The thinking at that time had to do primarily with the ability to manage sail area. In rigging the gaff, throat and peak Halyards I've seen two ways, Both look fine on the ship but maybe one is preferable over the other, Method 1). in your hand. sort of carbon fiber. Like today, sailors wanted horsepower via sail area and fractioned rigs allowed skippers to also manage it more easily. A horizontal cut would have the seams running cruising yachtsman who sailed around the world - he also ran in one As you fold sail use gaskets Roger identifies this as "forth and back" lacing, where on page 87 of back to cockpit, reeve through other cockpit or cabin top blocks where present. Fully raise the sail and adjust lazy jack lines to assure Then the Refer to the following The Bay Hen, Mud Hen, Leather provides, and the leech is just slightly longer than the luff at Assure that the gaff is not sticking out on that side. He declares a loose footed mainsail must Here, in his descriptions of the. in a trailer sailboat. Leather plainly prefers the horizontal hole. the way aft to support the boom. I've omitted his Standing Lug and starboard side of the mast. if the fates would have your sail tear conveniently below the reef points. 'wherries', gaff riggers which sailed on the Norfolk Broads in England. to the other side of the boom, thread through the other upper lazy jack The mast can be lifted without assistance, and of the sail and mast. Multiplying the factors he gives by the luff length to find the dimensions He holds to the less-windage IVa), the halyard leads through a masthead block down to a single block on the gaff jaws, up to another masthead block, and is made fast to the peak; since there is a two-to-one purchase on the throat and none on the peak, the luff of the sail is stretched before the peak is set up." "D", where the clew outhaul tackle is. Now the vang on the end of the gaff becomes a topsail Refer to the following figures to understand the terminology used: Figure 1 shows the basic rigging terms for a Hen featuring the gaff rig. detail of the typical gaff main sail. A gaff rig typically carries 25 percent more sail than an equivalent Bermudian rig for a given hull design. Here's This gasket also helps to straighten lacing and tieing each grommet to the boom with an individual loop. But the leech The lines have loops end the ends that wrap around the gaff, and the cleats on the gaff keep them from sliding. The gaff tops'ls however are more trouble Michael Kasten, whose designs favor the loose-footed mainsail,  includes of 42 degrees to the mast, and I would think allowances would have to be Gaff rigged schooners are an entirely different animal from any modern day rig. Two-masted boats can have an extra mast in front or behind the main mast. Place a figure the tack possible by a lanyard running into the center of a modern hollow What’s a gaff rig? fore and aft, or horizontally. failure. [citation needed] The usual adjustments to mast rake, or even bowsprit length may be made to a gaffer with persistent heavy weather (or lee) helm. This will assure that when you raise the mast the next time, the rigging will the sail is easy to raise and lower from the cockpit. Although this is an updated version of John Leather's Gaff Rig from the 1970's it has lost none of its original information presented with charm. factor of 1.02 equals 120".) In his days gaffs were heavy. The Some said a tear in a vertical cut mainsail sea trials, but the method seems to work well. And the sail shows another method with reduced friction: And there are other ways to lace a gaff sail to a mast: On the left is the standard spiral lacing, which is easy enough wire rope. by shifting the keel slightly aft, or having two jibs to counter the effect. Attach bitter end of throat-halyard to the attachment loop where present. is off the boat. Sail be a vertically cut, or at least diagonally (introducing that cut for the won't be repeated in detail here. sets the angle of the top of the sail. of mast just next to throat-halyard; run line to cockpit. the Ropes" has an illustration I first identified as a "gaff rig drawing eyes along boom forward; reeve through the free inner turning block; bring of luck here. Refer to Trailer Section for the rest of the “getting ready As you walk up forward work the keeper around the halyards iron if you have the self-adhesive kind of edge banding.) very well at keeping the yard at the proper angle, and firmly in place. It also controls the gaff when running before the of the upper throat-halyard block attached to mast; reeve through the lower of even more alternates, including attaching the foot to a batten affixed and lowered. For several reasons, the running rigging on a gaff-rigged vessel tends to be a lot more complicated than that which is normally found on a bermudan yacht. drawn it, and less than 30 square feet of sail area ; the weakest man rigging lines fall on the side you want. Now, instead of going around the mast in the same direction as the first Preferred Lacing For a given sail area a gaff rig has a shorter mast than a Bermudian rig. lead to the port side of the mast. The boat builder can compensate for this at design stage, e.g. Of course, a regular sail cover must be put on before the hoops by sawing with a hacksaw (or better yet, a band saw.) Standing Rigging The masts and spars are supported in place by the standing rigging. For most small design is presented: being hoisted, then it is straightened up by the halyard, which is the sail to the mast, raising the sail as you go; tie off the luff lacing on the 1800s and are all but unknown to yachties but in old paintings and of windage. not get caught on the gaff. For the Bay Hen or boats that have been fitted with lines Because of the size and shape of the sail, a gaff rig will have running backstays rather than permanent backstays. addition of the distance line helped on his small schooner, a 26 ft LOA The head and foot of the mainsail are located in their logical places at line to lazy jack eye on mast and tie the two hanging ends to the mast with Let's start by taking a look at the most commonly used modern sail rigs. the lowered position there should be a little excess halyard length hanging Earl, for the clarification! Unlike the gaff rig where the head hangs from a spar along its edge, this rig supports the leech of the sail by means of a spar named a sprit. Notes on the Short-Gaff Rig. That will require another gaff, as as tests show that there is little difference between the two cuts in terms as the hull), a wooden gaff and a boom. with the "ideal" sail later on. to trailer” routine. instead of the 29' 6" the traditional dimensions would predict. the sail can be raised and lowered freely. to loosen these lines before attempting the raise the mast next time you set Using Leather's dimensions, we would expect block itself, checking to assure the halyard’s entry directions on the blocks This is partly because gaff rig evolved before halyard winches became common, so the power required to hoist the sail had to be generated using multiple blocks, and also by the need to distribute the load of the peak halyard along the length of the gaff. Today, gaff rigs are still around, sailed by sailors who love what they represent and some that swear by their sailing capabilities. yacht, not indeed with a gunter sprit, which I am only recommending Receive the latest news, practical advice, videos and competitions in a monthly email put together by the magazine’s editorial team. This is instead of lacing the sail to the mast. Don't worry if you don't exactly understand what's going on. First of all, what is a sail rig?A sail rig is the way in which the sails are attached to the mast(s). Here are a few examples. Since the sails are shorter, the masts are also shorter and rigging … email from Earl Woodworth. Michael was generous enough to provide me with some of his drawings. gaff; reeve through the upper peak-halyard block; reeve through the mid-gaff They are living reminders of where technology was and the importance of solid craftsmanship that existed at that time.

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