Because of that philosophy, the player is unlikely to uncover everything there is to know about Kim in just one playthrough. Most NPCs are gone (i.e. Up to this point, Kim has been by-the-book yet never particularly confrontational. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Kim will say no, and you'll get a legendary authority skill check if you try to ask again. Disco Elysium is equal parts grim and hopeful, as is Lieutenant Kitsuragi, the buttoned up cop who's occasionally willing to rip a few pages out of his by-the-book attitude. Lieutenant Kim initially comes off cold and judgemental. ZA/UM on the creation of the unflappable lieutenant. The little white circle around his character portrait’s head can, I can only assume, denote his obvious sainthood. A lot of the game is about your disastrous character flailing around chaotically, but enough of it is also about, what kind of person he is that it’s ultimately incongruous to have this particular set of words uncritically pop up in a kind of “heated dancing moment.”. So when a character named Racist Lorry Driver tells him “Welcome to Revachol,” Kim sees right through the charade. Disco Elysium - The Most Honourable Cop in The Land Achievement Guide. < > Showing 1-15 of 18 comments Pick up the prybar from Kim's Kineema. "And because we're nerds.". He's written as soft-spoken but stern, qualities that Kurvitz says were enhanced by the perfect actor. The game provides a whole host of dialogue options to define your character in a number of ways: the aforementioned doom-saying crackpot, a person who is sorry about absolutely everything all the time, and even a fervently nationalist, misogynistic fascist. He’s stuck with you, after all, and even in such a state of total personality annihilation, you get results, dammit. Your skills will give you the verbal side-eye, as artsy skill Conceptualization says something like, “Oh, you’re one of. ", All of Disco Elysium's characters feel like real people. “I don’t speak a word of Seolite, I’ve never met either one of my grandparents. Your character is someone dealing with a truly profound, burnout-induced self-loathing exacerbated by a rather pathetic breakup. not at their usual locations) by 10 PM (22:00). And we always felt he's a real person and our friend. Other options are to essentially just nod along as RLD rambles on until you can awkwardly change the subject, or directly tell him to “fuck off,” which affects his future cooperation at the cost of doing, well, the right thing.

Furnace in the Doomed Commercial Centre: Kick it.

Acquiring Measurehead’s “Advanced Race Theory” thought requires becoming his disciple, his “unpromising race pupil,” by paging through paragraph upon paragraph of fictional racism written in eye-searing all-caps. When talking about the Hardie Boys, there is another "honourable" dialogue option for another +1 Honour. But Kim has also lived in Revachol, the city where the entire game takes place, all his life. Finding Fortune in Failure in Invisible, Inc. 9 of the Best (and Worst) Switch Ports of AAA Games, The Last of Us Part II Shows a Gender Double Standard for Violence, 7 Games for Managing Distress and Regulating Emotions.

Kim remains aloof throughout the investigation, but an empathetic enough detective can manage to uncover brief moments of vulnerability from Lt. Kitsuragi.

The player takes the role of a detective on a murder case who suffers from alcohol and drug-induced amnesia. Other Thought Cabinet options can lead to more revelations about Kim. Returning to Measurehead presents a list of seven dialogue options, most of which tell him he’s full of shit (and he still lets you move forward out of pity) while only one furthers your descent into fascism. What this means, then, is that Kim must put up with.

It’s the sort of assumption people like me (part-Vietnamese) often deal with: Kim doesn’t look like everyone else, so he must be from somewhere else. Achievements tips (gotta get them all, right?). I Played Disco Elysium as an Absolutely Gigantic Fascist, , and for that he is more or less a living saint.

Being what your character terms “an absolutely GIANT FASCIST” often means an absence of empathy (sometimes literally, when it comes to the Empathy skill), a disinterest in what’s going on with people in favor of saying horrible things to them or perhaps arresting them outright. Kim Kitsuragi is not the protagonist of Disco Elysium, and for that he is more or less a living saint.A middle-aged, no-nonsense cop in Coke bottle glasses and a sweet orange bomber jacket, he is instead the partner of the player character, the initially nameless detective with luxurious mutton chops, a mean case of alcohol-induced amnesia, and a regrettable affinity for disco.

The skill check isn't in the option itself, but in the dialogue leading up to it #2. Requires Interfacing of 4. , but exploring these options reveals a portrayal of prejudice that is surprisingly thoughtful about both its origins and its repercussions. All that’s left to do is to verbalize your thoughts — go and talk to Measurehead about your newly-found insights.”. Early in Disco Elysium, you get a quest to sing karaoke that you’ll probably fail, yowling horrendously to some sad song in an attempt to express yourself. You’re faced with an early choice here: do you back Kim up in this rather straightforward situation (against a character who, I reiterate, is labeled only as. That’s where you’re headed if you insist on clinging to your pain, and playing the bigot is the only way to express failure here, an unwillingness to let go. to fascism, the game actually makes it more difficult to keep throwing it in everyone’s face. Written by xyrilyn / Dec 27, 2019 ... proceed with the Tribunal, do not warn Kim and let Kim be shot (I just died a little typing that).

Take the time to explore the game and enjoy it fully. , you get a quest to sing karaoke that you’ll probably fail, yowling horrendously to some sad song in an attempt to express yourself. Gain access through the back of the Bookstore. ’s deceptive humanity, a game where what isn’t spent in one dialogue exchange or another is probably spent running between them.

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