Added and replaced perks for an entire 41 custom Perks now. Perks in this category are useless, either tied to broken mechanics or easily bypassed with drugs. 12: bonus move again 15: Bonus HtH Attacks 18: Action Boy 21: Action Boy 24: Slayer I'd take the perks related to unarmed dodging but I generally stick to the powerfist line of weapons. Perks taken under drug influence remain permanent, even when the stats fall under the requirements after the chems wear out. Last Updated May 5th 2019. Basic Guide to Fallout 2 Perks - Character Customization. Heave Ho! All of these mods on this page require sFall. Perk max ranks increased to a max of 20 points per perk. Perks in this category provide miscellaneous bonuses that do not fit in other categories. 14 of the 62 added perks are altered vanilla perks, but the genuine new ones are all unique.. Grappling enemies, being immune to knockdowns, and having passive night vision are all examples of perks you can expect in this mod. Dialogues have systems that are poorly or even unimplemented. Armor perks are enjoyed when one wears a specific piece of armor. they can be brought back with a key press or simply wait for the script to auto return them. After install,first load of a game will place an item in The Chosen One's inventory. All numeric aspects of the perks can be changed in RapidPerks.ini. Vanilla , Fallout Restoration Project and Megamod code included. For details, please see the respective articles. 14 of those 62 perks are vanilla altered and scripted perks. every numerical aspect of the perks can be changed. Not to be used with my other mod - Red Boots, they are already incorporated there and are rebalaneced to meet major gameplay changes Red Boots does to the game. The Vault - Fallout Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. When multiple perks are owed, select one, then exit out of the character screen. highlighted item : Ground Items,Containers,Corpses and living Critters. Drops weapons when a critter is hit(options to control what is required for on hit drop weapons),and when critters die. Luck based random chests placed with vanilla code for random items. Perks taken under drug influence remain permanent, even when your stats fall under the requirements after the chems wear out. Awareness, and quick pockets are both S-tier perks that work for every build. then re-open character screen to choose the next one, until all perks are chosen. Action Boy is at the same level. Despite the variety of world map encounters, perks related to it provide marginal benefits (Cautious Nature, Mysterious Stranger, Pathfinder, Scrounger, Survivalist), while, The remainder of perks is affected by general balance. an armor of the same type they appeared to have been wearing is created on the corpse. Better Criticals is a top perk too, but won’t do any good in a pacifist or unlucky build. Be sure to copy your existing settings from sfall-mods.ini.

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