its peak around when Barksdale took over as they had members from 43, starting in 1960 the University of Chicago backed a program to renovate southern Kenwood and northern Hyde Park by clearing out slum buildings and renovating some the older and salvageable homes. These Gangsters pledged allegiance to Jeff Fort as a leader among them emerged called “, became highly respected by Jeff Fort and took these Gangsters into the BPSN making them into the “Gangster Stone” branch. Pitchfork with tail on right buttocks of female means that she is a committed queen and no one but her G can have sex with her. As I had said Larry only saw violence as needed when completely necessary and wanted it controlled. This action would increase the value of these neighborhoods and push impoverished black families out causing most of these families to move to Englewood. Larry Hoover was there with Barksdale when the shooting started and acted quickly after Barksdale was shot by, getting Barksdale into his car. These BGDs wanted revenge for the death of Billy “Zodiac” Jones and Kirk Williams who both died while choking on cocaine they were trying to conceal. This was also the year that Better Growth and Development was finally shared for the first time among trusted BGD heads. Disciple member James Highsmith and Disciple co-founder Leonard Longstreet entered Parker High School even though they weren’t students. But a Coalition spokesman claimed that the actual final agreement called for 1,000 jobs in each category (Chicago Defender, January 13, 1970)” (Panagopoulos, The Role. He was 20 years old at the time and the leader of the Double Six Kings. He was shot on two occasions then on September 4. , 1968 a third attempt was made on him. Address given: 6452 S. Union. Not all Gangster Disciples get involved in criminal activity and many retire and leave the criminal life and become productive members of Growth and Development. In these programs there were both Disciple and Ranger instructors and students in these classrooms and sometimes gang fights and shootings happened in the classes. The funeral was for a victim killed a week prior, and was allegedly involving a dispute between two Gangster Disciples factions. The truth lies somewhere in the. The name was slightly changed leaving out the “Better” part that was part of the original 1987 plan, this was another step toward “GD” becoming the new ways, however, Growth and Development had nothing to do with the name change or the violence it was purely coincidental because the initials of Growth and Development were “GD” and that certain section on 66. The B.G.D.N alliance was finally tossed away for good and the split was completely finalized on the streets. From the rough parts of Hyde Park to the impoverished and blighted community of Englewood Gangsters and Disciples were born and would evolve to show the world true power in numbers and organization. *Arrested as Davis L. Barksdale 14 Feb 67 for investigation of Burglary, released without charge, and listed as living at 522 W. 64th St. * Arrested then again on 26 April 67 as Donise Barksdale for assault and resisting, it was non-suited.

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