The account has not responded to USA TODAY’s request for comment. According to Media Bias, World News Daily Report's content is labeled as satire. James (Bud) Shelton Geologist – New Orleans, La. The goal is simple, dig out one or more sections of the wall and conduct a complete investigation documenting on film, every step of the process, in what may be the oldest civilization ever found. © 2020 USA TODAY, a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. Meredith said a well was dug on his farm just east of the town of Rockwall, and Mr. Meredith declared that the digging went alongside a masonry wall which seemed to have an arch over a doorway or window.”. J.N. Miners found giant mummies preserved in the dry bat-droppings. The story goes back to three newcomers, early settlers that came to the region in the past. In 2017, Smithsonian Magazine reported on a photo of the Cardiff Giant that people believed to be true, writing that the giant remains “one of the nineteenth-century America’s most famous hoaxes,” according to scholar Michael Pettit. Post online falsely claims 28-foot alligator shot in Florida, Scientists didn't create Tyrannosaurus rex embryo with chicken DNA, Image doesn't show mass of tornadoes; it's an edited evolution of one tornado, U.N. © You can subscribe to our print edition, ad-free app or electronic newspaper replica here. An old hoax has resurfaced in an Instagram meme claiming that giant skeletons were found but were destroyed because “having to explain the existence of these skeletons, contradicted the evolution of mankind and creation.”, The July 25 post by the user @conspiracytheories, which has gained over 54,700 likes, reads, “Giant skeletons were found by the thousands, but most were destroyed or thrown in the ocean by the Smithsonian and Vatican.”. There is a town in Texas called Rockwall. The most recent version of the hoax claims that the Smithsonian destroyed thousands of giant skeletons. Another shared photo was an aerial photo of a mastodon excavation in 2000 in Hyde Park, New York. Lykins uncovered skull bones "of great size and thickness" in mounds of Kansas City area in 1877. They were up to eight feet tall and had red hair. Son of the one who hold the hammer. The Town of Rockwell got its name from a mysterious wall hidden beneath the surface. Was the Drive to Rewrite the Code of Life Seeded In Our DNA? 2020 All Rights Reserved. A major archaeological discovery recently occurs in Kansas. Texas Giant Human Skull. Our fact check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook. I remember a show on the history Channel a few years ago a geologist tried to say it’s just a natural formation but I myself don’t think so. I have never heard anything about this wall. An Examination of Individual Difference Correlates, The skeletons of Cyclops and Lestrigons: misinterpretation of Quaternary vertebrates as remains of the mythological giants, subscribe to our print edition, ad-free app or electronic newspaper replica here, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. Why haven’t archaeologists dug this thing up, or excavated around it to see what it is? The photo was altered by a Canadian illustrator, who goes by the screen name IronKite, to show a human skeleton over the beast’s remains along with an addition of a digging man, the National Geographic found. found vertebrae "larger than those of the present type" in Wisconsin mounds in 1876. “I laugh myself silly when some guy claims to know someone who was there, or even goes so far as to claim that he or she was there when they found the skeleton and took the picture,” IronKite said, adding that he had nothing to do with the hoax. "It is a book of stories conveying a theological message and mistaking the category of the text leads to a complete misunderstanding," Lehner said in an email to USA TODAY. “Now thousands of skulls dug up with arrow points in them. In 1911, several giant skeletons and ancient artifacts were found in a cave in Lovelock, Nevada. The Dallas Morning News reported this discovery in 1967, “Back in the 1920’s, T.H. He is a father, husband, author, martial arts black belt, and an expert in Gnosticism, the occult, and esotericism. In 18523, T.U. Our ancient Austin, Texas Gnostic Warrior news bureau reported long ago, that an oil prospector had found the remains of a giant human skeleton that is an incredible 18 feet tall. A collection of photographs purportedly showing the remains of giant humanoids, dubbed the “Canaan” or “Nephilim” skeletons, have been making the internet round since as far back as 2004: A similar post appeared in 2015 claiming that the Supreme Court ruled that documentation of the giants was to be declassified, reported, finding the claim to be false. T.U. Yes it is an interesting article. As amazing as all these finds … “We are against