but it does have a somewhat uncommon design that may not be comfortable for everyone. The coping saw is just a narrow blade held taut in a C-shaped frame with a simple handle. I’ve been there. There are few improvements you make to the build of a coping saw which will actually allow you to cut coping joints better. When you’re about to purchase a coping saw, there is a couple of things that you need to consider. Considering how precise the work coping saws do is, it is incredibly important that you choose the right one for your project. Are you looking for the best coping saw for you next woodworking project? It is likely part of the reason that many manufacturers sell their coping saw blades in packs of 12. A scroll saw is an electronic or mechanical saw used to make delicate cuts through wood, plastic, metal, or other materials. This is likely one of the most important things to consider when choosing a coping saw as this will largely determine the overall build quality of the tool. The handle is an essential part as it’s the one we use to make turns or curved cuts, which is the purpose of the coping saw. So, what is a coping saw? The flap on the T–slot fitting (2) makes it easy to adjust the blade's angle when necessary. Yet it can literally run circles around any other handheld saw, even a jigsaw. Probably the most common reason to use a coping saw comes down to cutting trim, though even here, there are numerous applications. That said, there are definitely a couple of situations where you are far more likely to use a coping saw. The problem with fret saws is that the blades are too thin that they tend to bend or break quite easily, so you’ll have to change them frequently. This particular saw is also used to trim wood, plastic, and even metal thanks to the thin blade, and to cut shapes in the middle of some materials. On the other hand, just because a coping saw tensions the blade with the handle does not mean that you have to worry about the sawing action affecting the tension. The blade included with their coping saw features 15 tpi and is more than capable of cutting through tough hardwoods. Olson’s SF63510 Coping Saw easily tops our list thanks to its well-built frame, durable materials, and various functionalities. We think the Robert Larson and Olson offer the best options for most people, but keep reading to see our best value. On the other hand, they can be fairly difficult to use and make tensioning the blade more trouble than we would like. Thankfully, this does not seem to translate to broken components like we noticed with lesser coping saws. This part can be made of different materials depending on what you intend to use it saw for. This part of the reason that the coping saw, which has been around for over 2 centuries, has seen little advancement in design. The primary purpose of such a tool is creating seamless intersections, joints, and curves, especially in corners. If you do not mind fiddling around with your coping saw a bit to save a little money, the Olson Saws is solid. Considering how often coping saws are used for cutting pipes, this can be a real timesaver in the right circumstance. While this is still true for similar power saws, the ability to make these cuts with precision and without much risk to the workpiece becomes all the more prominent. Thankfully, and perhaps unfortunately, the issues with the IRWIN coping saw have more to do with the DuraSteel pins. You should note that it’s inserted in the frame with the teeth pointing backward to the handle so that the cut happens in the pull stroke. Choose a coping saw with just the right pressure to work comfortably. That said, the Robert Larson coping saw uses a superior build quality to avoid some of the more common pitfalls that lesser coping saws suffer which affect the quality of the cut. Coarse blades generally fit the bill when it comes to wood cutting. Granted, if you choose a coping saw that only takes specific types of blades this might be a bit more important, but most coping saws accept a wide variety of blades from different manufacturers. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. The saw is very flexible and strong. There are actually a couple of different types of connections for coping saws, though one is far more common than the other. This coping saw can create 6-inch deep cuts. That said, making coped joints is not the only application of a coping saw as different blades allow you to cut a wide variety of materials. IRWIN is a well-known brand in the craftsmanship world, so you should be safe going with one of their tools. A simple saw is the secret to perfect trim. However, BAHCO is definitely unique in that it first started a general steel manufacturer before moving into fishing accessories. When you’re trying to sharpen your craftsmanship, you may get confused as there are countless similar tools that you can use. After all, what’s the big deal about the handle? Decent Cut To be clear, the Olson Saw coping saw is definitely more of a rough-cut coping saw than some of the other products on our list. METAL: Composed of the same high–carbon steel as hacksaw blades, these can make straight cuts through thin sheets of nonferrous