The top and bottom halves 18 and 38 of the mold 10 are disengaged to allow removal of the harness 14 from the mold 10. The Electrical Systems segment will be comprised of the wire harness, interior trim, wipers, and structures businesses, which the Company believes will be strategically positioned to take advantage of the significant growth potential in the $8 billion to $10 billion wire and electrical market. The mixture of liquid components flows from the fill groove 44 to the sub-cavities 30 where they subsequently envelop the wire harness 14 and, as discussed further below, cure to form a rigid protective covering about the harness 14. The delivery of the components to the mixing head 50 is synchronized, or metered, to ensure a uniform chemical reaction. Thermosetting polymers do not melt in this heated environment, which may involve the spraying of hot oil and other liquids. The system generally includes a wire harness; a substantially flat injection mold for forming a partially-cured wire harness covering having an intermediate, substantially two-dimensional shape; and a post-molding fixture including a base and guide members projecting from the base for orienting the partially-cured wire harness covering in accordance with the predetermined three-dimensional geometry. This press release contains forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties. 6 and 7, in one form, the jig 12 includes a substantially flat and sturdy base portion 58.

35. In a first phase, the mold 10 is used during an injection molding process, preferably a reaction injection molding process, to form a substantially flat harness 14 with covering 33 and having an intermediate, almost two-dimensional shape. 6, the jig 12 includes guide pins 62 that are used to set the final three-dimensional geometry. 25, 2008. As can be seen in FIGS. The sprayer can also include a gear pump that employs an over-capacity or enhanced gullet together with blow-by spacing to control consistent liquid flow relative to variable motional velocities. Further, reaction injection molding is especially useful in the commercial vehicle industry to economically produce large and intricately-shaped parts. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. Owner name: As discussed above, after injection molding and demolding, the harness 14 is in an intermediate, substantially two-dimensional form.
Spacing and volume considerations and potential paths between electrical subsystems are taken into account in determining the desired three-dimensional geometry for the harness coverings. As used in a preferred embodiment shown in FIGS.

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