Teachers must prepare themselves to distribute that in tight schedule. _____ reacts negatively and/or becomes highly discouraged when given constructive feedback on math assignments. London WC1R 4HQ. Regularly forgets to bring homework to school. His mission is to help thousands of unversity students understand their topics in an easy-to-read way. This list of math report card comments is here to make things easier for you. Positive Attitude to Learning. Before a child is taught how to convert inches to yards (or beyond), she must first know how many inches are in a foot. _________________ did a great job staying focused during online learning sessions and activities, even when faced with distractions and technology glitches.. _________________ very effectively maintained his/her in-class behavior and work habits after the transition to distance learning. _____ doesn’t work to his/her full potential. Is often seen completing homework tasks the morning before they are due. The extra support ______ is receiving is evident. Your email address will not be published. ________________ always showed up prepared, organized, and motivated to make the best of distance learning sessions. _____ has a hard time using a variety of sentence structures in his/her writing. _____ consistently turns in math work that is disorganized, illegible, and/or not neat. … takes risks by using new vocabulary words. _________________ struggled early with participation in distance learning activities, but showed great persistence and became an active participant in his/hers own and his/her classmates’ learning. Copy and paste these report card comments for your students. Your email address will not be published. 8. is committed to doing their best. Report Card Comments PYP Kindergarten Editable for Boy students, Report Card Comments PYP Kindergarten Editable for Girl students, ESL Math Vocabulary for Grade 5 小学校 算数の英語 G5, ESL Math Vocabulary for Grade 4 小学校 算数の英語 G4, ESL Math Vocabulary for Grade 3 小学校 算数の英語 G3. … revises work independently and with a peer. _____ has a difficult time working independently. _____ comprehends the importance of key vocabulary in solving word problems. Is effective at using the written word to express herself. If you spread out the task over a few weeks, then you just do a few comments each day. As humans, it’s inevitable that we’ll make errors in our writing, even after checking it over once. _____ frequently rushes to complete work as if in competition with classmates. _____ is performing below grade level in (. Shows great determination when is set a challenging task. Has an inquisitive … _____ has a hard time writing independently and needs constant supervision in order to finish a writing piece. but let me explain what I mean…, I’ve heard parents say, “I know my kid is doing really well in math because Little Johnny knows all of his multiplication facts…, and he can quickly add really big numbers.”. _____ gravitates towards more challenging word problems. Works productively in groups of all sizes to get tasks done. _____ demonstrates an expansive vocabulary. Needs encouragement to use more language skills during. Hey, Teacher! Demonstrates that you’re consistent with your observations. It would be helpful to review at home with _____ …, I suggest having _____ continue studying…, Review x number of times each week the math skill/strategy of …, Let’s schedule a follow-up meeting/conference for the date of …. I suggest _____ participates in after-school tutoring x number of times per week. Has shown the ability to empathize with classmates and show great compassion. _____ is a talented writer and gives a special touch to every piece she produces. IB Diploma 2012 – 2014. Is a natural organizer and is often seen helping to get her peers organized and ready for tasks. Could be getting higher grades if she edited her work more carefully before submission. I divided the comments into 5 categories: Finishing your report card comments for writing skills need not be a chore. Any extra support helps _____ improve in her academic endeavors. Actually provide the next steps for parents and the child to follow. _____ shows a limited vocabulary in his writing. When it comes to writing skills, they’re generally two areas they teachers tend to focus in on. Struggles to find things she is interested in. _____ exhibits precision with analyzing various types of graphs. Required fields are marked *. The lower level of Bloom’s has all the stuff that’s important, yes, but it’s basic information like memorization and recall. _____ is inconsistent with his efforts in math block. exhibits good use of grammar and mechanics. With assistance from the teacher, _____ accurately solves complex math problems. And there’s a completely free version! Her skills learned in this hobby has helped to boost her confidence in the classroom. Let’s say your report card comments for writing are due May 25th. In this post, I’ve compiled a meaningful list of math report card comments that will help you crank out those bad boys in no time! Is a very articulate public speaker when talking about issues that she knows well. Loves to soak up all the information around her. _____ exhibits minimal confidence in his writing skills. Excels when given leadership roles in small groups. … reviews work thoroughly before submitting. _____ is unfocused in maintaining grade-level writing expectations. The further up you go on the triangle, the deeper the thinking process. Sometimes struggles to engage in class discussions. ________________ required minimal assistance with [technology resource(s)] and was helpful in assisting other students in developing proficiency with [technology resource(s)]. Occasionally needs special assistance to stay on task. ______ expresses himself well through words. Has improved in some areas, but continues to slip behind in others. _____ consistently and accurately sorts and classifies (. Math Problem Solving Report Card Comments, Quick Tips for Writing Math Report Card Comments. When a child is struggling in math, it’s really important to communicate to parents the root