Hugs to Penelope from her new friends down under ❤ My friend said it could be possible kidney failure but I’m unsure. Cheers I also put triple antibiotic ointment on his bum and today it isn’t quite as red but he is still dragging his butt. I hope that you’ll be able to tempt Samy to have a smoothie and get her weight back up so that she’ll be with you for as long as possible! I just ask because my Mojo has a very swollen belly too, but the vet said it was because of her liver. I had permission to use it, that’s all, so am afraid I cannot make any changes to it. This is just one illness, you can now imagine why I am checking her poop that often. One of the most famous illness is ECE, epizootic catarrahal enteritis and it is called green slime disease.

This disease has very vague symptoms and can be misdiagnosed initially as a blockage problem. Normal Ferret Poop Normal ferret poop is tubular in shape, has a smooth consistency and is tan-brown in color. Hopefully there’s nothing sinister about Milo’s condition but as I said, please don’t wait too long before getting him checked out by a (ferret) vet if possible. She hardly goes in the litter pan and now refuses to eat or drink.

You’re truly a wonderful ferret mom to care so much about her

And great that you live in Florida as there are a lot of ferret vets there so if you feel you might need a more experienced vet, then please check out the Florida vets page …,, Yes, I hope you will let me know how Samy’s getting on. Thank you for your great advice and I will try out the smoothie tomorrow.

Read this article by a ferret owner about how pure pumpkin helped her ferrets and I’d suggest you should give pumpkin to your little man and fingers crossed it will help push out any furballs that might be in his gut. Hi Quin So happy to hear that Rocky got rid of his almond! ~Nona. Do you remember if she might have eaten anything different beforehand? ~Nona, Hello there : ) just seeing if you have any insight as to what is going on with my furt, Bean is going on a little past 4 years, always playful except for the last week and a half, no longer playing, walking a foot then laying down, I did take him to the animal doc, who took his temperature, listened to his heart, palpated his tummy, felt his lymph nodes, all of this and nothing : ( The Dr. Said that my little boy could be a bit overweight, I have been taking Bean outside on a leash and he seems to perk up and do a good bit of walking without laying down. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Exposure to air allows it to dessicate, thus causing it …
I would really appreciate the help! I’ve had a couple of boy who were long and lean and one who was quite a little shrimp. If you give your ferret a cheap supermarket-bought cat food like Whiskas, you’ll notice that when your ferret poops, it comes out a red color because of the dyes and artificial colors used. Could be because of a blockage or proliferative colitis.

I’d suggest trying it out on Milo to see if it’d work but, as you know, ferrets go downhill really quickly so don’t wait too long. Best wishes I’m not sure if anyone can get back to me on this but I’m having an emergency with my little girl. Cheers Please let me know if the pumpkin helps Milo! If the poop looks almost ‘bubbly’ (from the gases) and very, very dark and sticky then there’s a good chance it’s caused by eosinophilic enteritis.

Well, there are many symptoms of illnesses that are seen in poop. I know when Snoopy had that olive pit in her gut, her poop was a darkish green as well as being stringy. Please get some plain Pedialyte for children and add it to water to make sure your girl doesn’t get dehydrated. I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this before and what could it potentially be. Green Ferret Poop

Although you shouldn’t get completely paranoid about what your ferret’s poop looks like, it is always good to be aware of what colour, shape and texture it generally is. However still take him to the vet as it might be something serious which is troubling him and causing his poop to be bad! I hope and pray that it’s nothing serious! Hugs to your girl and many healing vibes from me and my gang down under. I hope this is the right place to comment but I’ve had my little ferret since February and she’s just over a year now but today she was doing her business and I noticed it was partly normal but also Mucousy (if that’s a word) and I’m kind of concerned something could be wrong with her but I’m also a paranoid ferret owner.
Certainly the symptoms you describe make me think it is that …,, There’s also a photo of a kit with a prolapsed rectum so you can compare that with Max’s bottom. ~Nona. Hello, my ferrets poop isnt on the chart, its dark brown and very wet but keeps shape. my ferret male ferret has the runs it only started today and he only had raw meat and hes poohs are so bad.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this page is not meant to replace seeing a veterinarian if you think your ferret is ill. It’s only meant to supply general information on a particular illness which was obtained either from personal experience with my sick ferrets, or from books and/or the Internet. Hugs to your gang from their new buddies down under! Squeeeeeee!! I’m not sure if it hurt him or not. Ferrets have a very short intestinal track and what goes into their mouths usually comes out making the poop look strange.

