She’s more of a freelance hunter though and isn’t affiliated with Bliss Ocean like Zora is, although she is aware of them and what they do. Before the tournament she has a conversation with contestant Sylvie, where he begins to see her as his mentor. buncha meras i doodled or like never finished. !” “…of course Boss did…”, But the best part of every day is when the sun sets, and Zora builds a big bonfire and everyone sits around it to eat dinner, and Ramsey pulls out an old beat-up guitar and strums chords and teaches everyone campfire songs with questionable lyrics before they all roast marshmallows. Filter by post type.

anonymous asked: I’ve seen your art in the tag and it’s adorable! Everyone then gets unbooped and all the magical girls use their power to seal the Songstress. Mera was born to a middle-class family. She called him a Weenie when he fell unconscious just before he summoned Dr. Beefton.

Mera: I like the old Nirvana. ★★★★★ (5) They eventually run into Indus last, who seems to have had his memory of her wiped. The one with the foxes.

All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. I'm afraid of this. Epithet Erased Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Welcome one and all to the Epithet Erased title shop!,,,
Mera Salamin Text. Age


Statistics She dons a sand-colored sweater vest with an indigo bowtie, a cream long-sleeved, collared shirt with jagged cuffs and an indigo stripe placed horizontally along each sleeve, torn indigo jeans, black tights, and cobalt loafers.


Though at the end of the day indus probably has fallen asleep with the toddler and Mera as annoying as this was it was an alright day for her and luckily nothing broken. In the colorful world of Epithet Erased, one in every five people is born with a special power called an epithet. She began researching epithets furiously to find a way to control her affliction. Photo. Epithet Erased is a movie (well, probably two movies) Zora’s an award-winning actress, the “hot name” meant to bring up ticket sales; Ramsey is the director-actor who’s also done animation/storyboard stuff and stays up WAY too late every night working on his projects 2 Photos . Wee Woo Person . I'm afraid of a life where someone bumping up against me on the street means a trip to the hospital! Headcanons for meras fear actually becoming true? 23 days ago. FragileDrowsy (Stolen from Sylvester Ashling, formerly) High quality Epithet Erased gifts and merchandise. Unofficial fan subreddit for the show Epithet: Erased It's not that her condition got better with age, but rather that Mera learned to live with it. She’s an artic sea serpent with water breath, but she can freeze it at will so ice shards, How does she get around quickly?

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