Learn more and contact David here. Start by dragging the interactive range circle to any of your primary destinations. 57 cubic feet of space. Above HondaJet Range and HondaJet Fuel Consumption Photo by Honda News on Flickr. Electrical Ceramics Mail  |   Common business airports, such as Hong Kong International, Dubai International, and Congonhas in Sao Paulo are included. One passenger sits in the copilot’s seat in both configurations.

integrated into the interior panel and adapts to various flight conditions, bringing passengers a A, Futian District, Shenzhen, China, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (ZGGG), Alain Champonnois, Commercial Development Manager, Dubai International Airport 06EA, Dubai, UAE P.O. The culmination of cutting-edge innovation makes the HondaJet the world’s most advanced light business jet. FlyRadius has added the dimensions to the photo. Compare up to 4 aircraft. Sun Airlines will provide the information on the HondaJet Fuel Consumption of the HondaJet once Honda Aircraft releases the numbers. Whether for leisure or business, every flight has a mission. Ask David, our Strategy/Research Analyst, for help. The below specifications and dimensions are the Honda HA-420 specifications also. The goal of JetRange is to enable you to determine which jet would make a good fityou’re your mission based on flight plan, airport origin, and intended destination(s). Designs For Cakes For A 5 Year Old  |   A private level for more robust comparisons is available with the assistance of the Jetcraft sales team. David and the FlyRadius team can help with your questions.

Notes for thrust limits: Power management de-rated minimum static thrust ratings at sea level and 77°F/25°C with no installation losses. Spider Man Ps4 Financial District Drone Challenge In 2020 Spiderman Spider Man 2018 Financial District, Craftsman 315 Garage Door Opener Keypad Change Battery, 8mm Triton Wedding Band 1 Ct Tw Diamonds Tungsten Carbide. More Aircraft. Related Gallery: Minimum Range (max payload with available fuel): This information is based on aircraft loaded to maximum zero fuel weight with maximum available fuel up to maximum ramp weight, less NBAA IFR fuel reserves at destination. A copilot can be added, which will reduce the passenger count by one. Mount configuration, composite fuselage, and Natural Laminar Flow (NLF) fuselage nose and wing. In no way does ccdbb.org claim ownership or responsibility for such items, and you should seek legal consent for any use of such materials from its owner. Map and compare private jet range rings for many models including Bombardier, Gulfstream, Dassault, Cessna, Embraer, and Hawker. Flushing HondaJet toilet (externally serviceable), Black marble vanity with blue colored sink/washbasin. Banquet Halls In Northwest Indiana  |   Dozens of aircraft models are included as well. The Honda Jet has a maximum range (not including headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 1388 miles and a maximum speed of 423 mph. The HondaJet Range is not final at this point beacuse the HondaJet is in flight testing. Measurement system: US (nm) Metric (km) Map View Options. With this level, you can enter two aircraft types, one origin, and one destination to see range maps and specs side by side to help with your jet selection. Specs include pressurization, flight range, rate of climb, and more. Maximum Range (ferry): This information is based on BOW, required crew and full fuel, arriving at destination with NBAA IFR fuel reserves. Faster than any business jet in its class with a maximum cruise speed of 422 KTAS at 30,000 feet. 15 Awesome S Birthday Cakes Ideas  |   to help you validate your mission and travel plans.

Delta Looking to Exchange Boeing 717s for 737 MAXs? Honda Global Hondajet. D Sr. VP for Strategic Development, marubeni-aerospace.co.jp/products/HondaJet, A Honda Aircraft sales representative will follow up with you to provide more information on the HondaJet Elite. Check single aircraft and compare models across manufacturers. David and the FlyRadius team can help with your questions. Range Map: This display shows the range for the model(s) selected, with the origin airport highlighted on the map to assist with flight plan development. Sign up for our Jetcraft News mailing list to receive a monthly eblast with links to our latest articles. To support the increased range of the aircraft, the HondaJet Elite has refined aerodynamics and increased fuel capacity, maximizing range for longer trips. Model Specs : This display provides a summary of general performance characteristics of the model(s) selected, including range, landing field length, weights, passengers, etc. to help you validate your mission and travel plans. (NBAA IFR with 4 persons onboard the aircraft.) Embraer Phenom 100ev Versus Hondajet Aver . detail was overlooked when creating the world’s most advanced very light jet. Above HondaJet Specifications - N420HJ in Flight Photo by Honda News on Flickr. Compare Products | View Site. The Mega Challenges Facing the Aviation Industry and What Can be Done, Airlines Request Bailout - What Can Be Done, R&D Airlines - A Way for Airlines to Find New Routes, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International, Honda HondaJet Light Jet Aircraft Overview, Honda HondaJet Engine GE Honda Aero Engines HF120-H1A, HondaJet Range and HondaJet Fuel Consumption, Manufacturer Serial Numbers: 42000011 and up, Operation Types: Day/Night Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Day/Night Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), FAA Type Certificate Application Date: October 11, 2006, Type Certificate Issued: December 8, 2015, Produced under Production Certificate No.

