Pythagoras believed that behind the appearance of things, there was the permanent principle of mathematics, and that the forms were based on a transcendental mathematical relation. He has been the subject of many great paintings and statues throughout the ages. Apollo aided Paris in the killing of Achilles by guiding the arrow of his bow into Achilles' heel. Zeus intervened and, claiming to have seen the events, sided with Apollo. Acantha, was the spirit of the acanthus tree, and Apollo had one of his other liaisons with her. Other attributes of his included the kithara (an advanced version of the common lyre), the plectrum and the sword. Cyparissus asked Apollo to let his tears fall forever. In literary contexts, Apollo represents harmony, order, and reason - characteristics contrasted with those of Dionysus, god of wine, who represents ecstasy and disorder. Afterwards, Zeus secured Delos to the bottom of the ocean. Enraged, Orchamus ordered Leucothea to be buried alive. Make eye contact; part of Apollo's presence resides in your statue/picture. Apollo gave him a tame deer as a companion but Cyparissus accidentally killed it with a javelin as it lay asleep in the undergrowth. As a quintessentially Greek god, Apollo had no direct Roman equivalent, although later Roman poets often referred to him as Phoebus. Like all the gods and goddesses, Apollo had many lovers. In the time of Augustus, who considered himself under the special protection of Apollo and was even said to be his son, his worship developed and he became one of the chief gods of Rome. Apollo and Helios/Sol remained separate beings in literary and mythological texts until the 3rd century CE. They believed each temple they built should honor only one god, no matter how big or elaborate the temple. Apollo was a sun god of great antiquity, yet he is represented as an ever youthful god, just, wise and of great beauty. I frequently sing while I'm in the shower while I’m playing music and I devote that time too and Hermes Apollo because of the music and both of them because of the raw, joyous and wonderful feeling. This is kinda simple but I’m just gonna tell you how I do it to hopefully inspire you! var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-7775239-1"); Household worship, therefore, is the only connection with the modern Greek polytheism today. } catch(err) {}. He demanded her return, and the Achaeans complied, indirectly causing the anger of Achilles, which is the theme of the Iliad. Hellenic Witch/Wiccan Worship of Aphrodite . The pair was practicing throwing the discus when a discus thrown by Apollo was blown off course by the jealous Zephyrus and struck Hyacinthus in the head, killing him instantly. In her wanderings, Leto found the newly created floating island of Delos, which was neither mainland nor a real island. Hi, this is my first official list on how to worship a Deity so please if there is any misinformation please correct me! There he was pegged to the rock floor, covering an area of 9 acres (36,000 m2), where a pair of vultures feasted daily on his liver. I would just recommend that you learn that it’s there and respect it. A devastated Niobe fled to Mount Sipylos in Asia Minor and turned into stone as she wept. The influence of Apollo at Delphi helped to spread tolerance in all social ranks. Apollo shot arrows infected with the plague into the Greek encampment during the Trojan War in retribution for Agamemnon's insult to Chryses, a priest of Apollo whose daughter Chryseis had been captured. Zeus made her choose between them, and she chose Idas on the grounds that Apollo, being immortal, would tire of her when she grew old. Four days after his birth, Apollo killed the chthonic dragon Python, which lived in Delphi beside the Castalian Spring. The Pythian Games were held in Apollo's honor every four years at Delphi. Upon her death, Apollo transformed her into a sun-loving herb. Apollo, a god of music, fell in love with the instrument and offered to allow exchange of the cattle for the lyre. Hi, this is my first official list on how to worship a Deity so please if there is any misinformation please correct me! You may call me Aesh. Apollo and Helios/Sol remained separate beings in literary and mythological texts until the 3rd century CE. Admetus treated Apollo well, and, in return, the god conferred great benefits on Admetus. This was the spring which emitted vapors that caused the oracle at Delphi to give her prophecies. In Ovid's Metamorphoses, Phoebus Apollo chaffs Cupid for toying with a weapon more suited to a man, whereupon Cupid wounds him with a golden dart; simultaneously, however, Cupid shoots a leaden arrow into Daphne, causing her to be repulsed by Apollo. The sculptors derived this from observations on human beings, but they also embodied in concrete form, issues beyond the reach of ordinary thought. Niobe, the queen of Thebes and wife of Amphion, boasted of her superiority to Leto because she had fourteen children (Niobids), seven male and seven female, while Leto had only two. Amongst the god's custodial charges, Apollo became associated with dominion over colonists, and as the patron defender of herds and flocks. Marpessa was kidnapped by Idas but was loved by Apollo as well. In Euripides' play Ion, Apollo fathered Ion by Creusa, wife of Xuthus. This time Apollo was aided by his sister Artemis in protecting their mother. ◦   High Priestix at the Raven Academy of Mystical Arts, Wearing (ethically sourced) gold and various opal jewelry, Wearing short flowy dresses or shorts and tanks as well as the cutest ankle boots or going barefoot while looking like an ambiguous gender/fae, Wearing body glitter everywhere, changing my hair color whenever I want no matter how dark my hair as and wearing every color of color contacts, Learning a new language every year including dead ones such as Ancient Greek and Latin, Learning a new instrument every year as well, Becoming a master of herbs and folk remedies (not in place of modern medicine, mind you), Drinking wine and making fresh bread as offerings to him. He was ambushed and killed by Achilleus. As the leader of the Muses (Apollon Musegetes) and director of their choir, Apollo functioned as the patron god of music and poetry. As god of colonization, Apollo gave oracular guidance on colonies, especially during the height of colonization, 750-550 BCE. Worship, Temples, Sacred Sites in Ancient Greece Temples: The ancient Greeks worshiped their gods every day, and they believed in a great many gods! As a result he also made the crow sacred and gave them the task of announcing important deaths. The bay laurel plant was used in expiatory sacrifices and in making the crown of victory at these games. The other gods tricked Hera into letting her go by offering her a necklace, nine yards (8 m) long, of amber. Be open and receptive to impressions, feelings and urges in reply. Medicine and healing are associated with Apollo, whether through the god himself or mediated through his son Asclepius, yet Apollo was also seen as a god who could bring ill-health and deadly plague. The statues of Apollo embody beauty, balance and inspire awe before the beauty of the world. Apollo granted the request by turning him into the Cypress named after him, which was said to be a sad tree because the sap forms droplets like tears on the trunk. A crow informed Apollo of the affair. Buying the cheapest moscato once a month to drink in front of my altar and while watching Masterchef, Being bilingual and just practicing my Spanish at work, Solely dying my hair various shades of red, Knowing like 10 herbal remedies from my Grandmother, but creating them for my coworkers, Writing as many fantasy stories I can since I see it as an art, Visiting orchards and farmers markets whenever possible, Wearing whatever the hell is comfortable, but with cute ankle boots, Wearing my binder whenever the hell I want, Putting every cool rock I see on his altar like a crow, Every now and then, I use a bath bomb and put on a face mask, and when my fiance asks why, I say that I’m worshipping my body in place of Apollo’s and it has.

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