The Sniper Shot upgrade is a must in this case, as it increases all your damage output by 200% to all distant targets. Finally, you can get more Titan Blood by using the Pact of Punishment to increase your Heat level—defeating the furies and the final boss on higher and higher difficulties.

Weapons can be upgraded for the duration of a run with Daedalus Hammers, which appear randomly. Some say he used to be quite good at Rocket League.

If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. That makes plowing through the game with fists very easy. You have Celestial Sharanga, which can cause Shared Suffering damage (30/38/45/53/60%). His favourite pastime is burying his face in the warm fur of his two cats. Your Attack becomes a short spread that deals 50 base damage. So, the shield doesn’t have the same problem the rail and the fists do.

After using your Special, deal 40 damage in an area where you land. Aspects of Chaos and Beowulf, probably generally considered to be the best shields, aren’t good almost at all until they’re at least level 4 or 5. He is also on a doomed quest to play every Warhammer game. It’s powerful, its playstyle is incredibly safe thanks to its range, and as you continue to unlock and upgrades new bows, it continues to be among the most powerful and safest weapon types in the game. Click here for the full Best Hades Spear Aspect Tier List. Best Hades Gods TIER LIST Top 5 Amazing Go-To Hades Builds Top 5 BEST Hades Keepsakes; Hades is a fairly well-balanced game that caters to all sorts of different playstyles and builds, so while a particular Hades weapon aspect might not be ‘the best’, it may be the best for you. Stygius is built for balance between strength and speed (which is why it makes for a good starting weapon). The rail also has a build versatility problem, like the fists. After your Special hits, your next 2 Attacks deal +80% damage.

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That about covers it when it comes to the best Hades weapon types tier list. Infernal Arm: Shield of Chaos; Titan Blood: 15; Bonus Shields Thrown: +5; Not long ago Aspect of Chaos was the top-tier weapon in Hades. You should now have a pretty decent idea of the opportunities and powers available to you with each of the Infernal Arms. But that’s not all we have to say on the topic of Supergiant’s marvellous roguelite!

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