metal or nonhardened steel, as when making a cutout in a tin ceiling panel. Thankfully, a mentor of mine showed me the difference between the various tools and introduced me to something that did change my life: the coping saw. In the box, you’ll get the frame, which is made in India, along with Olson’s 15 TPI blade, which is crafted in the US. Instead, IRWIN Tools offers something for virtually every construction and handy profession on the market– including power tools. What we mostly like about IRWIN’s coping saw is the handle. Check the different parts regularly and make sure all of them are functioning as they should be for your own safety. Again, there are a number of different power saws that can accomplish similar, simpler cuts, but the sheer force of their cutting action often threatens to make the cut less precise or even ruin the workpiece. It also offers a slightly finer cut with 16 teeth per inch as opposed to the more common 15 tpi coping saw blades commonly included with a base coping saw. The more teeth it has, the coarser is your cut. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, and chose the best coping saw money can get you. A jigsaw is also known as a coping saw or a scroll saw, although there might be slight differences among the three. With this being the case, you should expect to replace and potentially replace blades at a fairly high rate compared to many other types of saw blades. Every saw is perfect for its own goal. And, of course, you need it to create one of the most useful and elegant cuts in finish carpentry—the cope, which earned this saw its name. Until another trim carpenter showed me coping with a Bosch jigsaw and a T244D blade. At the same time, coping saws are also used for incredibly precise work, so even minor misalignments can spell major headaches. Tough Sledding When you look for a budget-friendly product, you want to make sure that the expected flaws are not impossible to get around. If there’s any problem with any of the components, do not hesitate to repair it immediately before starting any project. The saw also comes with a high-speed steel thin blade that can be rotated in any direction, thus giving you the ability to use the ProTouch for any delicate crafting purpose. Choose a blade with a TPI that fits your needs and the material you’re going to cut. There are a couple of different qualities that factor into this with the “spring” of the frame being one of the more important. Specifically, the Robert Larson saw is able to generate and hold more tension than most of the other products on our list thanks to high-quality metal. OLSON SAW SF63510 Coping Saw Frame Deluxe Coping Frame/End Screw, Original, IRWIN Tools ProTouch Coping Saw (2014400). This sturdy saw features a robust frame in which a 6.5-inch blade can be tensioned at both ends by two thumb screws. Once again, another maker of hand tools with a history stretching back over a century enters our list. Grab your saw and head to your workshop, artist, it’s time to show the world what you’re made of! It is often used to cut moldings and coped joints. While not the oldest company on our list, the Olson Saw Company still has a long history that stretches back over a century. This really comes down to how the manufacturer makes the handle tension mechanism and whether it turns easily or not. While this might make them easier to gauge from a spec perspective, it also means that it can be a bit more difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. One of the biggest issues with this coping saw is that the handle does not feel stable while making the cut and wiggles around. This is basically how easy it is for the frame to flex and how well it returns to its original shape once the blade is installed. We trust that you’re a great craftsman, so what remains is getting the best coping saw to sharpen your skills even farther and up your woodworking game. While other aspects impact the minor mechanisms involved, the build quality generally helps determine how high of tension the coping saw can maintain. Also, the blades of a coping saw are far more robust and almost never come loose. In the case of the coping saw, there are two other tools to consider as well; the fret saw , and the scroll saw . Scroll saws have some drawbacks to them, the first being that they’re optimal for thin cuts but practically useless for thick ones, and the second being that they tend to swerve when trying to make a straight cut, so they’re not the best for this purpose. There are two pins, one at each side of the blade, to allow you to firmly fix it to the frame. The perfectly shaped wooden handle is used to adjust the handle, while the frame allows rotation of the blades and accepts ant type of them, even the ones with pins. As for the depth, you should be able to cut for up to 5 inches easily. The blade included is made of high-quality materials and noted for lasting a bit longer than some of the other products we reviewed. For years I used a hand Coping saw for crown. It also features a soft-grip ergonomic handle, so you do not have to worry about hand fatigue after prolonged use.

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