spreading lies and canards,” the editor wrote. Thank you for supporting our journalism. There is no evidence or reports of the Smithsonian destroying giant human skeletons “by the thousands.”, Fact check:Abraham Lincoln quote is fabricated but Lincoln did once warn against internal threats, A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America further found that a giant skull described in a paper was a hoax and had been planted in a mine, but groups still claim it to be real over the past 150 years. January 7, 2008 by David Allen Deal There are groups in our society that have always tried to suppress any evidence that supports biblical history, such as the flood of Noah, or existence of giants, wherever and whenever they have been found in the past. Randall Moir Ph.D. Archaeologist – Dallas, Texas. The myth has been debunked repeatedly throughout the years and the photos of the giant skeletons have been altered. Fact check:Post online falsely claims 28-foot alligator shot in Florida. It turns out that the town was named after a strange wall was dug up together with a giant skull after people were searching for water. Users often cite an article from India’s Hindu Voice to back up the claim that giant skeletons were found in India. The user who shared the photo added a giant skull into the image, as the original photo has no such skull. Here are the references for those who want to check it out. The Antediluvian Wall of Texas: A Lost Civilization under Texas? "The Catholic way of reading Scripture never clashes with science and reason, while the fundamentalist reading of Scripture demands sacrifice of reason. Years after, in 1949, Mr. Sanders of Forth Worth, Texas performed excavations at the wall. The National Geographic Society has been battling the hoax since 2004. Then, at around thirty feet, the discovered what appeared to be a nearly perfect square opening in the wall, which has been called the window ever since. Alex Boese, “curator” of the virtual Museum of Hoaxes, told the National Geographic that fake giants date back all the way to the 1700s and that the hoax “taps into people’s desire for mystery and their desire to see concrete confirmation of religious legends.”. The Smithsonian did not respond to USA TODAY’s requests for comment on the most recent photo. For us Catholics however, reason and faith are always in harmony," Lehner said. Tales of giant remains are no recent phenomenon. There are groups in our society that have always tried to suppress any evidence that supports biblical history, such as the flood of Noah, or existence of giants, where ever and whenever they have been found in the past. A collection of photographs claiming to show the remains of giant humans also made the rounds in 2004, Snopes reported. Now, it turns out that the remains of this wall may have belonged to an antediluvian long lost civilization that inhabited the region in the distant past. Yes, and the meaning of smith is form the Old English smið, a derivative of smitan ‘to strike, hammer’. Welcome to the Gnostic Warrior by Moe Bedard. We would do well to embrace the new physics to help us explain things that we have swept under the rug for too long before we lose all credibility.” It turns out that the top of the wall had a uniform elevation of 550 ft above sea level. Some refer to it as the Antediluvian wall of Texas, and some have gone as far as to suggest that the strange rock wall buried under the surface is the ultimate evidence of a Lost Civilization beneath Texas. Giant skeletons were found in the mid-1800s near Rutland and Rodman, New York. Other blog entries from 2007 reference a report allegedly published in the Times of India in 2004, but National Geographic found no such article in the newspaper’s archives. One photo of the giant remains is a manipulated image of a 1993 dinosaur dig in Niger, Snopes found. Outlets that have reported on the giant skeleton have removed the article and published a retraction. Ulrich Lehner, the Warren Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame, said the problem arises when one understands the book of Genesis as a history book with "literal" information. Copyright Ancient Code. “It is good when examples like Rockwall appear that test our abilities and cause us to question basic Newtonian Mechanistic assumptions that have not been modified for over 150 years. I agree there is so much we don’t know about the past. After additional excavations, Mr. Wade discovered a rock wall buried underground which ran across the are at an extended length. Several hours drive from this site where thousands of skeletons were found in the year 1900 buried in some ancient Texas city after some great deluge is Rockwall Texas named for a 20 mile long megalithic wall (or a natural one).

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