Then build a fifth Cannon on the left (to make a group of 4). Service Interruption, There are many different ways to complete each and every level in this game to a gold medal standard. Use the Core Teleport special weapon (Professor Taylor). Wave 19: Build another Temporal and a Concussion. If At First You Don't Succeed, Retry Again, All the Practice Missions (20 total) - Play these on Elite difficulty to speed up getting. I cant recommend ur very hard work enough. - Glitched achievements: None Then build a Laser in the north and upgrade to Level 3. Step 3: DLCs: Wave 20: Upgrade a bunch of towers and build another Cannon (see image). Shield Piercing Beam (R) - Ignores shields and directly damages the alien. Wave 9: Upgrade the second Concussion (and Overcharge it) to Level 3. Wave 30: Once you're past the 1M mark for the Gold, you'll want to spend all your money building a random tower you don't build much of once again in every single space (I did Missile). From now on, it doesn't matter where you build Guns. Wave 33: Do something like in the image - you should have so much money it doesn't really matter. There are 21 missions to complete in total. Wave 19: Build one more Inferno (it should be on a Boost, though it isn't in the image) and upgrade everything to Level 3. After this mission, it's possible to unlock an achievement by selecting Advisor Zacara in your Command Team and pressing to use her Special Weapon ability. Loose Core Speed Booster (R) - Loose cores that are moving back towards their housing move faster. Thanks for the guides! To get a gold medal in your missions you must earn the required amount of points and still have all your cores at the end of the mission. A large majority of these trophies will pop without you having to really do anything other than play. Survive 100 waves on Grinder challenge mode on any mission. Remember to always ensure that the aliens are taking the longest possible routes so you have more time to kill them. Simply unlock a Tower Augment and equip it on the tower from your Loadout screen. It is all about the towers. Overview Why would anyone want to award the Olympics to such a crappy place as the USA? An excellent playlist of gold medals on all maps and modes can be found here. Wave 9: This can be tricky. Wave 28: Overcharge to make it through the enemies. You'll want to build an Inferno, Tesla, Missile and Meteor all to Level 3. Tachyon Beam (U) - Further slows enemies, but slightly reduces damage. An excellent playlist of gold medals on all maps and modes can be found here. We'll begin with that. Wave 11: Upgrade your Level 1 towers to Level 2 (two Cannons and two Guns). Are these guides based on Hard difficulty? Yeah, just 2 towers. If you keep spending it upgrading all the time it goes up slower. If you are following the Story missions in order, you will earn this trophy in Chapter 2 on Mission 06 (Rapid Collapse), after you kill a Rumbler (the larger of the fast aliens). These videos are not my own, so full credit for these go to the original creators/uploaders. Start: Use Boosts to make a wall and build a Gun and then a Concussion as soon as you can afford it (see Wave 3 picture). First, build a tower you don't use often on every empty slot (I used Inferno). Win a mission with the last remaining core less than 10 seconds away from the map exit. Wave 7: Get a Level 3 Cannon and a Level 2 Laser. Get any medal in all of the missions in Chapter 1. Conclusion: You will need to gold medal all Campaign and Campaign Challenge modes, and a total of 35 gold medals over the whole DLC. Survive all 99 waves on any Grinder challenge mode. You can get this trophy as early as Mission 7. Don't forget to Overcharge with the Boost tower as well. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. : Earn Gold in a Co-Op Multiplayer mission. Also upgrade the Tesla and middle Meteor to Level 3. Page 3 of the full game walkthrough for Defense Grid 2. Flawless Victory: Earn at least one gold medal. All levels are playable from the offset, so if you want this achievement right away, go ahead and pick any level apart from 'Ghost in the Machine' or 'Divided Attention.' You'll get an achievement for finishing this mission without using the Command Shuttle. This is cumulative. Bronze is not guaranteed on every mission, even if you survive until the end, you may not achieve the score required for a Bronze medal. Wave 21: Upgrade the bottom two Gun towers to Level 3. Upgrade the Cannons to Level 2 and the Temporal to Level 3. Build the following tower types to unlock this achievement. Start: Two Concussions and wall off a pathway. Wave 4: Build a Tesla and a second Concussion. Wave 30: If you've been following my guide, you should have plenty of money here at the end. Upgrade that was well when you can. You will probably already have a bunch of Gold Medals from the previous stages, so you will not need all of these. Go Team! This does not have to be done in one match. Win any mission without selling any towers. - Number of missable achievements: None Just build like you normally would, and ensure you fully upgrade all your towers, and you can safely fast forward through most of this, as it is quite time consuming at normal speed (in excess of a hour for one mission). You can then use these strategies to get the 100 Gold medals for the final achievement without the need to consult a video on every map. Wave 18: Upgrade the Laser and Temporal to Level 3. Build 20 towers of any type in one mission. You can play all the missions again on the same difficulty or on a new difficulty - the choice is yours. Defense Grid: The Awakening was released for the PC back in the Fall 2008. On top of that, there's also an achievement for it. You'll be able to select this character after this mission. Build 100 Cannon towers in any missions. The levels are Portal themed and features GLaDOS, who tries messing with you in various ways. I used General Cai since Zacara is unavailable. Flawless Victory: Earn at least one gold medal. Bonus Vs Core Carriers (C) - Alien core carriers' movement speed is reduced further. Completing this mission with a gold medal following my strategy will unlock a motherload of achievements. They do not have to be in the core housing at the end of the mission, just on the field of play (it is okay if they are still travelling back to the housing at the end). Just play mission 19, and don't use the Command Shuttle to move any map segments. There are 21 missions to complete in total. Wave 30: Overcharge with Zacara to end it quickly.

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