God is everywhere and the bible is inspired written to each one of us individualy . (1 John 1:9). Defy Jim Vineyard, the message went, and God would punish you. And SO, SO angry. They find something wrong with anything and everything from Christian music with drum beats in it, a Christian singer without the look of a Fundamental Baptist, anyone who does not read the KVJ version of the bible, anyone who has been divorced cannot and is forbidden to get married in their churches, they mock people speaking in tongues, which is in itself bordering blaspheming the Holy Ghost, which the Bible says is unpardonable. We found a church that still sang hymns, had many young families, and seemingly a great kids' program. What I think has happened is similar to the days of the Pharasees in Jesus day. I was the Youth Pastor, Sunday School Director, and Master Clubs Director. It's he-said she-said, and he adopts a silky voice and manner where anyone can see or hear him. Of course they never got him psychological counseling to find the root of his problem, as reading the Word was enough. I know I'm random. It helped validate that I wasn't the only one who thought this place was a cult and was abusive. We really need to exercise discernment before following the likes of abusive cult leaders like Jack Hyles, Peter Ruckman, or Steven L. Anderson. The power hungry staff that put their needs over the church body will one day have to give an account to God. They have sucked my daughter into this cult to the point where she had thrown away her family and education for them! After our first "date", he confessed everything in his life (a little overboard), but unlike any IFB guy I'd ever met, he was completely honest and humble. That's how they deal with us! What is anyone to do in such a deceptive narcissistic society. My family is Roman Catholic. October 18, 2020 10:30 am New Hope Baptist Church. I started going to the church because at first I felt that it was biblically right and I had a strong desire to serve God. I attend an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church and it is becoming a cult. Thanks again for your ministry. Since they are, by definition, independent, it is foolhardy to make sweeping generalizations about their belief systems. I cannot get around much to walk to some other church and have no ride. He began his preaching career under Dave Hyles’ father, Jack, in Indiana and left to begin his own church, Windsor Hills Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. All was fine until there were problems in mine and my wifes marriage. [4][5][6] On the weekend of the third anniversary of the shooting, the New IFB held a "Make America Straight Again" conference at an Orlando-area New IFB church. Those weren’t good reasons to step down. I was reading the article on the Romans Road. I am still in contact with a few of the kids from my church and school from childhood and we are all scarred by certain things. A virgin. My husband has been into porn and gazing at other women all over the place and being cruel and shallow with me for the entire marriage. Several websites have shut down and most of the rest of them that are left seem to be all but abandoned. My husband and I have the best marriage I could ever have hoped for and dreamed of. If you need more information please feel free to email me. Alone. The guys that grew up with me in the system, they are starting to see it for what it really is. My husband was very strict. Thank you. 9 Reasons The Bible Is an Offensive Book . I used to visit a local library in the community. Antonia Kerr. It hurts because back in the world, I gave up quite a bit on him which saddens me so deeply. Please hit me back if you can. just stumbled across this website and I have to say it's so encouraging to find like-minded folk who feel the need to share the truth. That Sunday, everything seemed to be going better. I grew so bitter and angry that I left the church and turned my back on God for 9 years. I have learned over the years to study the Scriptures on my own instead of blindly following incorrect doctrine that I hear from the pulpit. Shortly after college he accepted a position as a chaplain in a homeless mission. I pray that you find the peace that you're looking for. RUI. I could go on. I began to see things clearly for the first time in years. Everybody else, it felt like they were looking down their noses at me and had their heads in the clouds. Not able to keep up with the unwritten demands ( dress code , assistance , visitation, church involvement, bus ministry etc etc ) moved to another smaller church (Spanish) where the "pastor" finally came to confess to his adulterous relationship with the church secretary that went for years . Pastor Sam, it’s Jeanny in your ear. Basically it was more of a Bible study and him wanting to get to know me better. I am the Youth Pastor at a SBC now. I am not sure how i feel about all your articles. Later i found out the pastor had told the people not to have fellowship with me. “I have had to go through years of therapy and numerous medications for my panic attacks and depression, and I have tried to commit suicide twice — once while still attending there and another time shortly after. We didn’t “stick to our guns.” We questioned God, and have turned our backs on His ways. I am a woman, I am a proud member of a wonderful IFB church of about 30 people, and we use an old red hymnal, have a man of God who preaches the truth without shame and compromise, And I've got to say, I found Jesus in the IFB church and I don't want to ever leave. It’s stripped away. 3. It got so bad that I stopped going to church altogether; being stuck in a depressive rut, I wanted to return to Jesus, but felt that I didn't have what it takes, or that somehow I wasn't truly "saved". God is not impressed with tradition or old-fashionedness, this is not God’s heart. Baptist will always be somewhat judgmental and legalistic to some degree or another. Until I found this site I had never even spoken to one person that 'got it'. Has knowledge ceased yet? 5. His is a GIFTED musician who quit playing the piano because he didn’t want to be forced to play classical music and hymns only. I embarked on a testing of all things "IFB" which resulted in me leaving first, the IFB church I had attended for over 25 years, and then eventually all visible churches due to tolerance of their errors. Most people don't talk about it because either they think it doesn't exist or they don't know what the symptoms are. Come to find out it was a IFB church. Some churches often use its own complex vocabulary. So again the more learned. He told me that him and his wife travel around the country in his RV restoring Fundamental Baptist Churches, whether that's through fellowship and soul winning or actually rebuilding Churches that have been destroyed by. I have to tell you now, I am out of the IFB church and realizing what true freedom in Christ is. Say, I just submitted a comment in regards to your response to the lady who had thoughts regarding breaking away, and how difficult it was. I didn't join. God is a God of order, and you have failed. Yes, Jesus was relational with those that he talked to but it was not weeks upon weeks of relationship building before He presented the gospel to them. Mind you though i knew that not all IFB churches were alike. They were subtle problems at first but some how i was caught.

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