60' Hi-roof Boxcar. Roster information has this number series showing up around 1965. 6 0 obj I think in a lot of cases the door was boarded up from the inside and the grain was blown in over the top of the boards. Steel pivot arm can stretch 60 in. x��SMk�@���RX����v!PԸ%������R���-m�}f�ʕ_��2�vv�ۧY}�����d1����t?�%"*�с��E8�8�rM����c)�OŘ+4�YuuG��f���0�G:] ^��D�N�ɡ����@�RF�S8Y@��>�����V[���蛸{�&���!I����W��@�rU��#Go��|��}��V��J���J����kH�U�f�I��/�� ew��}����¹����:�A�uS���՜�܃�����M��� Watch this short video to learn how to prevent damage to box cars by properly opening and closing doors without forklifts or boom trucks. As pointed out above, the Athearn car has double plug doors and represents a UP car. Whether they were scrapped or sold off, I don't know. Welded steel frame fits over paired fork blades up to 5 in. The Boxcar is a freight railcar featured as a static object in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV as well as a moving object in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.

Get answers to your questions about investment recovery; purchase orders, invoicing and payment; and shipping materials. stream Easy-Slide® satisfies OSHA's "de minimus" exception to the ban against using forklift blades directly to open box car doors. ",#(7),01444'9=82. CSX works hard to provide cars to customers that are in good working order.

stream Learn how the job search and application process works at CSX. The mission of CSX’s Pride in Service program is to honor our nation’s military and first responders through a unique community investment commitment. Intermodal combines the efficiencies of rail with the flexibility of truck. When I was a kid these were pretty common, and lasted into the 1980s in revenue service, and many were used in MOW service well after that. All that being said, CP at least had some 40 foot cars modified in a similar way to the Athearn's prototype, but I think that was done in the late 60s or early 70s, as I've only seen action red cars with this modification in photos. <> 1 0 obj I received a big box of old Athearn Blue Box kits this month. Need to check the status of your application? Rapido Royal Hudson jerky running at lowest speed setting ›, Middle School Model Railroad: crew lounge, Train Show Pilgrimages: Bowling Green Kentucky, Fall 2020, SMA36 Interactive DCC Decoders - IDEC Principles of Operation, Modeling the Home of Thundering Iron Ore Trains. I model 1955 in Southern Ontario - would these find a home on my layout - or are they fodder for E-Bay? Released: October 8, 2013 . 2 0 obj The Athearn car is a late modification of old 40 footers, as another poster mentioned. Athearn's end style is incorrect, and the ladders should be at full height on the B end and shortened to 4 rungs on the A end (at least for the cars without running boards; the earliest rebuilds retained running boards).

Built dates are 1954-55, but it's not quite known what original series they came from. beyond frame to reach car door.

endobj <> The cars CP and CN used, like most other roads in the steam era, were unmodifed 40 foot cars. <>>> 1937 ARA Boxcar • Widely produced, steel boxcar - 87,216 cars • 1932 innovative design with standardized components • 10’-0” int height, 40’-6” int height, 9’-2” width • 41’-9” ext length, • Some double door and 50’ long • Models - IMWX, Red Caboose, Intermountain • but boxcars certainly were used to haul grain on CP and CN.
Who had these cars in their roster? Visit our Corporate Social Responsibility section to learn more about how our material and service suppliers can help make a positive impact on CSX corporate sustainability efforts. The idea is to make a versatile car that can act as either a double door boxcar or a plug door boxcars.

8 0 obj You can help!

http://canadianfreightcargallery.ca/cgi-bin/image.pl?i=cp143117&o=cprail, http://canadianfreightcargallery.ca/cgi-bin/image.pl?i=cp143233&o=cprail. Visit the FreightCar America Parts online store and, if you have any questions or need to activate an account, please ask your customer service rep for help.
They appeared in 1966-67, just when covered hoppers were coming into grain service in a big way. Earlier cars like the 36' Fowler boxcars had a grain hopper door under the main door for unloading.

The 60’ hi-roof boxcar (Plate F) is similar to 60’ standard cars with an additional 2 feet of interior height. Watch the Box Car Video (WMV) endobj >> Learn More. <> <> Avoid using chains, straps or a come along due to the possibility of snapping. CSX works hard to provide cars to customers that are in good working order. See weekly performance metrics for Train Velocity, Terminal Dwell and Cars Online. The preceding message may not conform to NMRA recommended practices. You can help! endstream Among many of the familiar rolling stock were 3 'Grain-Loading-Door' Box Cars. Subscribe to receive Customer Service Advisories.

<> Forklift and operator remain safely out of the way of the door at all times. Athearn's model has a roof and sides that are very close to the UP cars rebuilt in 1966 and 1967. Read our press releases and view our ads and videos. <>

$.' You can browse, select, save searches, and submit orders through our Online Parts Catalog at anytime. All offer cushioned underframes with capacity up to 100 tons. Canada had box cars in grain service much later than the big US wheat-hauling roads. Open door approximately 2 ft to check roll positioning inside car for stability. 60' hi-roof cars are the primary choice … Canadian Pacific did have one small series of cars with plug doors with grain inspection/loading doors, but they had single doors.

