The data is crystal clear: Wall Street’s mighty siphons assure that nearly all of the Fed’s freshly printed money goes straight into the pockets of the most well-connected players. Far too many were limping along without any savings at all, one crisis away from financial ruin. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. It’s just spreading really far and fast and it doesn’t care how rich you are, it doesn’t care where you are in the social structure, what kind of politician you are, it doesn’t matter. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is the motto of current crowd in charge. Looking for a financial adviser who sees the world through a similar lens as we do? In jamming the stock markets higher, I see the Federal Reserve as also partly responsible for the lame US response to Covid, which has already cost far too many people their lives and many more people their health. This is the tricky part. Instead, I’m a trained scientist, having completed both a PhD and a post-doctoral program at Duke University, where I specialized in neurotoxicology. This is not the flu and the list of characteristics and reasons why it’s not the flu are long. I think everybody with a, what’s called a comorbidity out there, anybody with heart disease, diabetes is a big one that’s very poorly indicated for this thing, cancer, things like that. People are freaking out over nothing. Now a couple of weeks ago I started to listen to my friend and colleague Chris Martenson because he’s been doing daily YouTube shows that are based on a lot of research and data that most people do not have access to. More people die from the flu and no one freaks out about getting the flu. The Federal Reserve swooped in to assure that the wealthy got even wealthier. Chris Martenson: Well, thank you Kathy. Off The Cuff: Media Censorship & Misinformation, End To End Assignment Help Online To FulFill Your Need, | Payday Loans For People on Benefits | Payday Lo, Mike Saylor D. D. Booth Bitcoin Bull, Fed Bear, PM Monthly Market Commentary – 10/31/2020, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: OPEN LETTER TO DONALD J. TRUMP, From Ehud Barak to Carbyne to Epstein to Covid to calling 911. The worldwide wealth gap was already record levels before we were forced into lockdown. [REN #981] California Law Gives Owners, Tenants First Dibs on Purchase, [REN #980] Lenders Expect a Busy 2021 for New Loans as Refi’s Slow, [REN #979] Home Buying Frenzy, Forbearance Extension, Fed Considers U.S. Crypto, 23823 Malibu Road, Suite 50419 Malibu, CA 90265 |. Home » Learning » [RWS #755] Health Watch: Coronvirus Facts with Chris Martenson, Peak Prosperity, “What is all this nonsense about? It’s got 13 bedrooms and bathrooms. If I, or when I get it, I got to be honest about this, I want to be on the easy side of that scale. Dr. Christopher Hamlin Martenson is an economic researcher, writer and trend forecaster interested in macro trends regarding the economy, energy composition and environment. If people have confidence in the dollar nothing can destroy it. On today’s show, let’s address what’s really going on and if we should be freaking out or not, and if this is all just a hiccup or if the black swan has arrived. Protect yourself against the coming economic & ecological crisis. I do have asthma. If they close banks as one of those places saying, “We can’t have places where people might bump into each other if it gets to that stage.” Well, just two days ago my credit card was fraudulent. You just wipe it on there and you let it dry. Chris: Well, sort of. Definitely go listen to his youtube videos. Is there any safe place for money today? I need my house to be my green zone. All of which is my way of saying that I am bracing for impact. If I were to use a single word to sum things up, it would be: greed. That makes all the difference, so our job is to not get it. There’s a lot of data around that right now. This will be alarming but this is important information, fact-based and will help protect you if you’re willing to face the facts. But we all know it’s not. Who has it gotten to lately? It’s very ordinary and people are really going to be going through it with this because the coronavirus impacts everything in our lives. Kathy, I just bought a brand new spread here in Chester, Massachusetts. Chris: You’re welcome. Friday, July 24, 2020, 8:46 PM + A; A-A; Tags. Across the street, there was this old lodge that had been lived in residentially by a couple for 50 years, but it used to be this grand lodge. For now, it seems we remain best served by keeping our eyes open and doing our own investigation versus relying on the media is telling us. Now I don’t even want to leave my house. My advice is always, you have to make these decisions early because our job now is to what’s called flatten the curve. And definitely ahead of the curve in protecting yourself, your family and your assets. They weren’t really worried because they’re 20 and they’re not really the demographic that the coronavirus zombies are attacking. actually, everything that i say about dr martenson and in general turns out to be right. However, after all that has transpired, I don’t see much hope of the Fed changing its ways. For the people who are on the far end of that bell curve, of course, it moves into the lungs, and it creates what’s called interstitial bilateral pneumonia. That’s what you find with people who are not ready to face their own adjustment is an emotion. Everyone has to stay inside and she wasn’t even sure she could get home. The median household was barely scraping by with ultra-low financial reserves, meager retirement savings and high levels of debt. