A: Hell No! that includes your PUA if you’re receiving it. This happened months ago. Customers have no idea what my car looks like or what I drive generally. Don’t be slow skip the long conversations with the employees. They would probably say something like “well according to 9.1 section ort page 62 of your contract, it clearly states that if the delivery was not made within the appropriate timelines during bonus pay, you will not be reimbursed”.

Especially in newer markets, half the restaurants don't even know what DoorDash is, have literally never heard of it before. I spent 2 hours that night brushing its fur and cutting out the smaller mats and cleaning it with waterless shampoo. no chance of winning. Deleting your Dasher driver account is easy. I’m just saying, I started texting customers when I leave a restaurant with a ETA of when I would get to them. I don't care if you disagree with me. Not comfortable with speaking? I just feel like the chance of them finding out is extremely low. ), Request extra pay (You can do this if you experience a problem like a customer incorrectly gives the wrong address and you’re already there), Be fast with orders (In this game time is money literally. up to you. I figured this out the other day lol. And also waiting at home is perhaps not a bad way to start a shift but the AI always favors moving targets.
For example if you get an order for Taco-Bell that you know you have to place yourself and its 10 miles away, but you know theres a taco bell right next to you, you can just order from that closer taco bell, you don't gotta go all the way to the one DoorDash said to go to. I seen to many Doordash drivers leaving the restaurant speeding through the lot), Double check items (Don’t open the food just make sure the restaurant have your customers items i.e Forks Sauces Drinks), Make your own Hotspot (Hotspots are lies. So you decide. -MOST IMPORTANT- Track your expenses & mileage for taxes (especially if you plan on making more than $600 a month depends on your local tax laws), Time is money (Don’t wait in long lines unassigned that mess.

Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Follow our step by step guide to delete Doordash account: ), Avoid bad restaurants (Over time you will learn which restaurants are slow and mean to dashers avoid theses), Keep extra Utensils&Napkins in your car (Sometimes restaurants forget to put these items in the bag. I then spent another couple hours carefully cutting out the large mats that were all the way down to its skin. It was dark out, but it came up to me and was super friendly and purring. I searched Reddit ...there weren’t to many tip lists so I made one. Q: Will Doordash pay for my car wear&tear?

The cat was so dirty, and the mats indicated that the cat had been neglected for months, especially because it has short fur that doesn’t mat easily like long fur. Q: Is this a difficult job? Then suddenly dashers start showing up with red bags to 'deliver' their food. Learn your zone and take the shortest route), Keep your Car clean (Customers don’t won’t to see a dirty car delivering their food), Ratings don’t really matter (unless you want to join Doordash Drive or receive a lot of bad customer ratings), Don’t spam text your customers (They may rate you bad.

Doordash simply pays YOU less if the customer tips more. So I guess I’m already kinda screwed. I tried to take it to a shelter, but no one was accepting cats because of covid. And because Maryland is vicious, they will eventually find out and go after you, including suspending your driver's license and vehicle registrations. A: Call Doordash support. Q: What happens when the customer timer runs out? Yeah me personally I wouldn’t thats why I tell people pay at hey own risk because every dashers on Reddit seem to have a problem getting their money back from DD, I mean, you can pay out of pocket, but it will take you an eternity for DD to reimburse you. I’m leaving restaurant now, should be there around X:Xx” (I get the estimated from google). I delivered the food to the door and sent a picture to the customer. A: Customer Ratings matters, but only if it gets super low like in the 1’s even, then you may still be able to work. The next day my friend came over and helped me give it a bath. Q: What to do when a customer isn’t home? It's a good list but not complete. But the condition or cleanliness of the inside of your car is completely irrelevant. Q: I wasn’t paid for my orders what to do? I asked support this once and they told me my card wouldn’t work if it wasn’t that specific location. you can have one or the other. But I’m supposed to assume they have their shit together when it comes to reimbursing me.

I also seen a lot of the new folks asking general questions and for tips. How do you know if your 1099 work showed up in the system? The tips in this list is what I learned from dashing so far.

With doordash I make a couple hundred a week. My rating absolutely skyrocketed. Whats your honest opinion on DoorDash I felt like a lunatic. but if they find out, you have to pay that $ back. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts They won’t give full payment, they will give you a reduced payment. A: Heck no you’re mostly chilling in the car listening to your own music.

Right now I make $139 with unemployment, but $600 bonus due to the coronavirus, so $739 a week. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Drop your tips and frequently asked questions below I will add them to this mega list!!! This happened to me once it took a day for my money to appear. With doordash I make a couple hundred a week.