cause of the issue. Very often, _____ assignments are not neat. Understanding the IB PYP Report Card The IB Primary Years Program Tarbiyah Academy Created: December 2015 2 Table of Contents THE INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE’S MISSION STATEMENT 3 THE IB LEARNER PROFILE 3 I. My principals as well as parents from my classes always express how informative, insightful, clear, and helpful the comments are. Is often resistant to make eye contact and be responsive when spoken to. Shows interest in a variety of different topics which she has been enthusiastically exploring during free study time. A weak foundation equals a painful math experience in the upper elementary grades. Needs to dig deep and find greater motivation to learn in coming months. Excessive absences and tardies are having a less-than-positive effect on _____ work performance. Has some trouble listening to peers and teachers. Your email address will not be published. _____ ideas are hardly ever fully developed. Has at times sought undue attention and distracted the flow of lessons. In IB PYP, teaching is cultivate learning attitude for life-long learner, not giving information from textbooks. _____ limited vocabulary impedes his understanding of word problems. Is held in high regard for her kindness to others. Leaving your report card comments to the last minute is stressful and something that you don’t have to suffer through. Don’t just say Little Johnny is having a hard time with such and such. Comes to class every day ready and willing to learn. _____ has difficulty writing across a variety of genres. And for more time-saving comments, check out our hefty collection elementary report card comments, created especially with you in mind. Sets a good standard for classmates to follow. _____ math assignments and/or homework is often or always late. You can can change the level of progress simply by replacing a qualifier. Your email address will not be published. Needs coaxing to share her thoughts in class. But expressing these thoughts doesn’t have to be a chore! Use these quality writing comments, which cover all areas of writing, to get the job done fast and efficiently. While that is great, those are pretty basic skills. Listens intently to others and takes their opinions in mind. Can occasionally disrupt her friends and classmates. Thrives with independent homework tasks, which are always presented in a timely manner. Rev up remote learning with a virtual field trip. Though this tip applies for every child, you want to especially keep this in mind for those students who are struggling and/or performing below grade level. Shares resources with her peers during play time. What we really want to know is if the child can apply those skills. Could work on using her time more efficiently to complete tasks in allotted time periods. Has trouble repeating and remembering instructions. Report Card Comment . Instead, chunk your time. Teacher has to evaluate student’s individual progress in the attitude of learning process. Is always the first person to put their hand up to volunteer for a task. Often does not pay enough attention to test questions, leading to small unforced errors. _____ hardly uses standard grammar and punctuation within context. Listens thoughtfully to other people’s ideas and contributes her own thoughtful ideas. The report card season is coming! Is an active listener who is always ready to respond with relevant and engaging questions. You may want to complete a certain number of comments daily or work for a specified amount of time each day. Conspicuous Strategies Assess whether instruction is conspicuous. ________________ did an excellent job of following through on his/her completion of offline assignments, homework, research, and other independent activities. _____ requires frequent reminders to remain on task. Has an active mind and is eager to achieve. And other statements similar to that. After a few days, go back and reread them. Needs to work on focus and concentration during class time. How well is she able to do project-based learning? That’s why it’s a good idea to have another set of eyes review your writing report card comments to make sure that not only are they error-free . In traditional writing programs, there tends to be a lot of focus on conventions which includes grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Start off by focusing on something positive. Last but not least, if you departmentalize, take some time to collaborate with your teammates before sitting down to do your math report card comments. Report Comments for Teachers; Ads by Google > On this page: 40K report card comments from Australia, Canada, NZ, UK, South Africa, USA, India, China, UAE, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, IB World Schools & more... for mid-year and end of year reports. Has a great ability to express thoughts and feelings in writing. Though _____ handwriting is legible, with a bit more focus on strokes, it could be neater. Business Studies-Sample teacher comments Arthur displays a genuine interest in the subject and participates in class activities & discussions with enthusiasm. I will often start with a comment bank like the one above. Always arrives to class on time with her books and is ready to learn. _____ frequently misspells grade-level high frequency words and/or sight words. Always begin your math report card comments with a positive note. [The Big Pack] (Christmas Teaching Resources, Fun, Games, Board Games, P4C, Christmas Quiz, KS3 KS4 KS5, GCSE, Revision, AfL, DIRT, Collection, Christmas Sale, Big Bundle] Food & Nutrition, The Massive Whole-School Christmas Collection! Her homework is often brought to class incomplete and rushed. Has shown remarkable strides in communication skills at preschool. Could work some more on communicating her opinions during discussions. _____ assignments and/or homework is often or always late. Honesty isn’t always easy, but it’s the best action to take. Writing report card comments always used to take me days and days.

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