Unfortunately, LanlingJin was also on time.

The dress was hers, since she was still a part of YunmengJiang and purple was their color, however the intricate cover with silver ornaments was also a gift. She killed scores of Wen disciples to protect her son, broke Wang Lingjiao's arm and nearly killed Wen Zhuliu, and smuggled both Jiang Cheng and Wei Wuxian to safety before dying fighting more Wen soldiers. But fighter or no fighter, she knew her duty.

Finally, Wei WuXian's crops all sprouted successfully. “We’re not doing as much in the war as the other Sects – if we don’t establish a strong alliance with one of them, and soon, we will very soon lose the right to call ourselves a Great Sect.”, “A marriage,” Jiang Yanli said, understanding at once. Whatever dreams she had once had about Jin Zixuan were gone now, burned to ashes in a way that not even a broken engagement could.

And it definitely made her life easier when the time for the cultivation conference approached. As she and her betrothed walked close together, maybe a little more than they should, she heard A-Cheng shuffling behind and still muttering to himself.

She smiled to herself as she stroked the child’s head while the boy slept. “I’ll take one of the guards to go find out,” Jiang Cheng said. And if one looked closely it did have cloud pattern, however subtle it was. Jiang Cheng's sister, Wei Wuxian's shijie, and Jin Ling's mother. [10], By the time he found her, a Fierce Corpse had risen behind her with a sword. Wei WuXian then decides on "Jin RuLan". Her betrothed. While Wang Lingjiao deserved a beating, Yu Ziyuan's admonishment of her threatening a "member of her family" rings completely hollow given how she. The next day was the start of the competition. Their motto is "attempt the impossible", and their Motif is a nine-petal lotus.

Although this is downplayed as well; the novel leaves not-so-subtle implications that Yu Ziyuan does not think highly of servants in general and believes that they should know their place as the inferiors of society, and her handmaidens simply get a free pass because they are. Her brothers always looked up to her, put her first…. Live-Action Actor Instead of chasing after someone who didn’t respect her, she was being constantly showered with many forms of affection. Jiang Yanli requested that he choose a courtesy name for her unborn son, and he suggested "Rulan.

‘A-Cheng promises.’ Her youngest brother spluttered and hissed how does he always get away with everything???

He fled when Madam Jin raised an alarm, unable to speak a single word to his sister. Jin Zixuan is obviously out – even if you didn’t hate him, his parents would never agree to a match with no chance of legitimate descendants, and we’d never accept one of Jin Guangshan’s bastards; it would leave us with no face at all.”. TV Series The Untamed Jiang Yanli Cosplay Costume Ancient Lady Clothing With Accessories. Birthday The next evening, however, Wei Wuxian ran away after Jiang Cheng threatened to send dogs after him. However, they were a gift… and she always felt something inside her grow exponentially whenever Lan Xichen's eyes widened and a pleased smiled graced his handsome face. Not that it mattered, since Wei Wuxian would end up dead a few months later. ‘I’m entering as rogue cultivator!’ A-Xian announced as they were walking towards the competition grounds, stomping a little and obviously annoyed. For years she was cultivating affection for someone who she didn’t actually know, only to get disappointed time and time again. !’ A-Xian wailed.

When Wei Wuxian found her and exposed the truth, it took the combined efforts of Jiang Cheng, Jin Guangshan, and Jiang Yanli to keep him from continuing to beat Jin Zixuan. “If you don’t care about your own life, at least care about his,” she said, and Wei Wuxian fell silent; she’d hit him right where it hurt the most, and he turned and stormed away. The LanlingJin sect was seated quite far away from the hosts, which was obviously grating on some nerves. Number one gentleman on the list of cultivators. Besides, there was always an attendant making sure the boy was safe. [1], When Jiang Yanli was twelve or thirteen, Jiang Fengmian brought Wei Wuxian back to Lotus Pier to live as a member of their family. He hadn’t forgiven her, that much was obvious. “Gloomy and humorless as he may be. After all she was once called plain and average…, And that was one more thing that cemented the conviction how wrong her marriage to the Jin heir would have been. Continuing with the above, Yu Ziyuan's constant berating of Wei Wuxian is what caused his selfless tendencies to reach destructive levels because of her driving into him that he's not of any worth because he's a servant just like his father was. Would she be allowed to cook herself in Cloud Recesses?! A few bunnies already made their way onto the bed and were cradling against the boy. I DO NOT NEED ANY MORE RULES IN MY OTHER HOME!!!’. Jiang Cheng didn’t look convinced, so Wei Wuxian pulled out his trump card. She and Lan Wangji are similar in that they're two of the only people who always trusts Wei Wuxian and is always concerned about his well-being. 「Jiang Yanli」 “How old is Xian-Xian already?” “Three years old!” “That's a bit big. Being betrothed, no one raised an eye at them seeking each other’s company.

The bracelets and hair pin. ‘I WASN’T!!! She would happily do it for him, but in just a couple of months she would be moving to Cloud Recesses and leaving her brother alone to tend to Lotus Pier. ZeWu-Jun never made her feel any less than what she was. Yanli knew him as a gentle, for Nie sect member, elder and the image everyone else seemed to have of him sometimes befuddled her. In general, Jiang Fengmian and Yu Ziyuan undermined each other's parenting. Height She acted as one to both Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng during the aftermath of the Sunshot Campaign, and why the two still had an amicable relationship in spite of their growing differences. The three of them together – broken, damaged, but together. The same dead end that Jiang Cheng faced every day. Official Deceased “You want to marry me off?” he asked. 1 … Yanli was really glad A-Cheng assigned attendants, who would always be ready for guests. !’, Once again, Lan Wangji nodded, his face softening a little. ‘You’re still head disciple in YunmengJiang.’. ... mo dao zu shi, jiang yanli, shijie, the untamed, the untamed, the untamed, the untamed, the untamed, jiang yanli, jiang yanli, xuan lu, lineless art style, chinese wedding. Due to old rumors surrounding the relationship between Jiang Fengmian and Wei Wuxian's mother Cangse Sanren, she does not like Wei Wuxian. [10], Devastated by grief, Wei Wuxian brought the two halves of the Yin Tiger Tally together and commenced the bloodbath of Nightless City. Status [8], At her request, Jin Zixuan even invited Wei Wuxian to their son's one-month celebration. ‘LAN ZHAN ARE YOU READY??

Gossiping was one of the main sources of entertainment in Lotus Pier, mostly because the head disciple and the leader provided the material almost daily. Ayana Taketatsu (audio drama)Saori Hayami (web series) ‘I have many stories if ZeWu-Jun would like to hear more.’.

Voice Actor (Chinese) She could not marry the heir of another sect – she would only be able to accept a man who married in, who would agree that his children be named Jiang.

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