Hiro apologizes to Ichigo and they begin to connect. VIEW. He asks if she's throwing away the Special Forces code name that Papa gave her. Zero Two says Ichigo is wrong and she just wants to talk to him. Zorome throws his arm over 9'β shoulders and encourages him to eat, though he politely refuses his offer. The enemy they fought off was VIRM's vanguard. 1x17 - Paradis. Hachi asks if they are going to force them into the parasite camp's re-indoctrination program when Squad 13 is exempt from it. Ichigo scolds Zero Two and asks if she wants to lie to him again. Dr. FRANXX and Hachi hear as well. He also shows a major interest in Hiro for being the only stamen to survive riding with Zero Two three times. Alpha is extremely loyal to Papa and shows disdain towards those who question Papa’s intentions. VIEW. Deceased (Anime)Alive (Manga) The 9’s take part in the duo operation of Squads 13 and 26 due to Zero Two and Hiro attempting to enter the battle against orders. She doesn't respond, and her face is lifeless as her horn crumbles. He says that Squad 13 is scheduled to be part of the sixth wave. During the battle, the 9’s easily kill many klaxosaurs. When he first meets Hiro, he exhibits an easygoing attitude and is shown to be highly intelligent. Hiro says that she isn't a klaxosaur. He wears a special Parasite uniform emblazoned with white and gold, instead of the typical gray uniforms that other Parasite squads use. 001 says they're selfish and asks if they now want to steal her child. Soma Saito Due to the emotional indoctrination, Alpha takes extensive pride in his duties, and believes laws and manners take the absolute priority over anything else, he reprimands Zero Two for fighting with him over him interrupting Kokoro and Mitsuru’s wedding so the two can be taken into custody, and he tells her not to resist Papa’s orders. Zero Two breaks Delphinium's helmet and Ichigo demands Zero Two get her act together as she headbutts her. Alpha asks Papa to say something. The names of all the members of the 9’s are derived from the letters of the Greek alphabet. However, he is interrupted by the 9's entering the room. Dr. FRANXX walks in and is expresses his amazement that it was hidden underground. The adults command Squad 13 to neutralize the Super Lehmann-Class while Papa and the rest will take care of the Gran Crevasse. Zero Two thinks that, though she pretended, she wished to become human. Minecraft Skin. As it is announced that the backup plan is almost complete, Papa says that they can let the plantation go now. He was partnered with 9’ζ and piloted a FRANXX called 9 Model. DARLING in the FRANXX (German Dub) n'est pas disponible dans cette langue. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. 8. During war, they forged themselves into immortal weapons and evolved into Klaxosaurs. When Hiro gets up, he is stopped by Miku. Alpha says this is as far as he goes and ejects Hiro into Strelizia Apus’ cockpit. Ichigo is amazed at the 9’s battle strategies and comments it’s like a lot of Strelizias. She says a long time ago, when they were attacked by invaders from the expanse of space, they fought and drove them off and then holed up in the earth to prepare. Alpha tells the squad not to disobey Papa’s orders and has Kokoro and Mitsuru separated and taken away. Kokoro says that they're being pushed back. 1x13 - La Bête et le prince. Smiling, she says that she's just relieved that they weren't left there to die. Squad 13 bumps into the 9's at the garden when they return to take tests. They were created by Dr. FRANXX as soldiers and usually fight at the 'frontlines'. Male She passes by Hiro without saying anything. Papa says its futile and she asks what VIRM did to their child. She says that she's going to save Hiro and she doesn't care about the rest. Futoshi questions if she's saying Papa didn't create them. In the manga, Alpha mentions that all 9's have some medical knowledge. 9'α greets Zero Two and presents her with the stamen that Dr. FRANXX brought for her. Smirking, 9'α smiles and asks Zero Two how long she's going to play human since she'll never be the same as them. Before they can, they are interrupted by APE SP who tell them to freeze. 001 says that it has been more than sixty million years. Zorome comments that sounded bad. Ichigo is told by someone that something is wrong and she learns the Nines have fallen gravely ill due to “lack of maintenance”. Hiro explains he came to see her. The other nines begin attacking her as well. Alpha tells them not to get the wrong idea. Hiro had used the knife to make a rope out the curtains. https://darling-in-the-franxx.fandom.com/wiki/9%27s?oldid=22530. During his time with Squad 13, Alpha demonstrates that he is not completely incapable of having emotions; Ikuno notes that even the 9’s can feel compassion when he worried for Delta after she went missing. Like their anime counterparts, the 9’s are given the task to surveillance Squad 13. He was a Parasite and the official leader of the 9's, a special forces unit that APE directly controls. The snake allows zero Two to ride. Occupation Ichigo is surprised to hear that all the surviving squads had been gathered in one place and sadly asks why they were the only ones left out. Hachi announced they must neutralize every klaxosaur inhabiting Gran Crevasse. CHARACTERISTICS Nana introduces Hiro to Dr. FRANXX, the creator of FRANXX. Relatives https://darling-in-the-franxx.fandom.com/wiki/9%27α?oldid=22973, Nine Alpha's hair and face shape very closely resembles. 9'α notes that it covers things that Papa hadn't taught anyone. They are composed of one male and one female klaxo sapiens. Affiliation On D-Day, at Bird Nest, Vice Chairman says that APE has always desired peace and prosperity for mankind. Hachi asks when the painful flashbacks started and Nana says a week ago. She says that her darling gave it to her and it's important. 8. She asks him if he took her t Plantation 13 to reunite her with Hiro. Following Papa’s betrayal after revealing himself as the leader of VIRM and abandoning humanity to die, Alpha became visibly distraught.

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