I think in a lot of cases the door was boarded up from the inside and the grain was blown in over the top of the boards. CSX  $81.76  0 (0.00)  /  ShipCSX  /  REPORT AN EMERGENCY: 1-800-232-0144  /. In the mid 1950s, pretty much any standard 40' CN or CP boxcar marked for "clean loading only" could be used in grain service. These kits are all undecorated - so my question is two-fold. Modeling this adds much activity to my grain hauling. General setup for opening boxcar doors Picking up, securing unit IN O UT ON /O F DA0002.ill WARNING – Remain in truck or stay clear of No Stand Zone when opening or closing boxcar door. Mine permits Athearn Blue-Box with the cast on ladders - but not futuristic rolling stock - so this 1960's equipment has got to go. %PDF-1.5 As late as 1981 I saw one being unloaded - tipped sideways - at one of the wheat pool elevators in North Vancouver, although I think by then it would have been a rarity. Scroll through time to explore our history and heritage. endobj 9 0 obj From Riddell: "In 1950 CP carried 5.1 millions tons of grain, much of it in boxcars like this", "this" being a 40' steel boxcar built in 1929 and photographed in 1988 still stencilled "GRAIN SERVICE ONLY".

Covering 23 states in the East, Midwest and South; the District of Columbia and 2 Canadian provinces, our skilled professionals bring a proven track record to our clients, our communities and your projects. Use proper rail car door opening device. Have questions about your username or password? Learn about our monetary and in-kind grants and apply for support for your nonprofit organization. 4 0 obj Boxcars have side doors of varying size and operation, and some include end doors and adjustable bulkheads to load very large items.

In addition to the red cars the out-of-the-box model is supposed to represent, there were many rebuilt with cushion underframes and painted yellow, all of which to my knowledge had lowered brake wheels and 4-rung ladders at all four corners. At CSX, we strive to effectively communicate our vision to our customers, partners, and communities. <> Aldor design meets OSHA's "de minimus" exception to the ban on using a forklift to open box cars: Force is parallel to car door so no damage is done to forklift or car door. What era were these cars in use during? 100 plus box car trains would leave Collingwood each week. Assure cable is rigged parallel to door and floor – do not pull with cable at an angle. Hope this is a bit of help. Sliding Door Open/Close. For questions regarding proper loading and securement of freight in boxcars, contact DPLS@aar.com. thanks for the terrific links to grain shipping, handling, and boxcar grain doors. The door on the car is pretty conventional, though. <> The Fallen Flags site has photos of some: http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/up/up112361alr.jpg, http://www.rr-fallenflags.org/up/up114489.jpg. Shown below are recommended types. Opening/Closing the Rail Car Door. 5 0 obj Any insight would be greatly appreciated. A moving version of the car pulled by the Freight was also meant to appear in GTA SA, but was ultimately cut and remains unused in the game files. �s��9Y�Rk^��%�s�=��;I3q��b�؞��6I�V,8?v5ډ��=�����!$�ݶ����Yo+f;��힋C���c^���>���Z7��I��0N�>����� ��| P[��K�����S��Y��$����b.���H��0�����F�Bm����ރ��t��b�����'!C�"

%���� 7 0 obj endobj Canadian National is not known to have had any similar cars. Grain doors were the term used for the wooden, or in later years cardboard inserts mounted inside the regular doors to keep the grain from spilling out when the main door was opened. Maybe I can get enough for them to scoop up something else of interest. The loading practices depicted herein are an artist’s conception and are not suitable for freight loading and should not be practiced. Get answers with our frequently asked questions. If you were loading 8' studs in the car, you would load the car just like any other double door boxcar. 5 minute concrete hard standing areas in HO scale... Rapido's NEW Canadian RDC Roundup, With Tony Cook. We want to make your process of getting freight car parts as simple and intuitive as possible. ���� JFIF � � �� C A boxcar is the North American term for a railroad car that is enclosed and generally used to carry freight.The boxcar, while not the simplest freight car design, is probably the most versatile since it can carry most loads. Attaching To Railcar And Door Synthetic Winch Ropes Lay Down When Cut - Will Not Whip or Backlash Self-Adjusting Power Arm Absorbs The Recoil So The Forklift Does Not Have to Move While Unit Opens the Boxcar Two 9500 Pound Winches Make Pulling Open And Closed Even The Toughest Doors Easy And Safe Turning Mechanism Secures Plug Door Handle They are 40' boxcars with the door molded into the body. Your Athearn model, except for some issues with the ends, is a good representation of the BF-50-2 "grainloading boxes" the Union Pacific rebuilt from old 40-foot boxes. endobj Everyone has their level of tolerance for what is allowed to run on the line. Earlier cars like the 36' Fowler boxcars had a grain hopper door under the main door for unloading. Car doors come in several configurations. Are there any decal sets out there? CN box cars were used to deliver grain from the elevator in Collingwood to the mills on the water front in Toronto.

endobj wide (wider blades may be accommodated with custom fitting but may incur an additional charge).

endobj Visit the HO Sudbury Division at http://sudburydivision.ca/.

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