In exceptional circumstances, the Graduate Studies Committee of the Schulich School of Law may at any time require any candidate for the degree to show cause, in such manner as it may determine, why such candidate should be permitted to continue his or her candidacy. For example, if you have 58 credit hours, take one more 3 credit hour course for a total of 61 credit hours.

multiple schools at once. MizuRyuu 1

Transfer credits - Courses completed at another university as a one-term or full-year exchange student.

The following websites can provide helpful guidelines when reviewing international application packages: Please Note: the Faculty of Graduate Studies uses a paid subscription to UK-NARIC and AACRO Edge as authoritative resources for information on international education systems and accredited universities.

Always rely on the official grade point average reported on your Academic Record. Preference will be given to applicants with established credentials in published scholarship of a professional calibre. After an applicant has been accepted, a thesis committee consisting of a supervisor and two advisors will be appointed by the Graduate Studies Committee of the Schulich School of Law.

The Graduate Studies Committee of the Schulich School of Law may give permission to a PhD candidate to engage in teaching activities during the period of residency, if such activities are deemed to fall within the field of the candidate's thesis topic.

Given this sample transcript with just four courses: Then take the total weighted average, and convert it to a grade point using the table below. Attending the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University goes beyond choosing one of the most prestigious and comprehensive legal educations in North America. (i) attained at least the equivalent of a Dalhousie A-(3.7 GPA) average at the JD level; and (ii) completed a Master's degree in law. courses completed in a Master’s degree are not included in the GPA for admission to a new Master’s degree. Finally, use the appropriate conversion chart to arrive at a Dalhousie GPA.

However, this information was obtained from an official Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law FAQ page issued at the 2011 Law School Forum by Schulich Representatives on September 9, 2011. To calculate a GPA based on a degree still in progress, count the in-progress credit hours towards the total of 60, but do not include the courses in the acutal GPA calculation.

It should also be noted that some funding sources are only available to thesis stream students. Submission of the thesis must follow the rules and regulations laid down by the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Thanks! UWO Law student here. For many international transcripts, the course weights and grading scales are significantly different from those on Canadian transcripts. Your official cumulative and term grade point averages are located on your Academic Record. Letter grades have a numerical value, called a Grade Point Value, which is used to calculate your grade point average (GPA). GPA. Normally, a PhD thesis should be between 350 and 500 typescript pages in length (double-spaced). There are NO Winter or Spring term admissions.

Someone can put in little effort into a course and come out with a high grade, and someone else can put in a lot of effort into a course and come out with an average grade. For more information, click here. The student must submit a transcript from this university. The remaining 45 credit hours would be taken from the Bachelor’s degree. For all applicants wishing ot be considered for funding for September 2021, please have all application documents to complete your file to our office by January 1, 2021. Hello, Can someone tell me if Dal rounds your gpa to the nearest 10th from each year before calculating the average or is it just rounded after? LSAT. Both thesis and coursework LLM students are required to take the Graduate Seminar on Legal Education and Legal Scholarship (LAWS 3010/3020). In applying for admission, an applicant must submit a preliminary Thesis Proposal (maximum approximately 3,000 words).

Please note that taking the LLM on a part-time basis renders you ineligible for some potential financial support (find out more about funding).

• Your GPA for statistical purposes is calculated based on your LAST 20 half courses or 60 credit equivalents. Graduate Programs in Law Admissions:, Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs (MEC, PhD). I am also interested in the dual programs, (JD/Journalism).

The second is a program of six courses, all of which require substantial written research papers.

Because this is greater than 3 credit hours more than 60, do not count this course, and calculate the GPA using 58 credit hours. All coursework undertaken for the LLM must be completed with an average of not less than B with no grade below B-. Followers 0. Weldon Law Building

The student must submit a transcript from this university as well, Courses completed after the initial degree (upgrading) - for courses to be included in the GPA calculation they must be 3, Qualifying Graduate Student - grades used in the calculation must be from 3, Applicants with graduate degrees that are higher or equivalent to the level for which they are applying will be eligible for special consideration, but it will not affect their GPA calculation, physical education courses of any kind (except for students applying to kinesiology).

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