Without enough qualified nurses, patients might face more complications, longer hospital stays, and even death. These serious infections can lead to other complications, increase recovery time, and can often lead to death. Based on a scale of zero-100, this number represents a comparison of patients’ perspectives of how effectively this hospital communicated with patients about their medications relative to patients’ perspectives of how effectively other hospitals communicated with their patients. Patients are less likely to experience mistakes if hospital staff works together. Sometimes after surgery, patients can develop serious complications while they are in the hospital. 1555 Soquel Drive Santa Cruz, CA 95065-1794 Map and Directions. Never disregard, avoid or delay in obtaining medical advice from your doctor or other health care professional because of something that you have read on this site as the site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. 1. The hospital should also budget money towards improving safety. The information viewed on this site is not intended to be the only or primary means for evaluating hospital quality nor is it intended to be relied upon as advice or a recommendation or an endorsement about which hospitals to use or the quality of the medical treatment that you receive from a hospital or other health care provider. Patients’ perspectives of care are an important part of patient safety. Hospitals can earn up to 100 points for using a well-functioning CPOE system in most areas of the hospital. If a patient is in pain, experiencing new symptoms, or cannot reach the bathroom himself, it is important that hospital staff respond quickly to address the situation. Healthcare workers can help stop infection and illness by carefully cleaning their hands. Timing of the data. About Us. Hospitals should be aware of all potential errors that could harm patients. Timing of the data. This number represents the number of times patients experienced serious breathing problems for every 1,000 people who had surgery. Hospitals can use Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) systems to order medications for patients in the hospital, instead of writing out prescriptions by hand. When they do, Dominican Hospital’s emergency room is here for you, ready to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's been a memorable journey of commitment and community partnerships. Hospitals that do well in multiple areas of adult care may be ranked in their state and metro area. 1555 Soquel Drive, Santa Cruz, Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical C... Scores are based on surveys taken from this hospital’s inpatients after they were discharged inquiring about different aspects of their stay. Timing of the data. When hospitals don’t have enough nurses or the nurses don’t have the right training, patients face a much greater risk of harm. This number represents a comparison of the number of catheter-associated infections in the urinary tract that actually happened at this hospital to the number of infections expected for this hospital, given the number of catheters used and other factors like facility type and size. Declined to Report: The hospital was asked to provide this information to the public, but did not. This number represents a comparison of the number of infections after colon surgery that actually happened at this hospital to the number of infections expected for this hospital, given the types of patients they care for and other factors like a patient’s age and type of surgery. This number represents the number of times patients experienced dangerous blood clots for every 1,000 people who had surgery. Most C. diff cases occur in patients taking or having recently taken antibiotics, and fully killing the bacteria in an infected patient can be very difficult. Timing of the data. How patients rated physicians in listening and explaining in a way that patients could understand. C. diff can spread via contaminated equipment or by providers who fail to properly wash their hands between patients. Learn how to use the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. Hospitals can earn up to 100 points for having processes in place for tracking and reducing risks to patients and educating staff on identifying risks and hazards. Conditions/Procedures applicable to Cancer, Conditions/Procedures applicable to Cardiology & Heart Surgery, Conditions/Procedures applicable to Gastroenterology & GI Surgery, Conditions/Procedures applicable to Orthopedics, Conditions/Procedures applicable to Pulmonology & Lung Surgery. Wait for the ER. Timing of the data. As part of the Dignity Health network, Dominican Hospital is dedicated to delivering high quality, compassionate care and access to Santa Cruz and nearby communities. Timing of the data. Patients receive most of their care from nurses, not doctors. A bed sore is a sore or wound on the skin that forms when a patient lays or sits in one position for too long without being moved. Many patients become severely ill, disabled, or even die. Your physical and financial health are at risk if you decide to forego health coverage. 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