It’s a big ask, and knowing how to ask such an important question is something you should seriously consider. Accept and nurture Being a godparent means loving your godchild unconditionally. They accept the responsibility of taking on their new godchild or recipient as a charge/ward and being a responsible role model for them. These only kick in if the worst-case scenario happens to the real parents. And also terrified. When my brother and his wife asked me to be a godparent to their daughter—well, it was a big deal. Here are five ways of how to ask godparents with a personalized touch: If you’re not the best with words, then you can use gestures and creativity to ask the person or couple to be the godparent(s). Her parents and I decided we would have one day a week that was just ours. Would they even say yes? View your shopping cart, you currently have, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, Share the Love: Teaching Kids about Kindness, To Care is Human: Why and How to Show You Care, Free Printable Mother’s Day Coloring Pages, Play with your food: Valentine's Day treats, 25+ Things People Who Love Christmas Know, 15 Easy DIY Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Christmas Gifts, Lighting the Tree and That Feeling of Christmas Wonder, What to Write in a Wedding Thank-You Note. Are they financially and mentally stable? Good luck with the ask for your baby’s godparent(s)! I want to show her I know her and don’t judge her. Whenever the parents are absent, the grandmothers will usually assume their roles while adding a bit... Congratulations on your pregnancy! The godmother usually sponsors a child's baptism or christening, but has no legal authority over the child if the parents die. Or…congratulations? The real role of godparents is revealed in the years following the godchild’s baptism. Here are a few helpful hints from a seasoned godparent. My goddaughter just turned 18 and she is getting ready to go away to college (with a full scholarship). We want to. Maybe some of the things she’s learned from me will positively affect her choices and the way she treats people. It’s Christmas, and the easiest way to get into the holiday spirit is a little goodwill-sharing. This means accepting her exactly as she is, and loving her for both who she is now and who she will become. It can mean a lot of responsibilities, but really, the actual parents will determine how serious the role is. When you share things with your godchild, do so as genuinely as you know how. Maybe. I am not a churchy person, or even particularly religious anymore, but I still have ideas, philosophies, and opinions about morals, values, and spirituality. Black women There are certain responsibilities that are true of being a godparent, no matter what the real parents are like—such as financial ones. These people can also help you out with many parental duties. Your email address will not be published. For me, this often includes books, authors, movies, music, articles, poems, stories, shows, quotes, podcasts, and other things I can either mention in passing or simply keep track of so I can share it at a later time. It really is a big honor. Do they have the same values as you do? I hope my influence has benefitted her and that she takes a little part of me with her wherever she goes. MadameNoire ® Copyright © 2020 BossipMadameNoire, LLC All Rights Reserved | BHM Digital. If the baby’s already there, you can use this to your advantage when asking prospective godparents to accept the role. You should definitely give them a huge thank you for asking, no matter what your answer is. The relationship of a godmother to a child is a religious one, not a legal one. Most godparents take an active role in all aspects of the kid’s life. Here are five ways on how to ask godparents without having to say a word: You know how to ask godparents now, so the only things left to do are planning the surprise and choosing the right moment. When you have a long Christmas gift list, BOGO deals and promotions are absolute lifesavers. Godparents are like another set of parents for your child in case something happens to you. Try to share things that are important to you and that help you understand yourself and the world more clearly. Fair warning: The advice you are about to read comes from the heart, but it’s the heart of a Catholic kid who broke into the storeroom at church to drink the communion wine and went skinny-dipping during youth group camping trips. Here are 10 creative and effective ways of how to ask godparents to do your family the honor of saying yes. If the answers to all of these questions are “yes,” then here are the things you should consider: If you’re thinking of ways to ask the desired people to become the godparents to your children, then there are many creative ways to do it. Now that we live in different cities and she’s a teenager (and technically an adult), we stay in touch via text, and I send her cards in the mail several times a month. I knew I wanted to do a good job, to live up to the honor I’d been given, and to make her life better. Accept and nurture I want her to understand that I am here for her, no matter what, to help guide and lead her toward the best version of herself. Parents can name the godmother the child's guardian to give her that legal role. As parents, we want our children to understand concepts like empathy and kindness. You want to learn how to ask. Your email address will not be published. I want her to be able to come to me with good news, bad news, her proudest moments, and her most difficult problems. friends having dinner. Fill up your basket w... Make their eyes light up this holiday season. • The individual lived too far away and felt he/she could not fulfill the physical commitment of a Godparent. Your friends think that you have incredible character attributes. Here’s what to expect if you’re asked to be a godparent. Being a godparent is therefore more than just fulfilling a centuries old Catholic tradition. Stay connected in ways that make sense Dads like useful things. Congratulations! advice and career trends - and MadameNoire provides all of that. They can achieve this by using some of the following methods: Leading by example and adhering to the teachings of the church themselves and not living in sin. Communicating with a teenager is different from communicating with a toddler. No, yes—congratulations! seek information on a wide variety of topics including African-American hair care, health issues, relationship Required fields are marked *. Whether you’re new to this, or just looking to put a little more into your role, you’ve probably got a similar feeling about it. All you need is love (and a few simple ingredients) to make our seven fun and easy Valentine treats. race mother watching son ride bicycle. If you already know this, it’s probably because this isn’t your first Dad Rodeo (that’s w... You’ve already written your letter or picked out the perfect card—all that’s left is to address the... What motivates any one of us to care about others? “For many, this role has expanded to become more of a co-parent,” Bos says. Maybe you feel as confused about it as that statement sounded. Also, remember that your role may change over time and/or with the age of the godchild, which leads me to my second suggestion…. There was an error adding this product to your cart. Inspired? It can mean a lot of responsibilities, but really, the actual parents will determine how serious the role is. It is a lifelong commitment of nurturing the spiritual formation of the godchild. When it comes to signing birthday cards... Tell her just how much she means using this guide from Hallmark writers. Being asked to be a godparent is an interesting thing. I feel comfortable sharing these concepts with my goddaughter, and I think it gives her my perspective about a higher power, right and wrong, and other big notions. Here’s also what to bear in mind when you ask: The first thing you should think about is if these persons are responsible enough to care for your child. You had a choice and I am so overjoyed that you both chose to guide me through my walk called life. “It can be tough raising children, and it can be tough being a child. Does your heart skip a beat when you hear the first Christmas song on the radio? Please close I just didn’t know how. Share from the heart They probably think you’re responsible, compassionate, generous, smart, and loving. Get sample messages, tips and watch our new video guide to write the perfect Christmas card. Don’t be afraid to have a conversation with your godchild’s parents about their expectations. I want to do my best to help her celebrate victories and navigate difficulties. That is why you’re here right? A godparent’s role depends greatly on the expectations of everybody involved. For me, it boils down to just being myself, speaking from the heart, and staying positive. MadameNoire is a sophisticated lifestyle publication that gives African-American women the latest in fashion trends, I felt honored. black entertainment news, parenting tips and beauty secrets that are specifically for black women. this window and try again. I have realized over these last several years that, although my parents asked you to be my Godparents, that did not mean that you had to accept. Like from-the-actual-dictionary awesome, in the sense of inspiring awe, reverence and fear.

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