These holographic sight models are almost identical that my team and I decided to test out these optics first to see if there’s any difference. Comparison Between: Aimpoint Pro vs. Eotech Exps2 The Aimpoint Pro is one of the best red dot sights out there and is a favorite of those who need high-level performance in close quarters.

Aimpoint vs. EOTech Comparison

Eotech 558 vs. EXPS3? However, you get that feature with the EXPS3 and EXP3 so consider your particular needs. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. I wanted to make sure I have enough rail before ordering the sight package. Since the latter is shorter, you’ll have more space to install accessories like a magnifier without upgrading your weapon to free up rail space. Their size and weight affect the rifle’s overall weight, but then again, comparing their sizes is also deemed unnecessary at this point. Classics are designated with a Model # that is three digits and starts with a 5 (eg Model 512). Green Mountain’s Precision .300 BLK AR-15 Launch Tube. Lastly…the QD mount versions (EXPS) have the buttons on the side which make it easier for manipulation if you have a magnifier behind your optic.

The two units differ somewhat in this area. The two sights have lots of similarities but also have some significant differences.

The location of the push-control buttons is different for the two units.

They also include many of the same features/specs like MOA, battery, eye relief, brightness settings, and even price range. Their design takes up less rail space than previous models and is better designed for shorter rifles and carbines. You get the holographic sight with an attached G33 3x magnifier. You can listen to friends and consult with fellow gun-owners and weapons-enthusiasts, but ultimately the decision is yours. Both holographic sights are powered by one CR123 lithium battery. No frills if you don’t mind a few more ounces with the classic design and a slower screw mount.

Zeiss Terra 3X Riflescopes: Bottom End or Top Value? The E model offers more reticle patterns (5 vs 2) and is easier to detach. Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview. It also has an adjustable brightness setting, making the red dot very visible in broad daylight and night. I’ve already purchased a scope for longer distances, but was looking for a “holo” site for use between 25 and 100 yards. EOTech offers a wide range of holographic weapons sights (HWS) including the 2010s-launched Eotech EXPS vs XPS. That said, there are still some differences to consider. StingerDan. If you aren’t going to use – don’t get it. The rapid target acquisition this sight brings to the mission continues to go unmatched. Nevertheless, EOTech XPS comes in two main variants that people often question about, which are EOTech XPS2 and EOTech XPS3. The EXPS3 is a small optic that doesn’t need much rail room. Have a look : EOTech XPS2 Vs EXPS2. The first is the LBC, which projects a visible laser beam onto the target. Still, the EXPS3 has anti-glare and anti-reflection features that improve user vision and reduces eye strain, increasing precision, and accuracy.

Your email address will not be published. There’s two options…standard with a screw or a QD (quick-disconnect) mount. The center dot is a precise 1-MOA in size and is designed as your 50/200-meter zero, while the 6 o’clock portion of the bottom rocker is your point of aim/point of impact at 7 to 10 yards. The Difference Between EOTech XPS2 and EXPS2, Gunmate vs Blackhawk vs Explorer – Top 3 Range Bags. What are the recommended night vision devices to pair with the 558. The XPS is one-third co-witness while the E model is full co-witness. They have a history of making shooters of all kinds happy.
Thanks, meng. There are a few other issues worth noting.

Not only does the EXPS3 offer better reticle options, but it also features Night Vision, which the EXPS2 doesn’t have. How much am I willing to spend on an optic? EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights use state-of-the-art digital electronics, including an onboard microprocessor. The button locations, battery life, and MOAs are similar in both products. An MOA is equal to 1/60th of a degree. And you’ll save around $25 bucks. check out this Ballistic Advantage and Faxon barrels comparison. Both XPS2 and EXPS3 models feature a battery life indicator that allows the reticle to pulse when initially powered on if the battery has minimal life left, although this pulsing only occurs when the sight is powered on from an off state. Haven't received it yet but after looking at all the features and price I went with this one for the side buttons and the quick disconnect mount to get the lower 1/3 co witness for my MK 18. Thanks. When paired with the G33, you can locate targets 500 meters away. Rubberized push-button controls are located on the left side of the EXPS3 model and on the rear of XPS2 model. The battery life for these batteries is about 600 continuous hours or 25 days for the two EOTech sights. That said, if you want a lighter and more compact unit then the smaller unit offers that PLUS a lower price tag. My favorite pick and what I run on my competition PCC rifle (Best Pistol Caliber Carbines) is the EXPS2-0 ($490). will be good to go on both. - Single transverse 123 battery to reduce sight length - Requires only 2-3/4 inches of rail space. But don’t worry…practically every other optic failed on the Mini-Mag. I get why these things are so expensive but ughh… I feel like if I got one of these I wouldn't spend for a regular scope. XPS series is completely co-witness while the E unit includes a 7mm riser, so the lower one-third is co-witness.
Even if you’re an HWS newbie these products can improve your shooting. Leupold FREEDOM Red Dot Sight (RDS) – Review, Vortex SPARC II Red Dot Sight Review: A Good Budget Friendly RDS.

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