The last known quantity available is provided to the left of the In-Stock message. At times adults are so numerous that they are thought to compete for food and space with more "desirable" species.

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July 17, 2018: In this video I show you my method of catching, preserving, and storing Gizzard Shad for catfish bait. "The mating school will attract bass to really shallow water as it makes a lot of commotion.".

An effective strategy when fishing the Gizzard Shad Lipless Rattlebait is to softly deflect the lure off objects such as rocks or grass tips.

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Fluke-style baits are indeed still bigtime fish-catchers, and you should always It is most abundant in the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, their overflow waters and lower reaches of their tributaries, the lowland ditches of southeastern Missouri, and large reservoirs statewide.

They got much of this material by grazing over logs, the stems and leaves of aquatic plants, or other submerged objects.

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What many BASSMASTER professional anglers are saying about the Bull Shad in a recent Bass Times article. Autopsy,