", For all general inquiries, please contact us at. If you don’t think you’re cut out for this programme, you’re right. My squat in particular suffered, to the point were I just went light for a couple of weeks to avoid any risk of injuring myself.

The assistance work sets consist of exercise that are composites parts of deadlift motion. It has built-in desired max set on the 10th week. powerlifter has a few routines kicking around the internet but one of the most popular is his 11 week deadlift cycle. Ed was perhaps most well known for his insane squat and deadlift strength, but his bench press was incredibly strong as well. On test day you can always shoot for a higher max than is prescribed. Since then Coan Philippi deadlift routine has helped hundreds of lifters to improve their performance. So instead, I’ll give you a rundown of some of the highlights. In simple terms, welcome to the pain train. Perform 8 reps with each exercise resting 90 seconds between each. Ed Coan’s reasoning for this was to get the back pre-fatigued, and put you in a similar situation as when you compete at a meet. You will want to run this routine alongside your current routine for the other lifts. If you do decided to attempt it again, you will be finishing the program one week later than anticipated.

If you fail a week either keep moving forward, or attempt the week you failed the following week. Ed Coan’s 10 Week Training Template from Castironstrength.com, Matt Dimel Deadlift; How to Dramatically Improve Your Squat and Deadlift, 5 Best Deadlift Shin Guards on the Market Today in 2020, 15 Ways How to Protect Your Shins When Deadlifting, 5 Powerful Franco Columbu Workout Routine Tips You Can Use Today, 7 Deadlift Fat Loss Results You Need to Know, 5 Great Rick Ross Weight Loss Tips You Need to Know (Including Deadlifts), 11 Best Steph Curry Deadlift and Training Secrets, 3 Tragic Derek Poundstone Workout Injuries That Are Not in Vain, 7 Greatest Deadlift Muscles Worked That Can Change Your Life, 11 Inspiring Lamar Gant Deadlift Facts Every Fan Should Know, Hermann Goerner’s Deadlift Records Will Leave You Speechless, 37 Remarkable Benefits of Deadlifts to Unleash Your Fitness Fast, 7 Best Rob McElhenney Workout Tips to Get Ripped in 7 Months, 25 Best Konstantin Konstantinovs Deadlift Workout Routine Tips, Hugh Jackman Deadlift: How He Got Ripped For ‘Wolverine’, 27 Sensational Ways How Deadlifts Change Your Mind and Body, 7 Reasons You Should Do Banded Deadlifts (With or Without a Barbell), 29 Best Brian Shaw Deadlift Tips that Will Make You Fit, Roy Hibbert’s Deadlift Training Will Make You a Better Athlete, 3 Army ACFT Deadlift Standards for Combat Fitness You Probably Didn’t Know, 13 Essential Alan Thrall Deadlift Tips You Need to Know, 5 Best Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts on the Market Today in 2020, The Best Exercise for Depression; How the Deadlift Saved My Life, 5 Allyson Felix Deadlift Workout Plan Results In Olympic Gold, A Shirley Webb Deadlift Will Make You Strong in 5 Amazing Ways.

This is a very difficult program, and some of the numbers may even seem impossible. I am a believer in this routine, I had tried many things for my dead but until my good friend Ed Coan got me to do this nothing really worked.

If you commit and follow this programme to the letter you will not be sorry. To follow this program to the tee you need to decide on your desired max and calculate the different weights you would be lifting in work sets, speed sets and assistance work through the program.

This is without doubt the best deadlift programme around designed by one of the greatest deadlifters of all time. Each session will start with a set of heavy deadlifts at an increasing percentage followed by speed deadlifts at a lower weight. Drug ban You can easily couple this program with your regular training regime, as it needs only one work day per week.

Today in 2020, Ed Coan is now age 56 years old. (RIP Franco.). Ed thought, “wait a minute… I can be that big, that strong, and not have to diet and parade around on stage in those skimpy little shorts?” He knew that he had found his sport. Check out the Coan/Phillipi 10 week Deadlift Routine.

Having set 71 world records during his career, Coan is widely regarded as the greatest powerlifter of all time. He was brutally strong and had quite an impressive physique to boot. The creator of this program, Edward “Ed” Ignatius Coan is one of the greatest powerlifters.

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