Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unlike Widowmaker, who specializes at long distances; Hanzo excels best at mid-range or against dense crowds as his arrows have dropoff and are relatively slow projectiles.

Since his only known Nen ability is numbered, it is possible he has at least 3 more.[6]. In the anime, his eyes were portrayed with a normal white sclerae and brown irides. His typical attire consisted of a loose wetsuit-like outfit typical of his village, accented by bandages wrapped around his wrists and lower legs, a flak jacket with swirls on the chest-plate, standard shinobi sandals and a dark cloak that reached down below his waist. Hidden Blades: During the Hunter Exam, Hanzo had two blades concealed under the bandages on his forearms, which he can pull out to fight with or to torture the opponent. Lucas Gilbertson (1999) Ray Chase (2011) State This obsession with security deluded Hanzō into thinking that he was preserving the great skills he had amassed, when instead it caused his skills to deteriorate due to lack of practice. [3], During Gon and Killua's training in the Heavens Arena, it is revealed by Wing that Hanzo learned Nen after the Hunter Exam. Tuffdy confesses and explains the detail of his Nen ability, after which Hanzo kills him. Hanzo has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. His speed, strength, and battle experience easily exceeds that of Gon. His early training as a ninja made him very fit. Now, Hanzo travels the world, perfecting his skills as a warrior, attempting to restore his honor and put the ghosts of his past to rest. He then finds a chance when Killua defeats the Amori brothers and throws Amori's and Imori's badges in the air. Any enemy within the detection radius is marked, making them easier for Hanzo and his allies to track down. By the time he was 11, he had already killed. In his youth, his hair was significantly shorter and he wore a respirator with only a single cartridge instead of two. If the enemy is standing still: will do at least 1000 Damage. Although he viewed the Five Great Countries as his enemies, he was still willing to ally with foreign nations, even those who had caused him great harm, in order to remain in power.

He was confident he could dismember Gon with them. In the manga, he had unusual eyes that displayed dark sclerae and light coloured irides, similar to Kakuzu's. When asked if he wants a drink by Tonpa, he refuses as ninjas don't accept presents.

He randomly chooses the former's cell and wakes him up, telling him he has been scouted by Prince Benjamin for the murder of his sister.

[4] At some point after this, Hanzō became well known and renowned throughout the shinobi world, so much that enemies have been known to flee at the very sight of him.

[14] He is adept at concealing his presence, although Killua noticed that he was being followed by him,[13] and is also good at detecting other people, managing to recognize the Hunter that had been following him during the second to last part of the exam. [5] Despite claiming to think he had killed him,[6] in the back of his mind, Hanzō knew Mifune was still alive. Hanzo summons two Spirit Dragons that travel forward in a line. To preserve the safety of others, Hanzō always breathed using a respirator and carried a small vial of antidote with himself. [5] Due to being able to summon one of his own, he can be assumed to be proficient in Conjuration,[27] Manipulation,[5] and possibly Emission. Hanzo is a playable character from Blizzard's video game, Overwatch. Though Hanzō initially admired their strong pursuit for peace, Danzō manipulated him into thinking that the group was a threat to his power. Watch This! [4], Hanzo is a bald young man with feather eyebrows.

Anime Debut is chapter 481 of the original Naruto manga.Summary . Mifune then told Hanzō that the loss of his conviction had dulled his skills. [4] Later, Hanzo and Biscuit notice that Marayam's Guardian Spirit Beast has gotten larger.

His arrows are able to do high damage, especially with headshots.

Mastering his skills as a bowman and an assassin, Hanzo Shimada strives to prove himself as a warrior without peer. Unknown The weapon's blade was coated in Hanzō's deadly poison, making a single blow enough to successfully dispatch enemies. At his peak, Hanzō single-handedly defeated and killed an entire Konoha shinobi squad, except the soon to be-named Sannin, whom he spared for surviving his initial attack. Alive He went as far as giving him the antidote to his poison to give him a fighting chance, but then left without treating Mifune's injury. [13], Advanced Stamina: Hanzo was able to complete a long-distance run more than 80 kilometers long, and taking place on uneven terrains such as ascending stairs and a swamp,[7] although he was more winded than Killua. Danzō staggers towards Sasuke and Tobi, thinking about how he could never reach the same level as Hiruzen Sarutobi, namely by becoming Hokage.He settles for dying with honour just as Hiruzen did by trying to take Sasuke and Tobi with him.

Hanzō was easily recognised as one of the strongest ninja in history, and an icon to the whole shinobi world. Ibuse could also tunnel through the ground in order to avoid attacks and resurface right under an enemy to swallow them whole, letting them die due to the toxins stored within its body. As Hanzō expressed shock at being so outclassed and by one of the Paths looking like the presumed-dead Yahiko, Pain degraded him as trash for his selfish actions and how he had become a mere shadow of the man he once admired, before killing him. Fighting without his mask granted Hanzō a great advantage over his enemies, but also bore a considerable risk for himself. At one point, Hanzō confronted dozens of Samurai from the Land of Iron, who retreated after realising who they were up against except for one. Surmising from the presence of the Guardian Spirit Beast that the Thirteenth Prince is still alive, he leaves and hopes to use the phone in Momoze's room to contact Marayam's other bodyguards, but he learns from the guards that access to the rooms of princes who have died during the succession contest is closed off and telephone lines cut off. I've never once, in my eighteen years since, broken training.

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