iCUE! It seems the Corsair Commander is good for no more than 10W/40W per Channel/Overall so bye-bye channels 1 & 6. Make it so the keybindings fucking stay keybound without any fuckery, can you fucking do that in the next 2 months? I really wanted to like the iCUE LS100 Smart Strips, but the LED brightness is extremely underwhelming and doesn't come close to what is displayed in advertisements. The package has been handed to the shipping carrier. This page works best with JavaScript. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you are going to try to use these without a computer, you can, your limited to about 188 led’s for some reason. I love mine. Flip the switch to activate the garbage disposal. Icue is so shit. What a mistake. Buy 2 expansions so now I have 2 behind my monitors and one on each side! - iCue is still trash. I don’t mind the iCUE software myself, it’s always worked well. It really hurts because I WANT to like it, but I just can't :(. No amount of reinstalling hardware or software has had any impact.

Crashes with pubg too.

Yeah I’m subscribed here cause I hate Corsair and reeaaaaallly just want to see new products that I know won’t work. I also did not want the controller on the monitor so I just ran an extension(provided in the kit) back towards the center of the monitor to run hidden to the underside of the seat where I mounted the controller. Looking for stealth mode? Corsair does great things you can put INSIDE the PC but everything else seems complete trash, they just don't seem to have the knowledge to get it done. 12 comments. To double check this, I spent two weeks installing and uninstalling it in 3-days cycles. it is usually the case for major branded gaming peripherals. I know there is no solution because the ICue software was always garbage and i always had problems, just wanted to tell new customer this way so they don't have to bother with corsair peripherals.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. GTFO with that, iCue is pretty great software. Inventory has been confirmed and reserved.

I can dial my Delta pwm fans down to the 10th of rpm with icue. @dm3ltI swear I didn’t think anything from TikTok would ever actually work♬ original sound – dm3lt. iCUE is Garbage and It makes your stuff Garbage too [DO NOT BUY] Product Support. They are beautiful but you have to know how to set them up. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. I have the 250mm expansion, this does work with a commander pro but you have to trick iCue a little. They’re so close to being great, but just a slight bump in quality would be amazing. Yeah, read the second post. Never buying your shit products again. Thanks Corsair! As far as utilities made by hardware vendors goes - iCue is really not that bad. funny part, EAC still detects this as cheats.

every time i boot my fucking computer i have to run this trash program and adjust the lighting to get it to kick in. 3 Like. I haven't had any issues with icue. Also, they will cross-ship on an RMA replacement. It may not display this or other websites correctly. What is iCUE? Setting iCue for 4 led strips, 2 LS100 strips and 1 led strip, it uses all 40 leds.

The picture is about you. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Please recheck your order number and email address, then try again. But so far I've blown 2 fan channels out trying to properly monitor the pump (30W). icue is trash. save hide report.

iCUE v3.24.52 Patch Notes:: Added support for K95 RGB PLATINUM XT and ICUE H100i/H115i/H150i PRO XT Liquid CPU Coolers iCUE now supports Elgato Stream Deck G-Key Integration with K95 RGB PLATINUM/XT keyboards. Step 1: Add the ice.

I think the other person who reviewed these did not set them up right or something. First off the gaming mouse, keyboard and all that is really shiny and nice. Follow these steps to disable the RGB LEDs for any Corsair product that syncs with iCUE: This is the quickest, easiest method, and it configures all devices at once. The plastic stands containing the magnets pop right off and you can use strong two sided 3m exterior tape to mount them to the monitor or just use two sided tape directly on the plastic stands. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

And iCUE working fine on all of them with minor occasional issues.

If you, like me, woke up one day in your 30s and decided that seltzer was suddenly your thing, I have some bad news. Icue software like all Corsair software is utter garbage Corsair Customer Care Forum On my beast of a system it was using 15-20% of my 9700k on IDLE. Extremely underwhelmed...from a corsair fan boy. But when you have to physically uninstall and reinstall software after every reboot because your keybindings just "stop working" Is absolute bullshit. In the past year Corsair has been busy at work on iCUE. If you think that Icue is garbage I wonder that you think of the other rgb/fan/psu/AIO/keyboard/mouse and so on... -controlsoftware.

Did you contact support about the space bar? All rights reserved. Okay so im just dying to know: which mouse did you have before the iron claw and what is its purpose now?? TikTok user Desiree, who is known as …

It's horrible tbh, i never had more problems with hardware in my life. This method disables lighting for specified products and retains settings without iCUE. They stopped working after four weeks, at light use. Skip step 4 if configuring a hardware profile is not supported or desired for your device.

Your monitor needs to be about 3 inches away from the wall to get good light, which means it needs to be on a monitor arm and not a stand. Just starting the program alone does nothing.

I regret buying Corsair anything.

ill still stick to corsair PSU, just because only they have SFX750, (i think seasonic has it as well now). It simply doesn't see the VRM, PCH, Pump and case fans most of the time and when it does it is only one or two when it feels like doing so. I don't like using it but it's required in order to bind or even use the K95's 18 macro keys. These are exactly what my gaming set up needed! I am going to try a remove/reinstall when I get home (of the software) as if I go into my case when the system is running and unplug the USB header from the block, the PC dings like I removed a USB device so it's seeing that it's physically there, just not picking up in the software. See the provided review photo, this is at 100% brightness with a white background in ambient mode, when actual colors are used the LED light is barely noticeable. I don't want to derail this thread further by arguing with you, but I see nothing in those rules I have violated. I got the 250mm ones because they have 15 leds each. Viral TikTok video reveals how to clean out a garbage disposal using just ICE - and you see results immediately. I have that same issue with my AX1600i. The manufacturer commented on this review, Hello,And thanks for all your feedback. 0. My requirement is that fan control is 100% functional without a client running or even installed. icue is trash. Got it. Many common questions and answers can be found on the Corsair Support FAQ: You can even mix it with the 10 led strips.

Just starting the program alone does nothing. how do you hook up your H115i Platinum to the commander pro. As well as fortnite.

Copyright Inventory available, waiting for warehouse confirmation.

I wish the cable that attaches the 2 towers was longer. Repeat if configuring additional devices.

Hi everyone, Hope everyone is doing good! Press J to jump to the feed. I use CKB-next on linux which handles Corsair hardware and it is so, so much better than what corsair provides. Never spent the time to figure out which service was causing it. Clunky? © Sounds like you haven’t used it in 5 years. The Aquaero 6 is fantastic. I had to crawl through the settings and turn off tons of stuff to get this down to normal idle usage. It's in the default setups I think but works for me. I did not use the metal plates as I found that the magnets are not very strong and getting them to stay in place was really difficult.

I ordered 1 more expansion set, because the cable for this set does not reach from one side of my monitors to the other.

Lighting Node Pro & Commander Pro Cable Guide, Click on the image of the intended device on the right, Click the hardware profile for that device on the left (usually some variation of "HW1," with a black and yellow icon of an SD card next to it), Click on the Lighting Effects menu on the left to expand, Click the "+" on the Lighting Effects menu, Click the drop-down menu near the center of the screen (Rainbow Wave is the default); under "Custom," select "Static Color", Change the values the "#" field to six zeroes (000000), Delete any other lighting effects by selecting them and clicking the trash can button, {[{ getFormattedDate(result.SCHEDULE_SHIP_DATE) || '-' }]}, {[{ getFormattedDate(result.SHIPPED_DATE) || '-' }]}, {[{ getReceivedDeliveredDate(result.LINE_TYPE, index) || '-' }]}.

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