Vincent “Rocco” Vargas and Eli Cuevas are best … Official Facebook page for Eli Cuevas, CEO of Double Tap Gear. “PUT YOUR HEAD IN YOUR LAPS!” We did without saying a word. In the military we literally wear those labels on our uniform. Veterans who are fans of the hit series “Drunk History” will appreciate a new, hilarious vet version of the show. US special-operations forces are already working with Arab and Kurdish partners to vet and train a force to secure the city during and after the effort to oust ISIS. That’s true in a military operation and it’s true in the film business. The company continues to enjoy substantial growth. “It has been an amazing journey.”. Don’t take “no” for an answer. As the special forces convoy approached the steep valley, it became clear that the vehicles wouldn’t fit through the narrow mountain path. The TEP armor features greater protection for soldiers’ torsos while reducing weight from an average of 31 pounds to only 23. Team president Joe Banner was fascinated by Decker’s philosophy and convinced him to retire from the Army and join the team as a special advisor, in hopes that Decker’s analysis could help correct the NFL’s notorious 50% failure rate for first round draft picks. Company G was down to 75 able-bodied men after only the first day. The first series is a trilogy and features Army veteran Luke Denman telling the story of a fellow soldier with whom he served. We had a couple of those people in my platoon, they didn’t last long with their laughing. (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. This was the twelfth times the Marines had made the summit and they were loath to relinquish it. It was an incredible experience. The 15 issues chronicled Marvel’s first all-female team of Avengers: Captain Marvel, Medusa, She-Hulk, Singularity, Dazzler, Nico Minoru, and Dazzler Thor. My father, who was a Marine Corps officer and Vietnam Veteran, was tough but a great role model. smokey bear, and wouldn’t you know it, an eye patch! I was one of the first brigade combat team PAOs during the Army’s “Transformation” period. What leadership lessons in life and from the Army have helped you most in your career? Vincent “Rocco” Vargas and Eli Cuevas are best friends who have served the country as an Army Ranger and a Squad Designated Marksman, respectively. If your story is picked, Cuevas will fly you out to sit with the Double Tap crew and knock back some Leadslinger’s Whiskey as you share your stuff with the world. It can’t be this bad the whole time. Most people stop returning my phone calls once I no longer “had the keys” to Army helicopters, troops, vehicles, locations, etc. Our consulting company was essentially our film school. Everyone there is basically thinking the same thing, holy crap what is about to happen! Don’t ask me to explain that. We threw out a number and the EA guys laughed at us. I still owed the Army a few years because of the time they gave me to finish my degree, so fast forward a couple of years, in the mid-90’s, I was stationed in Germany and deployed to Bosnia. Company D, 29th Marines battled to the top before fighting a bitter engagement with the Japanese. The Marine units deployed to Syria included elements of an artillery battery that can fire 155-millimeter shells from M777 Howitzers. When the 6th Marine Division stormed ashore at Okinawa on April 1, 1945 they knew they were in for a fight. The promo shows off the two vets revamping and repairing tanks, cannons, handguns, and some heavy artillery, bringing them to life again so they can have one last thrill with them. Official Facebook page for Eli Cuevas, CEO of Double Tap Gear. Southeast Syria near the Iraqi and Jordanian borders has been a flashpoint for these confrontations, though a local ceasefire has recently gone into effect there. That turned into an reciprocal invite to Browns camp. How did that turn out? We have over 1 million people who agree with us so go follow @blackriflecoffee if you’re smart! Feel free to watch it below. I began writing this and realized it was turning into a short story, so I will shorten it to the first 36 hours of boot camp, and it will give you some idea of how it is in boot camp. “I really love eclectic, diverse backgrounds because I think people should be free,” Hafer said. DI’s made it work. “EYEBALLS!” This was the command given to recruits that instructed them to look at the DI. We took it from script all the way to distribution. All Rights Reserved. The duo have served missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and are well-versed in weapons and arms. After three years, Decker’s program had reduced the washout rate by 30%. Finally on the bus were we could take a simple breath, still too petrified to look anywhere but forward, my eyes burning from fear of closing them. While there, I learned about this awesome job in LA where a Public Affairs Officer served as the Army’s liaison to the entertainment industry. | Courtesy photo.’s Seth Wickersham tells Decker’s story in a 3600-word profile that details Decker’s career and investigates how his football project has been going. To submit your veteran story, send a message to Drunken Debrief on Facebook. What Happened to Wil Willis? I worked in Hollywood as a soldier and as a civilian. “You will stand up and quickly exit the bus, you will find yellow footprints on the pavement outside, you will fall in on those footprints from front to back, you will do this as fast as humanly possible, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME!”. A scene from Wings in 1927 that won the first Oscar for Best Picture. I helped Iraqi citizens run their own businesses, instructing them on how to create a revenue model for their newspapers, radio and TV stations. According to a report from the Independent Journal Review, during a November 2015 taping for the Veterans Week shows, Nura Fountano did something that has since gone viral. At the time it was tough. Although his team shouted at him to take cover, he systematically began engaging the enemy.”I remember repeatedly yelling at him to get behind cover, yet he ignored the warnings, choosing instead to keep fires on the enemy positions,” wrote one of his Army Special Forces teammates about the event. Everybody was out there putting the fire out. The upgrade was due to a Defense Department-directed review of medals from recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan to ensure service members are appropriately recognized for their actions. Dimensions: 480x270. The author, who was twice selected for in-person auditions for Jeopardy, notes that there is a minimum of $1,000 in prizes for each contestant. Questions remain about how Raqqa and the surrounding area will be secured, as well as about how territory wrested from ISIS around Syria will be divided among the various factions operating in the country. Rocco and Eli plan on taking up repairs on a Cold War tank, and also a mystery weapon from WWII. Related: Here’s what makes a Combat Controller so deadly, “Chris Baradat exemplifies the professionalism, courage and lethality of special tactics Airmen,” said Col. Michael E. Martin, the 24th Special Operation Wing commander. Brothers in Arms is the newest History Channel show, premiering on November 20, 2018, and one of the two cool new hosts is Eli Cuevas.You may recognize him from his fun Instagram page, which is locked and loaded with gun and other weapons videos! Fighting to retake Raqqa has already begun, and over 2,000 ISIS militants are thought to remain there. The armor can be further lightened by removing certain elements when greater mobility is essential, like for troops scouting enemy positions or sneaking through dangerous areas. I ran outside as the Drill Instructor (DI) signed the paper work for the USO. Bishop with his Drill Sergeant on Basic Training graduation day. The Army’s new Ballistic Combat Shirt provides greater protection. The women who played some of those characters — Tessa Thompson, Brie Larson, and Karen Gillan specifically — pitched Marvel boss Kevin Feige on the idea of an all-female Avengers movie on the set of Endgame in 2017. The first 36 hours are the worst, well the worst part of receiving, because you don’t sleep, and are herded around so quickly you don’t have time to even think. Marine artillery units previously deployed to Iraq to support the fight against ISIS there were set up in a fixed position — though they came under fire just hours into their deployment in March 2016. Immunity to directions . We were there for the first election in Iraq and I got to be a small part of it. Our family also pretty much had a newspaper delivery dynasty in the neighborhood for several years. #mexican #relationship #meme, A post shared by Eli Cuevas (@eli_doubletap) on Apr 1, 2018 at 3:26pm PDT. Cuevas will be collecting barracks stories from the guys at Article 15 and Black Rifle Coffee. Now imagine an entire movie that awesome. I went to see a recruiter; told him I wanted the college money and if I was going to join the Army, I also wanted to paint my face green and run through the woods with a gun.

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