So BMW is good for performance and girls are yours, while Shelby is more for soul, and everyone consider you a reckless car enthusiast. The Shelby is built more durably, but suffers from excessive front weight, and not enough grip coming out of corners. What is the source of 0-100 kph? I've had more out of mine the limiter is 178 without 190, I hope my advices can help you in choice, Giuliano. Trim Engine Drive Type Trans. Damping forces are closely controlled by an electronic controller that receives signals from a sensor depending on the road condition. Simply test your BMW M3 accelerations time, of course, in a hands-free as well as fully automated way. Supercars vs Hypercars – What are Hypercars? 0-160: 9,9 Why is it that 1/4 mile times / MPH are accepted as legit but not 0-60mph times? For the 2-door M3, it’s available as a hardtop convertible or a coupe, both wearing M4 badges. Not as fun as in Shelby though. (09-06-2014, 07:10 PM) George Smooth Wrote: (09-06-2014, 05:34 PM) 922-GP Wrote: I think Excede's Super M is the quickest in the land @ 11.2 IIRC, whats the quickest n/a E92? Lmao 201 mph in a 420 hp car. But all depends on what you're looking for, on what purpose do you want to own one of these cars. 1/4 mile: 12.4 seconds @ 114 mph; Curb weight: 3,629 lbs; As you might be able to tell from these numbers, the M3 is a very fast car.

Horst von Saurma?

Sounds too slow for such a car, and for the TT RS - also could be better. We used to list only 0-100 kph but now we allow 0-60 as well! This maximizes comfort.

Thanks to the competent twin-turbo straight-six engine, BMW was able to send the rest packing. The comp-pack M4 gets from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. An M3 is an M3, Not an M4, that's fkn retarded, Might as well call a Porsche 911 a Porsche Boxster.

There Top Magazine/s count it, we do to, regardless of the testing methods. No i think it would be better to buy an m3 the m3 has better brake's suspension and sharper handling than the c63 amg. comfort can actually physically and digitally measured through g-meters from sudden jolts. Hybrid Eng. No, I did not. Mustang GT 500 2010 540hp Because outside the track ride quality, service, mileage, practicality etc. I think Excede's Super M is the quickest in the land @ 11.2 IIRC, whats the quickest n/a E92? 13.1 s @ 117 mph.

While the data are estimates, they'll help you to make the right comparisons. The M3 performs the same task within 4.0 seconds and covers quarter of a mile in 12.2 secs at 120 mph. All three have excellent performance, but there are differences. When 1 out of 1000 people have a different opinion, it is simply ignored in the conclusion. Comfort=Comfortable, Some people may not think a Radical is comfortable, That's a reason they don't get it, Others do. Actually, the only I can advise here is that Shelby is not nearly a car for family, or for petrol economy.

4 Cyl Comparing cars is a real fun. It may be a nightmare to do all those things you listed to most people, But that's the Key word, "Most People"..Not all. Scan super test of BMW M3 E-90 420ps at Inta Circuit ( Automovil magazine): Ironic. Test of Autobild (7/2017):0-50 kph: 1.9 s0-130 kph: 6.9 s0-160 kph: 9.9 s100-0 kph: 33.9 m (11.4 m/s²)200-0 kph: 135.7 m (11.4 m/s²)Fuel: 13.0 l/100 km. did anyone double check it? Semi-slicks, 97-more-hp, different driver.

You can now conveniently check out detailed, exact statistics on M3 0-60 times across as many models and years as you want. The Powerhaus Performance 1/4 Mile record holding E92 M3 hit the drag strip to try and break its own record. I think that M3 E90 Sedan its fast than the E92 Coupé....

Track-maintenance? Lmao 201 mph in a 420 hp car.

BMW. What I buy? Love the feeling of your back being squizzed to the seat and eager to know M3 0-60 Times? Do you want to earn a few bragging rights? Hybrid Eng. :-/. Considering that the Chevrolet Camaro, Mercedes-AMG C63S, Shelby Mustang and Cadillac’s high-performance Vs. all hit the 60 mph mark in less than 4.0 seconds, BMW had no choice but to put up a better show. Speed is only a feeling... Have you heard of standard deviations? Why pick ONE track when you could pick many to compare... 6 Cyl or just some DipShit prettending to be him?? Cleo ran an 11.9 in his NOS'd e46 ///M a few years ago, a 12.6 in his NA ///M e36 , 12.3 in a NA manual ///M V8 & 12.4 in a NA V8 DCT. Its curb weight came in at 3996 pounds, 444 pounds heavier than the M3. These stats fall more or less within the Shelby GT350R’s and the Corvette Grand Sport’s range. And if theres a source for the 12.6 quarter we can update the info..... Can anybody confirm that this is the REAL DumbAss Adam? @hamcee :))) You have no clue about Cars ;). Also, it'll save for you lots of acceleration times from various models.

