Matchmaking is currently a bit iffy in Legends, and trying to beat a higher level opponent is usually a fool’s errand. You’ve trained hard, your party is full of mighty warriors, and you know how to outsmart your opponents. Dragon Ball Legends technically uses a system of shards or fragments like so many other mobile games to unlock characters, though it does it in sort of a sly way so you don’t even realize what it’s doing at first. 286. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be dropping a Rising Rush on a foe with one health point remaining, at least unless it’s the last fighter and you want to finish with a spectacular flourish in true Dragon Ball style. Mastering combat is essentially a game of timing your swipes, taps and cards carefully. Tap on the menu -> summon -> confirm. It’s also reliant on the gacha-style “goodness" that you’d probably expect, meaning that getting your anxious mitts on the most powerful characters requires equal parts hard work and good luck. It’s a Gacha-style randomized drop mechanic that requires you to spend Chrono Crystals (Legends’ premium currency) to unlock any one of the game’s many characters. Dragon Ball Legends is a gacha game with both RPG and Fighting Game mechanics. If you use Arts Cards that correspond to all seven Dragon Balls in one fight, you can also activate a ‘Rising Rush’ by taping on the icon that appears on the right side of the screen. 3.) Timed properly, Arts Cards can unleash a melee blow or series of projectiles that your opponent can’t avoid, doing a lot more damage than normal attacks. This will teleport you to the side of your foe leaving them open to a counter attack. Just when you think Bandai Namco has devised every possible way to feature the popular manga and anime characters for which it has the rights to create mobile games, the company surprises you with something new. Sparking characters have a five percent chance at dropping from any one Summon at launch, giving you about a 1/20 shot at one of the game’s most powerful fighters per Summon. The Summon system is the main way you obtain new characters. Auch auf den Shop und die Preise der Kristalle gehen wir ein. As you might expect, fighting an actual person in real-time is much harder than taking on an AI opponent in the Story or Event modes. I’ll go through them one by one to avoid any confusion (trust me, it gets very confusing trying to keep track of them all). The entire Dragon Ball franchise, be it in the manga, anime, or many many video game adaptations, would be nothing without its often wacky entourage of heroes and villains.

Arts Cards are powered by your Ki, which is on a gauge that refills slowly when you are doing nothing but moving around, and even faster when you tap and hold down on the screen, though that leave you vulnerable to your opponents’ attacks. This is especially true in Rating matches where the gloves really come off as you compete to gain better rewards by climbing the leaderboards each season. Once you get all seven Dragon Balls by using specially marked Arts Cards (they have little Dragon Balls on them) you’ll get access to a cinematic attack during which, if you pick a different Art Card to your opponent, your remaining team members will all group up and fire their signature blast attacks in a single, explosive attack. Use this to your advantage and only activate it when a fresh-faced foe is switched in. While you can drop duplicates, these are also useful as they upgrade existing characters’ Z Power levels (more why that’s important later). Extreme characters aren’t quite as strong as Sparking variants, but usually have enough base strength to become useful when leveled and powered up. You can’t dodge forever though, as Vanishing Steps deplete a unique status meter. The cool thing is that any fighter in Dragon Ball Legends can eventually reach the maximum star rank, so if you have a favorite who’s kind of a wuss, just stick with him or her and they can still be mighty somewhere down the road. Whether you’ve got a soft spot for the usually outmatched Z Warriors or want to wield the full destructive power of an intergalactic tyrant like Frieza, Legends is happy to oblige with an ever-growing roster of unlockable characters to train and do battle with. Dark is strong against all five of the base Elements, while Light is strong against Dark. This recharges quite quickly, but you should keep an eye on it so you don’t get caught with a Ki Blast while flailing around. Mobile games have really come into their own in recent years, with tons of great new games released every month. Not only does this look awesome, it also deals an enormous amount of damage. Fittingly for a series where most of the heroes spend half of their time training, there are multiple ways of raising a character’s stats in Dragon Ball Legends. Each main color Element is strong against one Element and weak against another. However, the Super Saiyan Goku variant is a Ranged Type, while the version charging a cheeky Spirit Bomb is a Defense Type. The only issue is that the Google Play Store is still a mess, so finding …. That’s perfectly acceptable. The shards in this case are called Z Power, because everything needs to be in Dragon Ball speak. Notice we didn’t say revolutionary, because all that Dragon Ball Legends (Free) does is the most obvious possible thing, which is to make a fighting game about super powerful characters from a franchise that just so happens to mostly be about them fighting each other. Otherwise, you’ll need to spend 100 Crystals per Summon.

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