Joe doesn’t enter every fight with an agenda other than to do the right thing. The character of Joe Pickett is, in a way, the antithesis of many modern literary protagonists. About Joe, the New York Times once wrote, “…Box introduced us to his unlikely hero, a game warden named Joe Pickett, a decent man who lives paycheck to paycheck and who is deeply fond of his wife and his three daughters. Joe has matured, lost some of his innocence and naïveté, and committed acts that continue to haunt him. He’s a lousy shot. Open Season:There's nothing unusual about the soun…, Open Season Game warden Joe Pickett hears two shar…, Free FireJoe Pickett's been hired to investigate o…, Joe Pickett is the new game warden in Twelve Sleep…, Joe Pickett's pursuit of a killer through the rugg…, It's an idyllic late-summer day in Saddlestring, W…, A chilling short story of death and retribution fr…, Game warden Joe Pickett returns in a twisting, act…, Spring has finally come to Saddlestring, Wyoming, …, Joe Picket returns, this time to the wilds of Yell…, It is elk season in the Rockies, but this year a d…, Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett's teenage daughter…, Joe Pickett's in his last week as the temporary ga…, The extraordinary new Joe Pickett novel from the E…, "A dramatic short story of justice both old and ne…, In 1995, Nate Romanowski was in a Special Forces u…, It was always good to see Butch Roberson, Joe thou…, The electrifying new Joe Pickett novel from the Ne…, Shots Fired: Stories from Joe Pickett Country, Over the course of eighteen books, C. J. Pickett -- who she describes as "down-to-earth" -- taught her how to fish, and later on, how to sing. All rights reserved. He works hard and tries, sincerely, to "do the right thing." Each and every book in the Joe Pickett series revolves around the chief protagonist named Joe Pickett. I’ve been surprised and gratified how the character of Joe Pickett has resonated with readers across the country and around the world. Over ten million copies of his novels have been sold in the U.S. alone. That's because the land in the Rocky Mountain west dominates day-to-day existence. Box graduated with a degree in Mass Communications from the University of Denver. Their districts can encompass 5,000 square miles of rough country filled with wildlife, history, schemes, and secrets. The series started with Open Season in 2001, and with over 20 books so far, it is still going strong. In March 2016, Off The Grid debuted at #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List. Box is the author of the Joe Pickett series, as well as several stand-alone novels, and a collection of short stories. Often, they’re too far from town to call backup in an emergency so they’re forced to deal with situations with their experience, weapons, and wits. Box Jr. is an American author of over twenty novels. The first novel in his Joe Pickett series, Open Season, was included in The New York Times list of "Notable Books" of 2001. Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett has now been the protagonist in twenty novels, starting with Open Season in 2001. About Joe, the New York Times once wrote, ‘…Box introduced us to his unlikely hero, a game warden named Joe Pickett, a decent man who lives paycheck to paycheck and who is deeply fond of his wife and his three daughters The land itself - the environment - plays a major role in all the Joe Pickett novels. By necessity, they’re lone wolves. Box. ©C.J. Site design by Prairie Sage Creative. When I think of Joe Pickett, I don’t think of an action hero, or a smooth operator, or an actor. That’s why wardens like our featured hero are not overly popular, especially since Joe … Wish him luck. Box. The Joe Pickett series is a series of murder mystery novels written by well known American author named C.J. Pickett isn't especially remarkable except for his honesty and for a quality that Harold Bloom attributes to Shakespeare -- the ability to think everything through for himself.” I still like that. Box is a Wyoming native and currently lives in the state. The novels have been translated into 27 languages. Box has b…, After Wyoming warden Joe Pickett prevents big-game…, The plane circled in the dark. He's human, and real, which means he sometimes screws up. This fight has economic, ideological, historical, and theological overtones. Game wardens are unique because they can legitimately be involved in just about every major event or situation that involves the outdoors and the rough edges of the rural new west. But through it all, he has remained true to himself and his family. Joe Pickett could j…, Wyoming's new governor isn't sure what to make of …, Sběratel trofejí: Otevřená sezóna ; Mimo dosah. Box Jr. is an American author of over twenty novels. LONG RANGE Debuts at #2 on the NYT Lists, #1 on Apple iBooks, David E. Kelley To Bring “The Highway” To ABC, LONG RANGE, the 20th Joe Pickett novel, will debut March 3, 2020, THE BITTERROOTS Debuts at #2 on the NYT Bestsellers List.

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