If you do, vets can now give ferrets with adrenal disease a suprelorin implant which helps to stabilize the symptoms. High energetic bomb, who first jumps then thinks about jumping, but those are things which makes him even more adorable.

\ Required fields are marked *. Also it talks about tummy smoothener but speaks of no ingredents, do you know of what there speaking of?

~Nona, I also wanted to add she just recently got her shots (distemper and rabies) not sure if that affects anything. Stop when ferret no longer evacuates foreign matter.

Re his size – again I would suggest you have him checked out by a vet to make sure he’s healthy. It’s either that or seeing a ferret vet to remove the tumor from her adrenal gland. , Your email address will not be published. Still having the lethargy, lack of interest in eating/drinking and she is hardly defecating like she is constipated. Thank you. Ty. She no longer sneezes now but is now defecating irregulary. I have a photo but I didn’t want to post it unless needed, Hi Heather Big hugs for Samy from her new friends down under Your email address will not be published. She got out of her cage this morn and I noticed that her poop looked ok until the end which was green and looked like she had eaten some carpet.

It was a very very very tiny poop. Other Gifts: Figurines, Household, Ornaments. ~Nona.

I don’t know if I should be worried or not. I started this blog because I want to show to people how amusing and adorable they are. Hopefully the store’s vet knew what he was talking about when he said your little guy’s bloated stomach was due to gas but it would be good to have it confirmed. He is getting ‘carnivore care’ hand fed to him but I was reading about the pumpkin and wondered if that might help this situation. Maybe it still hurts and that’s why he’s lethargic and not himself? She eats and drinks normally, I did take her to the pet store today and let her walk around so maybe she inhaled something wrong? Another thing you might want to consider is getting some electrolytes to add to his water so that he’ll keep hydrated by having that. Hi Theresa If you need to find one, please check out my Ferret Vets page in your state. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Another ferret owner wrote about the “wonders of canned pure pumpkin”. I was hoping to see some improvement in his behavior. Margarita.

Hugs to Max from his new friends down under <3 Read More, Yoda is named after one of the most powerful characters in Star Wars. Hi Ariel Cheers Normal Ferret Poop: This is what you want to see. But her stool is minimal and comes out black. Could you give any advice for Samy?Sincerily God bless you! Another good thing is Carnivore Care – we can’t get it in Oz so I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard lots of good reports about it helping sick ferrets …, I love that sound And especially if they sleep with a bit of their tongue poking out! ~Nona.

So if you could help me in any way to possibility resolve this issue effectivly, it would be deeply appreciated. Hi nona i have a question.. my 2 month old doesn’t seem to be growing and has yellowish kinda runny poops.. what can i do to help him?

Also you will get discounts for products in my webshop, great ferretastick giveaways, free training video tutorials, ebooks and many more. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Do you have a ferret vet that you can take him to? I’m not sure why she’s licking her bottom – perhaps she has a bit of carpet which is still in her and it’s troubling her? Hi Lilly Take a look at my page on the subject to see if it is the problem. It comes in light to dark green, it is fluid, smelly and bad for your ferret. It’s full of goodness and will help to give her the nutrients she needs. I will make sure to update you with the progress Samy has made in the future. Did you change her diet or give her something different to eat? I had another thought. Tries but nothing comes out. If he still has diarrhea then please take him to the vet to be checked out in case it’s due to proliferative colitis. However don’t leave it too long as if it’s caused by a bug or something then the sooner you get her to a vet to be checked out, the better it’d be for your girl. If you need the name of a ferret vet, please check out my vets’ page – hopefully you’ll find a good vet close to where you live!

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