© 2020 thecoolist.com - All Rights Reserved |. Having this kind of buckle on the belt is considered prestigious in the belt manufacture worlds. With no need for set sizes, it’s excellent for those of us who tend to fluctuate in weight.

Special Operations Equipment EDC Belt via youtube.com. There is a Size Chart in the photos. Purchase: $15+, Not the finest belt out there, this is a cheap way to get a utility belt for your quick shooting matches, camping, or hiking adventures. Thanks for the quality workmanship! EDC Cobra Belt; Multicam black accent and wolf grey Cobra on the midnight black base with the brick red stitch . Multicam black accent and wolf grey Cobra on the midnight black base with the brick red stitch, 1.5'' Super-Stiff nylon base webbing, 1'' accent webbing and an AustriAlpin 1'' Cobra Buckle.

It’s reinforced to work more like a tactical backpack strap than a belt, and even has the added feature of no metal parts, so there’s no need to shed it as you head through airport security. On sale: $79.99 $64.99. Using sturdy nylon in an array of attractive colors for making any outfit look good, we prefer going with a cobra buckle and velcro lining, but shop around their other choices if something else is better suited to your tastes.
An excellent belt. Sizing note: Order your belt based on the pants size you wear. However, a proper EDC gun belt will not only keep your gun clipped to the trousers but also keep other associated equipment. (9kN) they are the safest, most finely crafted, and strongest load bearing buckles available anywhere. Purchase: $16+, Quadruple-stitched fade and fray fighting nylon is what makes up the TDU from our heroes at 5.11 Tactical. Purchase: $50, A 100-year warranty should tell you how steadfastly Hanks stands behind this full-grain leather masterwork. The combat veterans need to carry firearms daily.

COBRA is a registered US trademark of AUSTRIALPIN, Web Development by me (Rehab Creative) | Terms | Privacy | FAQ | Coupons | Overland Tacoma. The color is perfect and it fits great! Purchase: $72+, Ideally, you already know that paracord makes a stellar accessory. THE NEXT ONE I PLAN TO PURCHASE THE 1.5 INCH COBRA BELT SO I WILL ONE OF EACH STYLE! Purchase: $69+, SOE never fails to make a nice product that is a combination of stylish and functional. Wow. Purchase: $26+, Not the toughest gunslinger ever to draw, the Cinch is made more for simplicity and weight reduction. The AustriAlpin 1'' Cobra buckle... the most popular choice in Every Day Carry quick release buckles. Heat resistant and capable of nearly 1,500 pounds of pure pull strength, it’s a survival kit for your pants. Purchase: $30, The Mission borrows from the simplicity of old boy scout belts by providing a slide in, clicking mechanism that works for waists of any and all sizes, with an array of eye-catching looks that work hand in glove with the sturdy construction to provide a durable, mechanical belt that’s more than your average waist cincher. Select one below to view options / description: ("Last Line of Defense" is shortened to "LLOD" for those hip to it). Well, it’s time to change your midsection game with a smarter EDC belt that adds features and options to any outfit.

Thanking you in advance for answering this question. EDC Cobra Belt. Sitting right near our hands, the belt is the ideal place to put extra gear that might otherwise be weighing down our pockets, or build in new ways to solve daily problems without putting more stuff in our bulging EDC load. Sale Regular price $65.00 ... EDC Belts are custom and non-returnable. Webbing has been chamfered at critical points of contact to ease with threading the belt through your belt loops. About 4 inches... 2 inches up and down from an accurate waist measurement. Belts are proudly made in the USA by Remm-Gear USA.

All Rights Reserved. What is the adjustment range on this belt? Considering buying another for my son! USA MADE – The Belt Webbing And Manufacturing Is All Done In The USA! Retail Price: $89.99. Odds are pretty good that you snapped up the first cheap strip of leather that caught your eye and have never gone back. The design uses an aluminum cobra buckle for those who want more grit and grip to their belt, without needing to go full tactical. Rated to over 2000 lbs. Purchase: $70+, ESS is well aware that a belt is only as good as its buckle, which is why they opt to go with an AustriAlpin cobra D-ring that works with the military-grade nylon to provide 4,000 pounds of pull strength even when closed. SUPER STIFF- 2x Ply USA Made 1.5″ Nylon Webbing Gives This A Super Stiff Wear For Your EDC Needs.

THIS IS MY SECOND BELT FROM DEADEYE CARRY SOLUTIONS. Required fields are marked *. Hook and loop installed in the area of overlap to stabilize the belt.

Wolf Tactical designs mission-ready gear built to last. It’s mandatory for the police officers and the other security concerns. If you wear a 32 pants, typically you'll order a 32 belt size.*.
It is two layers of 1.5" base webbing and on top of those is a primarily single layer of 1" accent webbing.

The cobra buckle is actually a generic term for this type of buckle. A cobra buckle can be manufactured by a number of different companies, but there’s only one original Cobra, which is made by AustriAlpin. SOE never fails to make a nice product that is a combination of stylish and functional. Don't hesitate to buy. It combines all the pros of a Cobra Belt (solid, easy to buckle/unbuckle, secure, strong, and just 'cool'), without the biggest con (not being able to fit it through standard belt loops).

Purchase: $40, Completely made of nylon and designed to withstand use with parachutes, the Rigger offers more than 7,000 pounds worth of tensile strength, allowing it to double as a rescue rope or cinch in dire circumstances. (Cobra Buckle Is Made In Austria) ADJUSTABLE- Designed To … The Hybrid EDC Belt features a unique Hybrid COBRA® Buckle with a smaller female buckle that fits through your belt loops!

All the buckles and size adapters reach PIA-H-7195 parachute standards, so they’re tough enough to bet your life on. Stiff, well sewn webbing, excellent buckle, highest quality.

Constructed using our Super-Stiff 1.5'' base webbing, this belt design combines the reliability of a Cobra Buckle with rock-solid stability. Because everyone’s style is individual, customized pieces with a high-end look are what we're always after. Best EDC Belts. These are made, shipped, and warrantied by the awesome guys at Blue Alpha (Made in the USA!). The EDC Hybrid Belt has been my favorite belt for awhile. If your size is on the line between two belt sizes, We recommends selecting the next size up.

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