It took its maiden flight on December 3, 2003, received its FAA type certificate in December 2015 and was first delivered that same month. Honda Aircraft is doing it's best to find the right blend of the HondaJet range and the HondaJet Fuel fuel capacity. View Site. By mounting engines over the wing, designing Natural Laminar Flow for the wing and fuselage, and applying other innovations, the HondaJet outperforms all other aircraft in its class. The Mega Challenges Facing the Aviation Industry and What Can be Done, Airlines Request Bailout - What Can Be Done, R&D Airlines - A Way for Airlines to Find New Routes, Honda HondaJet Light Jet Aircraft Overview, Honda HondaJet Engine GE Honda Aero Engines HF120-H1A. Operating Temperature Limitations: 55°C and -40°C (Starting), Range: 1,223 nautical miles or 1407.40 statute miles, or 2265 kilometers.

Try it for yourself today, jetrange.jetcraft.com, or contact us for a free customized report at +1 919-941-8400. 501 - 503 G + 5 Building, Opposite Terminal 1C, IGI Airport, New Delhi 110037, India, Indira Gandhi International Airport (VIDP), 9289 Binhe Dadao Avenue, Suite 2706 Bldg. 423.9 US gallons of usable fuel. The HondaJet flies higher. The HondaJet Elite inherited Honda Aircraft’s aeronautical breakthroughs, including the Over-The-Wing Engine Raspberry Pi 3 Drone  |   FlyRadius is an aviation information website.

Payload Specifications HondaJet Passengers Configurations: 1 crew plus 5 passengers. Along with the targeted range map, the tool also displays a long list of specs about featured aircraft to better inform your selection process. FlyRadius is an aviation information website. Operators Brokers Dealers Handling Flight Support Catering Fuel Suppliers. 950 nm.

aircraft to fly farther and with less noise pollution. Extended over water flights may require additional equipment that may reduce the range of the aircraft. The HondaJet has a takeoff distance of less than 4,000 feet and a landing distance of less than 3,050 feet.

Model Specs : This display provides a summary of general performance characteristics of the model(s) selected, including range, landing field length, weights, passengers, etc. The light jet looks the same but it's a whole lot better where it counts. HondaJet Range and HondaJet Fuel Consumption. Jet Market; AviaShop; Pricing; Account Settings; Watchlistarrow_drop_down. To find out more about the HondaJet HA-420 Jet follow the links below: HondaJet Range and HondaJet Fuel Consumption page updated on 9/27/2011. When the HondaJet aircraft is first delivered, the final HondaJet Range numbers will become available. Here on our website, you can learn more about aircraft, airlines, travel, and aviation in general. by Radja | Posted on January 29, 2020. I have been with Jetcraft since July 2019. HondaJet Elite not only transports passengers to beautiful and remote locations around our planet, but it A comprehensive tool, JetRange provides comparisons of aircraft from all leading OEMs and includes legacy models. Maximum Takeoff Field/Airport Elevation: 10,000 feet MSL. Maximum Takeoff Thrust: 2037 pounds of thrust or pounds of force (lbf)Maximum Continuous Thrust: 1922 pounds of thrust or lbf, Takeoff Limit: N1 Fan: 100.0% (19,055 RPM) Interstage Turbine Temperature (ITT): 860°C (*) N2 Turbine: 100.9% (49,200 RPM)Max Continuous Limit: N1 Fan 100.0% (19,055 RPM) ITT: 860°C (*) N2 Turbine: 100.9% (49,200 RPM).

The base/original photo is by Marc Lacoste on Wikimedia Commons.

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