Q: How much will I make? I reached out to pet it and gasped. I already have problems just getting paid what I’m supposed to. I guess I could stop now doing doordash though and hope for the best. Same my state shows 0 for the 1099. lol did you keep it that way? To maximize profits wait till Monday to get paid), Never pay out of pocket (Doordash SOMETIMES refunds you for paying out of pocket), Don’t forget your red card (Some orders require you to place the order which you will have to pay for with your red card), Don’t worry about getting deactivated (Doordash will only deactivate you if you really fuck up i.e Eating someone food. Text to 741741 and someone will speak with you on …

Is there a way for me to check? It’s now an indoor cat and gets plenty of love and attention from its new owners. I finally grabbed it and put it in the car with me and drove it home. I don’t have any regrets. I MIGHT add a pop on for a customer. You can’t even contact anyone when you need help. Just a “hi! I have noticed that when a 2nd or 3rd order is sent to me while on an existing delivery, that the reported amounts are shown do more accurately show the customer tip. In the Doordash reddit we found complaints made from some angry and unhappy Dashers who said that Doordash sucks.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I love [INSERT_RESTAURANT_NAME_HERE] Orders.

I made this list because there wasn’t much help for the new guys, people would refer them to search through Reddit in a rudely manner. I sat there for 10 minutes unsure of what to do. I just can’t get my normal job back right now and get really bored so I’ve been doing some doordash. The water turned brown before we even shampooed it. A: No they don’t. This is your Doordash drive. The app tells them how far away you are. what that person said. Ive seen posts on this sub some say its worth it and earn like 700$ and others say its minimum wage and cost gas and tear down your car.

A: Start the timer immediately then text and call the customer to cover yourself. If one day you realize that this is not the side hustle for you, you will be interested in knowing how to quit Doordash.

They used to make you go to that specific one, but now I guess enough complaints it doesn't matter anymore. They just received $500,000,000 (yes 500 MILLION) in a Round D investor funding lead by SoftBank and Kleiner Perkins Investment funds and seem … In my state, they had zero clue that I even made money in 2019 when I applied. For example if you get an order for Taco-Bell that you know you have to place yourself and its 10 miles away, but you know theres a taco bell right next to you, you can just order from that closer taco bell, you don't gotta go all the way to the one DoorDash said to go to. It really depends on if you’re trying to join Doordash Drive. I’m thinking about just quitting doordash all together until the unemployment stops. I just feel like the chance of them finding out is extremely low. Q: What is this Doordash Drive, you speak of? A: Personally I never tried it (Because I’m new) People who have did it said you can earn the same or more with regular orders and sometimes Doordash Drive will earn more. r/doordash_drivers: A sub for DoorDash Drivers. Hate me if you want. Anyway, I don’t usually condone kidnapping animals.. but I felt so bad for the poor thing.
80-90% of your time is spent in your car. not both. A: Every Monday or you can use fast pay to get paid everyday.

I ended up finding it a new home with my landlord’s friend. I was dashing, and when I got to a customer’s house I was greeted by a cat. I will NEVER pay for an order out of pocket and expect dd to reimburse me. Right now I make $139 with unemployment, but $600 bonus due to the coronavirus, so $739 a week.

Q: Can I make a living with Doordash? They already know. A: Not much. Doordash Drive requires you to sign into the app 30 minutes early. I went back to my car and the cat followed me so I kept petting it. First checked and they said "no problem." this is like going to the casino and putting your entire earnings and the unemployment checks in a fire. A: Yes you can...Depending on your market.

Customer texted me the other day to add a soda onto the order and said he'll pay me cash for it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

That said, if somehow your state finds out you will owe the money back, plus penalties, and it's felony fraud with the potential for significant jail time and fines. The second I get burned on that, I’m done. Is it different when ordering? they basically subtract what you made with DD from your UI for that week. Although the cat was fat and therefore ate well, I felt terrible about the state it was in. They replied no and that it was their neighbor’s.

Plus I found a new job for now that I get $1300-$1400 so I’m just gonna do that. I usually don’t do to much doordash. You could make anywhere from 200-900 a week. If you have enough money to live on I would find a hobby or a skill to invest your time in. None of my 1099 work was in the system, so it stands to reason future 1099 work wouldn't show up. Reaching out to DoorDash for help revealed a fundamental flaw in the business model of this startup. Do not post personal or confidential information, Press J to jump to the feed. I don’t text the customer unless there’s something unavailable or they don’t answer their door. FREE COUNSELING SESSIONS: https://counseling.uci.edu/ 24-hour national hotline: 1-800-273-8255. I’m am a new Dasher with less than a 100 deliveries under my belt. Had a guy on Friday tell me “I came outside because it said you were 2 minutes away”.

Q: Is Doordash Drive worth it? Q: Does my ratings matter? Q: How much time is spent outside your car? What will happen if I collect unemployment right now due to Covid-19 and do doordash on the side? A: You get to keep and eat the customers food enjoy!

If you live in one of the more authoritarian states like Maryland, you have to report your income each week when you apply for unemployment. You realize that you still collect full unemployment if you just apply and choose “reduced hours” instead of furloughed/layed off. Doing this, will the app not tell me that I am too far away?

Go to a spot that has a lot or a few restaurants and boom an order).

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