I think it's a bad idea, for one, the M3 has a legendary name, and 2, there's already an assault rifle with that same name. Why not use both 0-60mph and 0-100kph? C'mon guys, is Tommy the only guy whose ran his car on the 1/4mile? so 3.9s to 60, n 4.2s to 100, meh, it all works out. Cause that's just not democratic. DCT was 12.2 at … This is all done without compromising practicality.

Base 2dr Rear-wheel Drive Convertible,414 hp, quarter mile I will check the times, Chiplogic has DCT and manual record. 3 Cyl Every car is enjoyable to be a sportscar whether it has 10 horsepower or 1000. you can get from point A to B. I'll rather to have an E46 CSL or a E39 M5. And he said I'm the one with alts. Question: The front and rear have vast structural reinforcements that prevent the rattling, shaking or rolling of the body when extreme damping forces are transferred through it. It\'s odd how the M3 E92 Coupe is like 3K more than the sedan although it doesn\'t perform or even look any better. The engine used in the latest version replaced the V-8 that was equipped in the previous generation M3. there isnt a single category where it is the best. M3 is like Jack of all trades.

The m3 its the jack off all trades , u can do a trip in comfort and still go to the track and do it sideways , now i have the 911, but i miss the v8 grunt. However, it’s quite the embarrassment when compared to the Mercedes-AMG C63 … The Mustang 5.0 transmission in particular tends to have synchronizers that don't work properly until warm, and some binding when shifting while cornering, while I have read of some second gear issues with the BMW from their forums. @Giuliano I have driven the E92 BMW M3, and my nephew's Shelby GT500, and until recently I owned a Mustang GT 5.0. I mean, the parts are pretty much expensive. 1/4 mile 12.6 @113mph The one drawback of the E90 M3 is lack of torque down low in the rev range. It's simple. I banned him again just in case. 3.9 seconds. Also, consider BMW M3 quarter mile performance specs. Doesn't sound as good as the E90 for sure, but still sounds better than the 911 Turbos driving near it lol. ;). Bookmark us and keep checking back for BMW cars 0-60 mph updates, since we constantly upload new 0 to 60 mph and quarter mile statistics. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of such gearbox, but I tell you, I was so much excited behind the steering wheel of that Bimmer! Eng. ok thanks, here ya go for the stats tested by C&D.. why is m3 sedan allways faster on track than m3 coupe, i know m3 is faster in straight line ? 8:23 at the Nordschleife Full? 4 Cyl The M3 performs the same task within 4.0 seconds and covers quarter of a mile in 12.2 secs at 120 mph. @FastestLaps, I've sent updated times with the Car and Driver reference. 0-100 kph. It was Car and Driver, US magazine, with this PDF link: .

Learn more about the M3's top speed acceleration from 0-60 MPH. I think it will be beneficial to most if the times and power are specified at the reef or coast, e46 m3 12.1 or 12.3, Think mayen is his name done at the coast. And he said I'm the one with alts. So it kinda depends on what you expect to do with the car. The M3 and M5 are statement cars for BMW as they make no sportscars and i wish they listened to guys like us as i to would have twin turboed this SOB. E36 m3.170wkw, exhst no sw.13.8 @166km exit speed. Also, these four bad boys are available at less than $100,000. Ironic. Right. Now will you update? What you guys think? HhC63 AMG Coupe Black Series : 7.46BMW M3 GTS: 7.48, C63 AMG Coupe: 8.01BMW M3 Coupe (E92): 8.05, Where are the Bmw-Fanboys they said BMW is better on Track?? Couldn't they test it another day? 0-60 1/4 Mile Mpg EPA//Observed Source; 2020 BMW 228i: 228i xDrive Gran Coupe (M Sport) 2.0L Turbo I-4: AWD: 8A: 5.1 sec: 13.8 sec @ 99 mph The car I've driven was with dual-clutch tranny. And at the drag race, accelerating the M3, I felt it actually was not slower than the Shelby, but faster! Apparently not, but hey just get a C63 for the same price:).

As to which I recommend, it kinda depends on a few things. I'll take the B7 RS4 over the C63 AMG & E90/92 M3 personally. And furthermore, we listen to the sound of your vehicle's engine and determine the noise of the exhaust pipe.

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