His mother could see the vision Disney had with The Lion King and wanted to be apart of it. Weaver's recordings of the song were apart of the film's soundtrack which currently lives on streaming platforms. What you're describing is a role that black executives play, but aren't they often frustrated in their attempts to rise at most record companies? Harrell, 35, is obviously a man with a plan. I'm looking for voices that sound like 400 years of slavery and then some. "WHEN YOU THINK OF MOTOWN NOW, YOU'RE GONNA THINK OF ANDRE HARRELL. He's stepping into one of the most vis­ible jobs in the entertainment industry: president and CEO of Motown Records. Lol I was so small to where Paul had to stack apple boxes on top of one another so that I could be able to even reach the microphone to sing. They sold 6 million TLCs. Jason Weaver, one of the most underrated artists in Hollywood and also an incredibly smart entertainer, voiced … Jason Weaver knows the phrase "chess not checkers" very well. When he was only five years old, Jason Weaver jump-started his career as a child model. Never did, never will.". Clare Bronfman Net Worth: How Much did the Seagram Heiress Spend on NXIVM? “There’s something amazing about house arrest,” he quips. It was a great spot that I coincidentally made a lot of money from too. How? I think at that time they had put out Sleeping Beauty and some of their old catalog from when [Walt] Disney was alive," he said. Disney had bread.”. "Do you follow me?" It’s been 30 years since the first season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air so I thought we should have ourselves a lil Zoom reunion!! I felt like a figurehead. The thing that [Motown founder] Berry Gordy led the way with is the idea that the label head becomes the image of the label. What makes Motown happen in the '9os? He is the original singing voice of The Lion King, and he’s made a pretty penny out of it. I had never seen a black teenager on television—it was incredible. Brad Parscale Net Worth: How Rich Is President Trump’s Ex-Campaign Manager? Jekyll.) Aight?!! You have to treat them like events. The sound I'm going for now is soul. October 8, 2019 - 3:05 pm He also performed on the popular track, "Once Call Away", with Chingy. He didn't want to be mis­understood. Check us out, link in bio. And they have a lot of work to do to gain his trust and respect. And being at Motown positions me to create a truly black pop company. He's comin' with all that energy. When [Arista president] Clive Davis got in the game, I felt myself shrinking. Lol! Boyz II Men are the biggest group I've ever seen. Jason Weaver net worth and salary: Jason Weaver is an American actor and singer who has a net worth of $4 million. What about new directions? (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images). What has Motown meant to you over the years? Were you conflicted about leaving Uptown? In the interview he claimed that over the ensuing decades, this turned out to be a very wise choice because he still earns checks to this day and his total earnings have topped the original $2 million offer. And then the black executive gets blamed and fired. Who Is Kelly Henderson’s Boyfriend? It's one thing to say you would've done something if only you'd gotten the chance. But he feels like they're just businesspeople. I got green-light power for small movies. he would ask. Reunited and it feels so… AHHHHHH! I make sure I give my mother her just due to props because if she hadn't done that it would have been the biggest mistake off my business career.". Good thing, too. I thank my mom all of the time for everything she’s done for me, but I’ve NEVER been able to to publicly thank Paul David Wilson as well for helping me to start my career in this business. That producer’s name is Paul David Wilson of Herschel Commercial Inc. I was catching heat from my artists, who wanted that kind of stature. Lion King Salary/Earnings: In an October 2019 interview with VladTV, Jason revealed that he turned down a $2 million flat fee for his role in The Lion King. Jason Weaver was born in Chicago, Illinois, and began his professional acting career in the early 90s, appearing in such projects as "The Kid Who Loved Christmas", "Brewster Place", "The Long Walk Home", and "The Jacksons: An American Dream". So they figured, "He knows how to do this. And I ain't gonna stop makin' noise until I'm done. They probably need a break, a little time out to lead their personal lives. When you get an act that sells 5 million—at a major compa­ny—the black executive's out of the room.

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