", "I've been here for almost 90 days and I'm finally getting out of here," Shawn tells the camera as soon as we meet her. Tayler, 19, has been in jail for two years by the time we meet her, for a home invasion that ended with the death of three people: a father and his two sons. The streaming platform has decided to shift genres, and rather than focus on the fictional inmates of Litchfield (who are based on real people, by the way), this time they're taking us inside the very real Sacramento County Jail for an inside look at what inmate life is actually like. Gypsy Rose Blanchard May Be Engaged, But the Wedding Will Have to Wait a Few Years, This Woman Was Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison Just For Voting, Nicki Minaj Announces a New Single With a Never Before Seen Pregnant Pic, Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty's Relationship Is Still Going Strong, 'Morganville Vampires' Author Rachel Caine Passes From Cancer, There's Going to be a Third Season of 'You' and We've Got the Details. Netflix knows you're obsessed with Orange Is the New Black and it didn't want to keep you waiting until the summer for more inmate drama. While on the show, Sundermeyer said she was driving “up to 130 [miles per hour]” while she was trying to outrun authorities. Monster!’ Like literally everywhere I go. Like…I want to be back to how I was before.” She added, “I just want to stop, I just want to be happy. She was in jail for pimping and pandering, she explained on the show, and had already been in jail for 13 months by the time of the filming of the show. The 36-year-old is quite popular around the jail, having been in and out several times, and flirting with inmates in exchange for gifts and perks. She has a scheduled court date of May 31. Weather: October 22, 2020. Given the popularity of the show, you might be wondering where the cast of Jailbirds are now, and whether they’re still in prison. Originally sentenced to 180 days for grand theft auto, transportation of narcotics, possession of controlled substance, check fraud, and committing a felony while on bail, the 28-year-old is now living life as a free woman. The women who agreed to this show were very bored, and I'm sure being interviewed gave them quite the opportunity to feel like they are being listened to. Despite her harsh upbringing, Temme maintained that she held responsibility for her actions. "And, uh, when I was out, she was telling me she was talking to people on the bowl. According to court documents, Beason’s release was delayed by a few days, but she has since been released, and is still legally married to her wife. "Jail gets a little boring, so I like to entertain myself and my way of doing that is with females. But Noonie is definitely one inmate you wouldn't want to cross. She said, “No matter what you do in life, there’s a good or bad consequence. Yikes. "She was a good person. Following her rearrest, Hawkins gave an interview to KCRA, maintaining her innocence and also talking about how her life has changed since Jailbirds aired. Here's everything you need to know about the cast of "Jailbirds," the Netflix docu-series on female inmates in real life. I’m a nice *ss real b*tch.”, “Everyone dreams of being a lawyer or a doctor,” Noonie said at another point, “[But] I wanted to be a social worker, because I was in and out of the system.”. [1][2], List of original programs distributed by Netflix, "New toilet, who dis? I mean, I just respect that about her. ... Netflix's show 'Jailbirds': Where are they now? So there’s no point in me sitting here and crying about it every day.”. Tayler Coatney, 19, was convicted in 2017 for a home invasion/robbery gone wrong, in which three people were left dead. I chose to commit crimes, I chose to gang bang, I chose to live a life that’s different from your average citizen, so therefore I know the consequences. Given the popularity of the show, you might be wondering where the cast of Jailbirds are now, and whether they’re still in prison. Jailbirds is a reality television series about female inmates at the Sacramento County Jail, which premiered on Netflix in 2019. It's called Jailbirds and it has caused quite the controversial debate on what is ethical. She’s expected to stand before a judge on May 31. Catch up with the rest of the inmates and what happens behind the bars of a women's jail by streaming Jailbirds on Netflix. I’m not that dumb.”. She is still serving out her sentence. She doesn't do, like, sneaky s--t.". Noonie, 27, is something of a mainstay at Sacramento County Jail, having been there for 13 months on pimping and pandering charges. While on the show, Coatney said, “[Me and four others] went to a house [to get weed]…” Coatney was in the car as the house was robbed by the people she was with, she explained. Haslam appears to have been released since the show was filmed, as she wrote on her Instagram in October, “I’m finally free.”. Prison employees explained the “fishing process,” which is how jail inmates send objects to one another through the toilet by attaching them to ropes made of t-shirts. But we're thinking she's out by now and hope the best for her and her wife in having their baby! As stated above, she’s still legally married to her wife, but it’s not clear if they’re still together now that she’s been released. Hawkins said, “I have people stop me. Yasmin is the first inmate we meet on Jailbirds. While on the show, Temme revealed that both of her parents were 13 years old when she was born. Carter was serving out a life sentence for attempted murder at the time of the show’s filming; it was his first jail stint. While on the show, Noonie said, “Some people call me sweet, some people call me mean. When we meet her, she's in the middle of four fights, and by the time we leave in the season finale, one inmate is fearing for her life because "Noonie has a knife and she was going to shank me." According to TMZ, Hawkins was arrested in Elk Grove County, California on May 17, after she was caught allegely trying to open a bank account using an ID with someone else’s name on it. When authorities finally found her, TMZ reports, she was allegedly found with a number of credit cards that didn’t belong to her. Others are still serving out their sentences, and two women have since been arrested for new sets of charges. I am who I am. See also. "Rebecca Temme," he says, "she's on discipline. Local 11 p.m. And as soon as we met her at the start of the docuseries, we knew she'd be trouble. Beason, 36, is a self-admitted “convicted armed robber” who said at one point, “being in jail can be…easy for me.”. If you binge-watched the entire thing and want to learn more about the cast of inmates who make the reality series so gripping to watch, stay with us. She got shot, execution style. She was sentenced to seven years in prison, and is eligible for parole in 2022. Netflix series shows inmates 'toilet talking' in Sacramento jail", "Netflix's show 'Jailbirds': Where are they now?

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