Gloria struggled to adapt to life as an Army wife and at Fort Marshall and it concerned Hector. Pamela, who was working with the sound system, "accidentally" raised the volume loud enough for the public to hear.

In Season 6 it is revealed that she has successfully kicked her drinking habit and returned to working as a hair stylist. Army Wives Exclusive: Brant Daugherty on Cast Changes, Heart and Soul of Season 7. On the recommendation of his teacher, Roxy enrolled him at a prestigious private school on a full scholarship. They first met by chance in the episode "About Face" when Roxy stops a thief who had stolen and run off with Viola's purse. Her husband eventually discovered and Marilyn angrily confronted Roxy, accusing of telling Trevor, who was acquainted with her husband, about the affair, which Roxy denied. He returned to active duty after recovering. When Frank learned that Jeremy had been hitting Denise while he was away and even after Michael warned him, he angrily confronts Jeremy and throws him out of the house. According to Roxy she once had her own hair saloon back in Tuscaloosa until she went bankrupt and also lost her house. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. After returning from Afghanistan he sends in his application to be discharged. They move to California at the beginning of Season 6. Army Wives Quotes. So after a week’s hiatus, we’re back with Army Wives for our last two episodes of the season. He is also HIV positive; his biological mother was a drug addict who passed the virus to him in utero. Denise and Claudia Joy try to help her. Trevor's platoon is assigned to repatriate an NGO doctor, but his clinic is beleaguered by an improbably strong force from the least aggressive tribe. MG Clarke took the matter to the Inspector General of the Italian Police and while the matter was eventually settled out of court, Whitaker was indirectly forced to retire to avoid the scandal being publicized and his reputation tarnished further.

Roxy is the owner of The Hump Bar, a local bar off post popular with service personnel and her circle of Army wives based at Fort Marshall. In Africa, Trevor's platoon has a hard time repatriating the beleaguered doctor as the backward tribe believes he maliciously failed to cure their kids as opposed to those of their neighbors. After he took his father's gun and went on a rampage at home, he was admitted to the psychiatric ward at Mercer.

Pamela and the children stay in Charleston so the children can finish off the school year. In later seasons he began working with veterans suffering from PTSD and depression at a private clinic off post. She is one of younger ones of the Army wives, having married Tim at age eighteen. They live in Roxy and Trevor's old house with their children and a dog. His introverted personality led to him being targeted by playground bullies at school and although T.J. LeBlanc came to his defense, he was reluctant to tell anyone and tried to run away from home.

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