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Times 10. These are just a few of the things I’m seeing on Facebook. : How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting, Chris Martenson: We Are Pawns In A Bigger Game Than We Realize, Martin Armstrong: Pope Francis is a communist and ‘a real disgrace’, Jim Rickards: A Bigger Story Than the Election Itself, ILLINOIS UNDER COMPLETE LOCKDOWN AGAIN STARTING WEDNESDAY, Michigan Governor Whitmer Goes Full Orwell, Demands Full Names, Phone Numbers For All Restaurant Customers, Don’t kid yourself, Europe: Trump changed the way you deal with the US in a way Biden could only dream of, Back To The Lockdown Future – John Rubino. That’s going to be so disruptive for families, for the children, the mothers, the fathers everybody. It happens. Real Wealth Network, LLC is an educational company and is not acting as a real estate broker. This going to become a circulating thing, just like the seasonal cold. Never send funds directly to a seller but instead, use the services of professional title and escrow companies. Chris: Yes, I can go further than that. I canceled all my travel, everything to stay home, but I’m not the only one home. 2. It is also important for you to know that I entered the profession of science with the intention of teaching at the college level. Stay healthy, exercise, eat well, take your vitamins, elderberry, I hadn’t heard that. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at it. It means that the child that she has with another man who comes on routine regular back and forth visits and custody, that had to stop. It’s time to consider how you will provide your family with the basics, the very bottom layers of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs — water, food, shelter, resources, health & safety — if the systems we depend on today start weakening: When people are busy moving down the Hierarchy of Needs, that means society is crumbling. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! To that end, Peak Prosperity will keep up our efforts and continue producing these videos for as long as needed. There’s so many wonderful things to do at home. Goodness, Kathy look at all the school closures we just got announced in the last day. I hope you find what I have to offer here useful. Here's everything we know about the proposed plan so far, Our access to facts is under siege from all directions, Our leaders have no Plan B, so we need to each create our own, We Are Pawns In A Bigger Game Than We Realize, Accessibility Assistant | Accessibility Statement,, Off The Cuff: Media Censorship & Misinformation, End To End Assignment Help Online To FulFill Your Need, | Payday Loans For People on Benefits | Payday Lo, Mike Saylor D. D. Booth Bitcoin Bull, Fed Bear, PM Monthly Market Commentary – 10/31/2020, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: OPEN LETTER TO DONALD J. TRUMP, From Ehud Barak to Carbyne to Epstein to Covid to calling 911. There’s nothing any of us can do to affect national monetary policy or stop the major unraveling trends already set in motion, but we can do our best to step outside harm’s way and tend the welfare of ourselves and those we care about as the system falters. Phone or in-person options available. It’s an aggressive immune response as much as it is the virus doing damage itself. But are the headlines true? Custom, engaging presentations for public & private audiences, corporations, government agencies & communities. What if the bank was closed and my card was deactivated? We know that this is going to be very, very disruptive in terms of the economic earnings for a lot of people who can’t work from home. Chris: Yes. That’s because of the guy I’m about to have on the show today. The people all knew what to do. My friend from LA came into our house today. A lot of effort was put into trying to create a vaccine for that and none managed to succeed. Am I basically screwed? Some people go through that faster than others and some people can jump higher than others and some people can do math in their head and all that. The free money river has never been more than a trickle. I’m so honored that you could take some time to be with us here today. Usually they grow the virus and weaken it significantly so it can’t really do its thing and then they put it back in you. Chris Martenson, PhD (Duke), MBA (Cornell) is an economic researcher and futurist specializing in energy and resource depletion, and co-founder of (along with Adam Taggart). Welcome to Friday the 13th. He’s co-founder of along with our good friend Adam Taggart. Kathy: All right. Looking To Access The Peak Prosperity 2020 Seminar? Looking To Access The Peak Prosperity 2020 Seminar? Myself and a team of investors and everything I learned from the real estate radio guys on the cruises, I put together a syndication, found some investors and so we’re going in on creating a– It’s going to be an event center.

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