Begin by inserting a lamb’s ear stem at the top, with the leaves pointing to the right. Jane profiles a lovely plant with a touchable texture. If and when your plants DO flower, you should clip off any dead flower heads. Very beautiful plants, growing around other wild plants. I was wondering if there is a difference between Wooly Lambs Ear and just Lambs Ear. Ellen. He has had walking pneumonia twice and I gave him 9 caps in am and 9 caps in pm for several days and he was well.. Learn how to grow and use the Wooly Lamb's Ear plant for medicinal purposes. Let the leaves steep and wait for the water to cool. If you’re planting started plants, space them at least a foot or so apart so they have room to sprawl. They are thriving!!! I had no idea that it was medicinal! I think it would be fine. I have tried lamb’s ear in several areas of my garden and have finally found the perfect spot for it. The scientific name of a lamb’s ear plant is Stachys byzantina, from the family Lamiaceae, the family of mint, and the plant is also known as ‘lamb’s tongue’ and ‘woolly woundwort’. Lamb’s ear leaves can also help treat sties and pinkeye, as well as bug bites. It also has antibacterial properties and is even effective against Staphyloccocus aureus, the strain of bacteria responsible for various infections like sinus or skin infections. Spring is a good time for dividing these plants. I’m in Mississippi, and it is all in the woods where there is very, very little sun. Just got the first plant this weekend. The lamb's ear makes a real mess of rotting leaves. Moist location also helps. I had never heard of lamb’s ear. Lamb’s Ear, also known as Stachys byzantina. A perfect choice as a ground cover in cottage gardens or around children’s playgrounds due to its soft interactive foliage. Pick fresh, young leaves for best flavor when consuming. If a particular need arises, you can even use it as a substitute for toilet paper. Lamb’s ear leaves can also help treat sties and pinkeye, as well as bug bites . Make sure you plant them in a place that is not too sunny. How can you tell the difference between lambs ear and mullein? Sometimes we have over 100* summer days, and our Lamb’s Ear has always thrived. I don’t have a large yard so was thinking of using a pot or pots. Edible Plants Wild Edibles Herbs Plants Garden Herb Garden Medicinal Plants Medicinal Herbs Garden Planting Herbs. Do you have Lamb’s Ear growing around your home? You can start it by seeds or you can dig up other plants that were created via self-seeding and divide them in the spring. Your Taste Buds Will Be Grateful if You Try This Tasty Fruit Salad, Your Oatmeal is Full of THESE Deadly Chemicals. Jul 27, 2016 - Have an abundance of Lamb's Ear in your perennial beds this year? I have found here in Alabama the plant does best with morning shade, full sun after noon, in my yard. I never knew these are the same as those I see wild everywhere! I plan on tying them into a nice flowerbed border, but also planting them here and there around the property, hoping to encourage them to go wild and spread where they please. Besides the sopping up of blood and use as a dressing, lamb’s ear has also been used as a poultice and has analgesic properties. Last year, in Fall, I cut down the flower spikes that were then brown and dry, and tossed them on my potting table. Design Tips: Don't try to use Lamb's Ears as a specimen plant. Just be sure to dig it up by the roots, don’t shake the dirt off, then plant it at the same depth in a fresh spot with good soil. Next, you can use tea made out of leaves of the Lamb’s Ear to treat diarrhea, fevers, internal bleeding, sore throat, heart and liver weakness. Above is a picture of my seedlings on transplanting day. They can be somewhat invasive and will create dense mats even in undesirable soil. To take advantage of these benefits, simply boil a pot of water for a few minutes, and then drop in a few lamb’s ear leaves. Use sharp scissors or shears, and harvest the flowers in the late morning after the dew has dried. I just want to snuggle this little plant! Lamb’s ear is an evergreen perennial ground cover. More Great Ideas to use Lamb’s Ear Stems in Decor. It looks the size of a cattail. However, now you know you have a natural substitute if everything goes wrong and supplies are not available. It's also edible, and makes a very nice tea! It’s so interesting that this little plant has so many uses.

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