Potted staghorn fern – I … In homes as they mature, their preference is to be mounted on a piece of wood to get the balance of moisture and oxygenation for growth, to mimic their natural growth environment. Then remove the plant from the pot and pull away excess soil and some of the roots so that you don't have too big of a base to work with. These live in humid parts of the world and need that moisture. Home Depot isn’t much better but they have all the stuff you need so I keep going back. I've had this one for a couple of years in my home office. Check out eBay. This is the step that I accidentally skipped, which is one of the mistakes that you should definitely avoid!! Any plastic container with a tight-fitting lid will do, just be sure it will fit in your microwave. Start out with a healthy staghorn fern. Place a handful or two of sphagnum moss on the board and then place your plant on top. Staghorn ferns are uniquelly shaped ferns that grow in bright light (not direct sun) and create their own "container". Secure. Create a soil mound in a planter or basket, place the Staghorn on top. Staghorn Ferns are one of the coolest most fascinating plants to use in home decor. A wonderful way to create beautiful living art for your walls. Home & Garden. Mounting a Staghorn Fern. This will help the peat moss stick to the root ball of the plant. Thin (under 10cm) elk or staghorns can be nailed to the frame with galvanised flat-headed nails, nailed through a bottle top. I thought that this type of moss was in more of a sheet and would help keep the root ball on the wood itself. You may find it already mounted at your local plant store, but if you don’t this is how to mount a Staghorn fern yourself. DANGER ZONE FOR MESSY POTTER. You’ll want one piece hugging the top part of the root ball and one hugging the bottom. Fill the bowl of the basket with the growing material. When you break up the root ball, you want to work primarily from the bottom. I put it in a pot, but it looked ridiculous. How to mount and care for a staghorn fern. Many people use a strip of nylon (pantyhose) to attach the fern as wire around the front of the fern will ‘burn’ any of the new foliage on the fern it touches. Thanks for all the photos and directions. To grow staghorn ferns in baskets, begin by lining the basket with at least an inch (2.5 cm.) We put a some sphagnum moss on the bark between eye-hooks, then placed the fern on top of moss. This was because I tried to screw them together too close to the edge of the wood. Heading somewhere? Starting from scratch or upgrading an outdoor space? Leave a quarter-inch of the top of the nail above. You will look like you have a sloppy mess after this step. How to Mount a Staghorn Fern to Hang on Your Wall Materials. Staghorn ferns are members of the Platycerium genus, named for the shape of their unique antler-like fronds. If staghorn ferns are not your thing, experiment with other houseplants! If you bought a staghorn fern that is growing in a normal planter, you may want to think about changing its home base come springtime. They can grow to be the size of 3-4 feet, depending on conditions and like high humidity. Place the plant in the center of the board slightly fanning out the roots. Step 8: Wrap the line around the opposite nail several times (pulling the string taut), and repeat the process with another nail opposite the circle until the fishing line has been secured to all of the nails and the plant is secure. They've become quite popular in recent years and you commonly see them mounted or becoming a replacement for an animal mount. Soak a large handful of sphagnum moss in a bowl of water. It’s a fact: staghorn ferns are stunning. THEY ARE NOT DEAD, so do not remove them. You may find it already mounted at your local plant store, but if you don’t this is how to mount a Staghorn fern yourself. (I used 12 lb test line and probably wouldn’t recommend anything thinner) When I say lightly I mean not too tight and across the root ball just a few times. One of the most popular ways to grow Staghorn Fern is to mount it on wood planks with a growing medium such as peat moss. First, you need a mature stag, green sheet moss, twine or fishing line, a sturdy wooden board, and hardware for securing the fern to the board and hanging onto the wall. Once I opened it, I realized that I actually bought the wrong thing, which is why I also added “sheet moss” to the supplies list. I saw the most beautiful little cluster of Staghorn Ferns I had ever seen in my life. You won’t see it from the front, and the pieces were still well put together. Before I hung mine up, I took it outside and gently tapped off any excess soil, moss, etc that was loose. Now, it’s time to find the perfect place for your fern. Required Reading: Evergreen, Living with Plants, Tropical Plants: A Field Guide to Planting, Care & Design, A wooden board (I used part of an old fruit crate, but any piece of flat wood will do), 2 screws and string (or a picture hanger) for hanging the finished board. Many people choose to mount their Staghorn Fern on a wooden board or hang it from a wide basket. Platycerium Bifurcatums are epiphytic and that means, like orchids or airplants, these typically are not found growing in soil, but instead grow attached to a tree or in crevices where other debris has collected. It’s important that you use a piece of wood that is preserved so it will not rot. 19 Ways to Design with Houseplants 12 Ferns for Western Gardens Read More. Step 7: Tie one end of the monofilament fishing line around one of the nails and stretch the line across the base of the fern to a nail on the opposite side of the circle. A fertilizing trick for these guys is slipping a banana peel underneath the shield fronds… this can feed the plant without adding a store bought fertilizer! This is a great place to get creative and make it yours 1 a bag of Green Sheet Moss – if you do not find it at your store you can order some here 8 small nails Receive the Gardenista newsletter in your inbox daily. Look here for advice on plants and hardscape materials. Mar 27, 2019 - Explore Roswitha Wiggins's board "Staghorn fern mount" on Pinterest. The shield fronds exist to absorb moisture and to protect the root ball, so those are usually on the bottom. Mounting a Staghorn Fern: At a garden club raffle, I won a staghorn fern that had lost its mounting board. 1 Staghorn Fern – If you cannot find one at your garden store, you can order one here. Staghorns features a large central rosette of leaves below which pendulous fertile fronds hang down. After wandering around the store with an aching back, I managed to get the things I absolutely needed. Some places were not as tight as others, you just want to make sure that on each side of the plant there are a couple of secure strands keeping it together. Pull plant out of pot and shake off all excess matter. First, I unwrapped my cedar planks. of moistened sphagnum moss, then fill the basket with a very well drained potting mix, such as one containing a mixture of equal parts … Magical Harry Potter Plants and Their Muggle World Match Ups, Josh’s Frogs Review and Plant Order Un-boxing, Homemade Cactus/Succulent Soil! How to mount and care for a staghorn fern. Put your root ball on top of the moss, and lightly secure it to the board using fishing line. SOURCEBOOK FOR CONSIDERED LIVING The shields sometimes grow vertically, creating less surface area to mount to a board. You’re going to want to put the root ball down on the planks in the correct orientation based on where your hanger is and where the shield fronds should be (pointing downward). Our kit comes with hardware pre-fixed onto the wooden plaque for structural support. Have you ever seen a wall mounted staghorn fern? It’s not just because of it’s beautiful draping form that we mount these ferns. Staghorn Fern - 4\ Pot. The hardest part of this project might be finding a potted staghorn fern. Cute, right? Copyright © 2007-2020 Remodelista, LLC. Use your thumbs and fore-fingers to pinch around the root ball to create a flatter surface to set down on the planks. Your fern will ship fully assembled and ready to hang from the included copper hook. Mounted on a board, wrapped in vintage burlap, and hung a wall, these plants are truly works of living art. To care for your staghorn fern spray it with water every 3–4 days, ensuring that the moss is kept damp. You can save money by learning how to propagate Staghorn ferns. This will be the side that is touching the wall. What I like to do is soak it in water once a week and do a light misting every couple of days in-between.

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